July 28th, 2004

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Bright colors! Fun! I like job!

Sometimes I think my work is really a crap and a drag, a view reinforced by working on this mat site (still in progress, homepage especially!), but then sometimes I get actually inspired and excited about something... like this site prototype I just did for my client-of-the-day Thomas Vanderbilt.

I especially like the sub-page navigation using the big V. Granted, I had the design for a new business card and logo he's just had designed, so I didn't "invent" the color scheme or logo, but I love the way it all came together.

I'm even happy with the top-level navigation, even though I had originally wanted it to be Flash. I figured out how to use the "Flash menu wizard" thing to do tabbed navigation, but the sections had too many sub-sections so it didn't work. Oh, well, I think Thomas'll like it just as well!

Hopefully I meet with him in the next couple of days and this prototype convinces him he needs to agree to whatever payment terms I set out. Need to think about those yet. One thing I know is that he needs this by Aug. 14 so he probably won't dicker too much.

P.S. Even though the main section pages of Mat Man's site are not very exciting, I like the product pages. If you were looking for a nice entrance mat, you'd buy Waterhog, right?
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Getting a work out!

So, now that I can actually see the light at the end of the Mat Tech tunnel, it seems there are many, many jobs lined up for me!

Here's what it looks like I will be doing in the next couple of months, assuming I get all the contracts, which I pretty much am.

  • Web site for my building & condo association (a paid job!)
  • Web site for PR & marketing consultant Thomas V.
  • Web site for Oconee County economic development project
  • Redesign of web sites for some Air Force bases
  • Redesign of VSA Georgia gallery web site
  • Redesign of Caleb's company's web site

In addition there's CAP/ADID and other client site maintenance jobs... and probably even more stuff. Somehow I also am doing the summer issue of Inception as well (this weekend!) and basically taking off a week for Dragon*Con. It'll be stressful, but my bills will get paid, I think!
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The Stench

Got my first allergy shot. No big deal, although the trip up, the appt. with 30-min. wait period, and trip back, take like 1 1/2 hours.

Actually the most significant bit of the trip out wasn't the shot but an encounter with The Stench. Even John Waters would be disgusted by this filthy man, who could easily win the title of Filthiest Man on MARTA. I was too absorbed in my book to notice him when I sat down on the bus behind him, but my NOSE soon noticed. I looked up and noticed that his coat was encrusted in dirt and mud, as if he had slept buried underground or in a bog. His dred-locked hair, filthy pants and smell-it-from-five-meters stench probably could land him a part in a Zombie movie. I tried breathing through my mouth but I couldn't avoid the smell. Everybody on the bus was pressing back away from him and when the bus pulled in to the station for us to get the train, people started banging on the doors and windows saying "Just stop the bus now, don't wait for the bus bay, let out OUT!" And then everybody stampeded out (avoiding The Stench) and started coughing and spitting and fanning themselves and cursing. When I was waiting for the train I wanted to lick my lips (dry from breating through mouth) but avoided it because I felt there would be germs on it from breathing that smell. UGH! Every so often I encounter something really gross on MARTA; I'm glad it's not TOO often though :(

What was somewhat funny was that the book I was reading, Perdido Street Station, is chock full of such disgusting creatures. I'm really glad the book is not scratch-and-sniff.
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When it rains it pours

I just got offered another *possible* web job, a site for the Charis Circle women's collective. Yay! That makes 5 jobs landing on me in 3 days, none of which I particularly ran after but which came to me through word-out-mouth networking, people I met, etc.

Given the fact I was on vacation 1/2 this month (and spending money during that half) I can certainly use an income boost, even if said income doesn't actually come in until next month or the one after that. Cash in hand is a good thing.
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Now THAT is hair!

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow (by a "New Talent" stylist at Salon Red, God help me) and am checking out online hairstyles.

Just for kicks, I went back to the good old trusty Interactive Style Selector, which has worked well for me before even though I swear they have some of the most hilariously 80s & possibly Eastern European models out there -- definitely NOT American! I think these are the same pics that go on those mail order bride catalogs. Run a search on "trendy" "very short" hairtyles for women and you will see what I'm talking about. I actually like bunch of the cuts but it's pretty embarassing to carry one to a salon; basically it admits to saying, "Yeah, make me look trashy." LOL.

As for what I'm actually hoping to get done, I just want it about 1/2 as short and all cut up different chunky lengths with a razor or those funky scissors. I know I could probably just stick my head under some kind of weed-whacker or randomized Flow-bee to get that look but I prefer the damage to bit a tad more deliberate and "professional." Then once the hair is cut, hopefully this weekend Caleb will dye my hair with the dual-color system I bought at Boots :)
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A worthwhile trade-off

I'm sitting at an empty terminal here at CAP offices, after hours, everybody's gone but me and the cleaning people, and I'm drinking root beer and surfing the web while over in the next room, a web traffic report runs. I've been here for 2 1/2 hours now, downloading the log files, sorting them, the running the April report, and in 1/2 hour, April will be done. Then I will start the May report and go home. I'll do June tomorrow night. I have to work at night because the reporting software resides on somebody's computer and unless we arrange for him to be gone all day, the only way for me to do the work is for me to come after hours.

This is really boring work that forces you to while away hours -- besides the web browsing, I've been writing existential poetry and reading Perdido Stree Station -- but the nifty thing is, it pays by the hour at an IT contractor's rate. So just for mainly "being here" tonight to supervise the computer's generation of some reports, I will earn enough to pay my insurance premium and several other monthly bills. So I guess I can't really complain that I'm not sitting on my butt at home watching TV or playing with my pigs for the evening.
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Oo poo!

I tought the Hogzilla story was good, but this one has a zany picture AND headline... and it's from BBC!

Poo on view at animal exhibition

I can't seem to recall CNN or any other major US news outfit using the word POO in a headline...

And then there's the actual exhibit itself. Yes, the London Zoo web site is advertising Guess the poo at London Zoo!!!!! There's a rather graphic pic on the site.

This is cool and all, I guess, esp. since I'm sure the title is intended to draw people (esp. kids) in and gain attention, but even so I can't imagine any US zoo using "poo" in the title of an exhibit... or even doing it. I mean, if Atlanta zoo did an poo exhibit, what would it be called? "Scat is Where It's At?" (Hmmm, it's sad that comes so easily.)

P.S. Yes, I am 8 years old.
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