July 23rd, 2004

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Still beholden to Kleenex

Woke up still sick. I even got my morning phone call from Caleb, "How are you feeling?" He is surprised I'm still like this, since he and Daniel are all better and weren't sick for as long. *cough* My throat isn't bugging me now but my nose is still in the throes of some kind of snot-producing-contest and today my chest is congested. I'm starting to identify with Lestat in Tale of the Body Thief (although I haven't raped a waitress yet).
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Wasting away

Just went downstairs to Broad Street for lunch and I swear everybody out there could tell I was sick. I felt like one of those Victorian lit characters who has TB, all wan and tragic. The fact I was wearing a long black dress helped I think. *cough* *cough* *cough* LOL. Ouch.

Punishment for a good time in England I guess. Last December when I went to Germany I came back and within days was wretchedly ill, had to miss work for like 5 days and was forced to survive on crackers and GatorAde and no company, since Caleb and Daniel were afraid of catching whatever I had.
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Nose On The Run (sing it to the Wings tune)

Even though I spent some quality time over Caleb's tonight, having dinner, tea, coffee, giving him a massage, playing with the plants, etc., I still feel totally miserable.

My nose simply will NOT stop running! It's like a faucet -- I will blow it out, enough to use up most of a tissue, and within a couple minutes it's filled up again. I don't know how on earth my nose can MAKE that much! My nose is totally raw at this point; last night while brushing I got some toothpaste on it by accident and it stung me. Ow! Just now I found a box of Benadryl and took one because who knows, maybe Caleb is right and this is partially allergies*.

It's crazy though... I have tried allll these things to stop this and none of them work. Took a heavy-duty expectorant this afternoon and I didn't expectorate. I've tried the 3-4 different nasal sprays I have and they don't do anything. I've tried steam, hot air, hot sauce... But even if it stops for a bit, it comes back raging. About the only time it stops is when I sleep, but that's because it seems to just flow back into me (lovely!) and dry up in my nose.

Meanwhile throat is all rough so when I talk I'm sounding very Marge Simpson and if I tawk with my mutha's Bronx accent I sound like Mike Myer's "Coffee Tawk" character Linda. My Gawd! (Imitation Mom voice: "Ohw Wendy! Allejeez is all in ya head. We never had 'em as kids. It's bekawz you don't get enuff fresh air!")

* Speaking of, he practically begged me to sign myself up for allergy shots. I am leaning more and more toward it... maybe I could MAKE MORE MONEY (thus overcoming the major obstacle) if I wasn't made all tired and sick by allergies so often! I mean, if I felt good, I could do more work, right?!
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