July 24th, 2004

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Just used up the last tissue. That is one SCARY pile of blue poofy things in the corner wastebasket. Yuck. I'm going to lie down now, hopefully the horizontal position will prevent further drippage. Ug. Going to look for some drugs too. At very least, aspirin. Bactine too. Ow....
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I love when a telemarketer in India calls up trying to sell a credit card and claims (with that *slight* hesitation) his name is Michael Jones... don't you? If his name is Michael Jones, then my name is Pria Patel.

*OK, probably something in there to offend somebody but to me it's amusing.*
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There, fixed it!

After considering it for some months and then feeling real pressure for a few weeks, since my last visit to the allergist, with Caleb putting the heat on me, I finally have decided to start on the allergy shots. My only reason for not getting them was based on financial reasons -- insurance will not cover, at least until I somehow reach my deductible, and it's $18/shot/week for 4-6 months -- but fortunately I have been able to come up with some budgetary adjustments that will allow me to pay for it.

Most of these changes are ones I won't even notice because they're either things I'm paying for needlessly (unused services) or things I'm paying too much for. Some of these things I can even go back to having later since most of the money on the shots will be in a 6 months period, after which the shots go down in frequency.


SHOT COST (6 month period)
$18/shot + $3.50 MARTA fare = $21.50 per appt.
$21.50 x 24 appts./weeks = $516.00

Cut long-distance phone service = $90.00
Cut local service on DTV = $36.00
Cut 2 reg. schedule hair dye jobs = $300.00
Go to cheaper salon for 2 haircuts = $60.00
Get tokens instead of underused MARTA monthly pass = $192.00
Stop bank fees on services I don't use = $60
Total savings = $738.00

I will actually be cutting out more than I need to, which is fine with me. I bought two nice dye kits in England and my hair won't suffer. I can't believe in the past year I went in for 3 fancy dye jobs at salons and DIDN'T get allergy shots. I mean, I love the results but that is just stupid vanity when 6 months of shots would have made me so much better by now if I'd started in January. Grrrr... me and my desire to live like a movie star, ya know!
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