July 29th, 2004

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Under pressure

Went to meet with a financial planner this morning. The idea of the meeting was to see if they could help me out. In theory this whole affair should have been reassuring but it ended up being really stressful.

I like the guy I spoke with and it seems there are things he could help me sort out, short-term and long-term, things I can't seem to figure out on my own, like what to do with my old 401k savings or how to start a short-term savings account. The whole "discussion" part of the meeting was good, but then when he quoted me his fee and gave me all these forms to fill out (and mail back ASAP, if I'm interested) I suddenly felt very pressured and unsure. I didn't make a committtment but said I'd have to get back with him. I wonder if paying him would really be worth it. Will I end up saving enough money that I cover the cost, or is it money wasted? Or is maybe just the "peace of mind" worth it? Maybe I should get some free help somewhere else, maybe from my bank. I don't know. Grrrr.

The fact he made a big deal of giving me postage-paid UPS mailers to use and how he didn't want to waste $20 on them if I wasn't going to use them also made me nervous. He said it was OK if I didn't do it but it still annoyed me he brought it up. I shouldn't feel pressured by this and told I should do it in 24 hours when there is really NO REASON I should have to make a decision that quick. He said the reason they say 24 hours is because otherwise people lose interest but I found it just very annoying. I told him I was 7/10 sure I wanted to do it, but after I left the office I wasn't so sure. Ugh. He's going to call me tomorrow and bug me, I just know it.
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Running around all day

Today was quite the activity-packed whirlwind for me today!

With all the running around I did, I was only really home for like 3 hours during the day and wound up finally back home at like 10:45 after watching Kerry over at Caleb's.

Quick summary of the day:

After the stressful meeting with the financial advisor, had a somewhat stressful meeting with a potential client. He gave me some requirements on his web site he hadn't brought up before so now it seems I will have to push myself a bit more. I'm a bit aggravated when somebody tells me my design prototype is "flat" and doesn't "pop," when they didn't ask me to make it "pop" when we discussed it. However, I guess the challenge will do me good, esp. if it forces me to brush up on my rather dubious Flash skills.

Spent another couple hours at CAP offices working on those web traffic reports. I don't see how the numbers I produced in those particular reports can be all that useful, but if they want them and want to pay me for them, it's fine with me.

Finally it was time to go into Decatur for my haircut. Took the train out and half-way there, it started to rain... no, make that pour. I came out the station and, clutching my book, ran over to a fav store, where I sought selter from the rain for 15 minutes and (naturally) bought a couple of things, albeit only $4 worth b/c I have such self-control (ha ha) these days.

The really SUCK thing is that when it came time to leave, going back in to the pouring rain, I stepped out onto the sidewalk onto a very slick utility cover and BOOM! wiped out in a big way. (Clumsy but short people, remember, thing about your own falls but then remember it's a long, long way down for a tall person... and all that weight too!) Ugh! I landed on my knees and hands and typical me, picked myself up as quickly as possibly a) so nobody would see me and b) to prove to myself I was OK. After that I limped (getting soaked) to the salon around the corner. Those salon people were so nice! I asked for a towel and told them I fell -- and they made sure I got dry and brought out Neo-sporin and a big knee bandaid, since it turns out I got a big scrape on my left knee. I also ripped right clear my expensive Norcross panty hose ;)

My hair appt. was fab. I had this "new talent" (new hire) guy Joshua who had a really appealing personality (a.k.a. no *fake* cheerfulness) and excellent technique. He cut my hair in a different way than other people have while at the same time doing what I wanted. My hair is now not just shorter but incidentally *almost* my natural color since most of the blond was cut off. I guess I have to dye it again this weekend, as I really can't stand the brown.

Bruised but well-coiffed, I headed back home or, rather, to Caleb's. There he made a big batch of his very yummy mozzarella, basil & tomato penne pasta. It was perfect as usual, very much like the "penne checca" I often order at Baraonda. Good stuff! Afterward we watched Kerry's speech and I gave Caleb a bit of a massage.

Tomorrow I'm not leaving the house!