July 27th, 2004

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Everybody wants me

I'm having one of those "Every wants me" days. I've got about 8 phone calls and several rather interested and urgent emails.

  • Allergy clinic says my serum is ready, I can start shots any time.
  • Company referred to me by Caleb wants me to build web site for economic development plan for Oconee County.
  • B&B client says she'll pay me to do more search engine work for her.
  • CAP has a whole bunch of updates I need to do on their site; great since work=time=money.
  • A former neighbor with bling-bling is launching a new PR firm and the company building his site went AWOL, so guess who he wants to rescue him?

And it's only 10:30.
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New client, I hope

This guy wants me to work on his web site. I'm excited because I love the color scheme, sounds like a fun job, and he's an English queen who talks like that Dyson vacuum guy :) I just talked with him on the phone and kept waiting for him to complain that his web site had poor suction, LOL.
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Wet bird

So I just got back from lunch with Caleb and glancing over to my birds, I immediately go, "Um, WHAT!" Cal, sitting on top of the cage, is all wet. His head and chest having obviously taken a dip. The question is... where? They don't have a bathtub and there's no open water that I know of; the sink is so full right now there's a carving board on top of it. I'm guessing he went in the water dish, which is small but he's pretty agile. Still, they've never shown any liking for baths before and aren't very adverturous so I'm a bit puzzled as to why he did it. Hmmm, a mystery!
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Running down the batteries!

I had to recharge my phone like 5 times today. Between being called and calling people, that phone was BUSY!

- Call from B&B client
- Call from new client, for economic dev. project site
- Call to new client, marketing & PR firm
- Call from allergy clinic about shots
- Call from Gay Yellow Pages trying to rope me in
- Call from former neighbor Charles, who is now building harps in his free time
- Call from my mom
- Call from Enrique about using T-Mobile in Europe
- About 3 other marketing type calls
- About 10 calls from Caleb

Eek, says this phone-phobic!

I will say though, today was great: Got 3 news clients (plus one yesterday), just about finished the main work on Mat Man's site, and started a design for a new client. Had lunch at Baraonda, my fav restaurant. And my mom called and soon I will have the piggies' cage cleaned.
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