July 30th, 2004

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Entering The Station

Forgot to mention that beside running around today, or *during* the running around more like, I managed to dig further into China Mielville's Perdido Street Station.

From the very first review I read of it (on Inception some months back) I knew this would be "my kind of book" and wow, it really is. Actually it reminds me of Storm's Calenture (one of my fav books ever) but crossed with movies like The Dark Crystal and Brazil. I love a book that's graphic and shocking and weird in every possibly way. And I'm sure it just gets better!

I think I'm discovering more and more that my favorite books are very wild, weird, phantasmogoric dark twisted strange things written by UK authors.
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Shedding old skin... well, hair really

So I woke up today and saw my hair in the mirror. Ugh! The cut is fine but I really am not into my natural color! LOL. Every time I manage to get the dye out of my hair and see the real color (mousy medium brown), I look at myself and think I look how I did in high school. Esp. my senior year portrait. Which is, I think, the reason I dye my hair!

I first started coloring my hair my senior year in high school, not coincidentally right around the time I first starting doing and thinking a lot of other things. Freshman year of college I started blonding it and I can't remember exactly but it was probably auburn by that spring. Since then it's rotating a lot but the main colors have been blond, gold, auburn (Balinesian Amythyst my fav shade) and black. I've never done it white blond, not have I done it brown or any of those funny brown-purple colors.

Maybe before I dye my hair again, it would be funny to get on some really dorky old outfit of mine and part my hair for old time's talk, see if anybody still thinks I'm cool. He he.
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My day is going to be work, work, work so here is some non-work:


the scar you're most proud ofones on my left hand fingers from when i hit a stone wall on my bike; i'm proud because it was a dumb accident, pretty typical of me.
your favourite condimenterm, kinda hard to choose... maybe mustard?
if you have frecklesno
your preferred method of cookingsoup
what shoes you're wearingnone
how many children you havenone
the first person you french kissedcaleb
your preferred breed of doggolden retriever or other even larger dogs
where you were bornmethuen, massachusetts
what colour underwear you're wearingwhite
where your keys are right nowin my purse, which is in the kitchen i guess
if you have split endsno
when you last got laidno idea... don't think i have been
your opinion on airline foodexcept for b.a., it all sucks
what cosmetic surgery you would considernone
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onn/a
your worst maladyallergies
if your mum loves your dadyes
if you can sing wellyes
what your olympic event would beer, olympic techno dancing?
someone you admirecooper holland, my neighbor
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapcan't think of the name... thus the difficulty
the last time you criedsaturday afternoon
your most interesting sexual congress locationis sexual congress some branch of the u.n.?
part of the Sunday papers you read firstnews
the languages you speakenglish, german
the religion you were raised inmethodist / congregational
if you can draw wellyes
your favourite photographer... ever? or of me? i like that pulitzer pic of the person's body falling out of the wyncoff hotel...
what you should be doing instead of thishaving a shower

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I am a blob

Some memories just came to mind...

In 6th grade my teacher Mr. Crowley had use all create special tags for our cubby-lockers, only instead of putting our names we had to create symbols that would identify us. We could do anything we wanted, like a favorite toy or pet or a pencil or something. I chose a question mark to represent myself. Who did I think I was, The Riddler?

That same year, I got way ahead in art class, so Ms. Dunning let me run wild and do whatever I felt like. I found this enormous tangle of wires, both plain and insulated, and started working with it. I wrapped it in clothe, painted parts of it, shaped and molded the wires, did part of it in paper mache... When anybody would ask what it was I'd say it was a crazy nothing blob art. Actually I think it was supposed to be some kind of Lovecraft monster... but that might be the same thing.

A couple of years later in sewing class our teacher had us making small duffle bags. Part of the assignment was that we had to cut out and affix some "symbol" of ourselves onto the bag (I guess because we couldn't embroider it properly). My personal symbol was a blob. It was blue and the bag was red. When the teacher asked me what it was, I said it was an amorphous blob that could turn into anything but didn't representing "something."

...What's odd about these incidents is that I wasn't shy about talking or writing about myself, but in doing art I disliked doing what I was supposed to or giving my things labels.
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(no subject)

Financial advisor guy called me today around 10. He asked me what my decision was and I said I needed to talk to some more people, shop around, and that I wasn't 100% comfortable, mainly because he made me feel pressured. He asked when he should follow up with me and I said I'd prefer to follow up with him. (Otherwise he will call me every Friday for a month and every time I'll be like, "Well, I'm not ready to decide yet, bye...."
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(no subject)

So Dubya's new campaign theme is "we've turned a corner, and we're not turning back."

I'd like to see that slogan turned around in November to "we're not COMING back."

On a related note, yesterday I made a comment about Dubya that's probably a new low for me... compared watching one his speeches to watching a talking maggot.
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Kerry should use this quote

Truth is tough. It will not break, like a bubble, at the touch, nay, you may kick it about all day like a football, and it will be roundand full at evening.

Oliver Wendell Holmes
(1841-1935, American Judge)
ice cream


Here in Atlanta, the cost of living has gone up a bunch since I first arrived back in 1996, but hell our fruits & vegies are still a mega bargain, plus they are so GOOD!

In addition to our regular grocery stores, we have a whole bunch of small straight-from-the-farmers-market places and a couple of huge indoor farmers markets, and in my opinion, they are all cheap. Even some of the stuff at Whole Foods is cheap -- in fact cheap enough I buy things for my pigs there, which I wouldn't do unless it really was cheap because the pigs don't know the difference.

Just now I went to Country Produce, a little place right by my building, and got a 2-lb. box of fresh CA strawberries for $3, and they're not rotting or anything*. Actually I got the strawberries, a bag of spinach, 2 yams, carrots and a drink for $6.

* It must be said that however nice it is to get stuff so cheap, in order to sell strawberries this cheap, somebody, no doubt the people who picked them, must be getting paid like 30 cents and hour. So I shouldn't be all celebrating.
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Now This Is Spin

From the NY Times...

Record Deficit of $445 Billion Projected for This Fiscal Year

The White House projected today that the budget deficit would reach $445 billion in this fiscal year, by far the largest shortfall ever but well below the amount forecast six months ago.

Joshua B. Bolten, President Bush's budget director, presented the new forecast as good news, saying "the improved budget outlook is the direct result of the strong economic growth the president's tax relief has fueled."

Hmmm, that's an interesting way to take credit for this. I mean, the Bush team deserves *some* credit. Why are people so hard on the president when he's responsible for good news like this?
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