August 2nd, 2004

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Georgia doesn't vote

Well, it's already a recorded fact that Georgia is basically 50th ranked in SAT scores. Now today's paper cites stats that show Georgia is also often 50th in voter turnout!

Georgia ranks low in voting
Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With the presidential election three months away, there's every prospect that fewer than half of Georgians eligible to vote will show up at the polls.

For more than 40 years, the state's voter turnout has ranked among the lowest in the country, ranging between 30 percent and 47 percent of Georgians eligible to vote. Turnout in nonpresidential elections, at least statewide, has been even lower.

The last time turnout was over 50% was in the 1870s during Reconstruction.

The other day I was out shopping and in front of the big shopping center a woman was doing voter registration, basically asking every passerby if they were registered. I heard *several* people use the old "Last time I voted, I got jury duty" excuse and walk on by. What I really hate is, look at the racial make-up of this state (28% black) and then think of how hard blacks had to FIGHT in the past to GET the vote and now they don't give a shit. Though apparently neither do women or anybody else...

P.S. Ha. While I was on the U.S. Census web site, did some checking. Georgia is 28% black. Fulton County, where I live, is 44%. My home state of Mass. is 5% and my home country, Essex, is 2.6%. That's an even bigger difference than I thought!
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My friend Aline has just informed me that I'm on tap to do a program at Charis, Atlanta's women's bookstore, this Thursday evening. Lovely! I just kind of wish somebody had TOLD me. I mean, probably 3 months ago I had a call from this woman at Charis trying to organize summer programming and she wound up calling me 3 times because she wanted to get a description from me, then she changed the date... But I never got any final agreement from them and no phone calls or anything, so I thought the deal was dead.

Anyway, just now as I was typing this, Aline called me and said OK, probably that was somebody who's no longer with Charis, and asked if I can still do it, which I definitely can -- the topic is alt. sexuality & gender in SciFi/Fantasy, after all. Just... YIKES I don't like things sneaking up on me like this. Makes my heart pound!
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Why does everything go wrong just when I'm not in the mood to handle it?

Well, and if not everything, then everything I thought was OK?

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Spying on the Bushies

I really enjoyed this article I just read where a reporter goes into Bush support group and finds out why the hell they like -- no, make that LOVE, or even worhship -- Dubya.

The Church of Bush
AlterNet, repub'd from The Village Voice

OMG, I just love the quotes from the people the report talks with, like "Such a refreshing change for the country. People believe in the president." Ummmmm....

Anyway, this is the kind of POV I've actually been wanting because I personally don't know anyone who is going to vote for this a**hole.
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Day has become less sucky, got some good news.

The Maryland company who wanted me to do an econ. dev. project web site looks like they will start working with me within the week. I sent in an estimate this morning and from the response, I gather it was A-OK with them.

My client Vanderbilt is leaning towards using me too, even if I can't do *all* the flashy Flash stuff he wants. The basic issue is that his alternate choice isn't as local as I am; I can come up to the guy's office whenever whereas the other guy is more "out there" like in the burbs I guess. Also, the alt. choice happens to be in Romania right now (why, I dunno) so it's easier to negotiate a deal with me :)

Emailed Mat Man wondering why I haven't heard from him in like a week and turns out he went on some spur-of-the-moment vacation to the Bahamas (huh, like of COURSE, when he set our deadline as Aug. 1). Anyway, all is well, he's very happy and he agrees, our section pages SUCK and need to be redone. Hopefully I can convince him to avoid the whole layers thing... esp. since I just did a new version of the page he can't fail to love...

Too bad I still have a headache and one of those temporary depression attacks sitting on me like a gorilla.
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Dodging bullets like Neo

Should I have a time during my workday where I don't answer the phone or check email? I swear, I'm thinking I *should* because I can't f'in get any WORK done this way. Gah! At least my old job, nobody CALLED me and certainly I wasn't regularly BURIED in email requests -- least not from a dozen different people. Today I've had 5 different clients emailing me to update stuff, several different ones calling me, and I don't know which way is UP anymore.
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Health: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Good
After a whole month of blowing it off, I went back to being my workout today. Feel great. For some reason, I feel healthier now than I did back in June -- seems really easy, although it shouldn't, since I've skipped a whole month.

The Bad (and the Ugly)
Right before my workout I checked my mail. I was hoping to find some client checks. Instead I found a package from Blue Cross & Blue F'in Shield telling me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, i.e. b/c I'm going to be 30, my health insurance premium is going up like $100/month.

J F'in Christ on a Biscuit. I swear to crap, I feel like all I do is pay and pay and pay and pay and BCBS doesn't pay ANYTHING. It's like they keep moving the finishing line or something and I can never f'in win with them. What a bunch of turds. I know I'm in a much better situation than not having insurance but Lord, I think that's a 75% increase in my premium. (Score another reason NOT to vote for Dubya and his like, like there aren't 10,000 other ones.)

I may have a look around and see if there is some way I could do better, some other company that has good individual insurance plans, but I doubt it. Plus I've already spent all this money towards my deductible and starting with another company, I'd lose it all. Ugh. I SO feel like I'm getting played!
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OK, I have *some* domestic skills...

I decided to have a "cold turkey" night of no work and, more to the point as a general concept, no computer.

This is what I did:

  1. Ran through a 45-min. workout on the stairmaster, burning almost 400 calories'
  2. Cooked giant pot of very yummy split pea soup (with tofu hot dogs) and had large tasty bowl of it;
  3. Enjoyed gratefruit for dessert;
  4. Watched Princess Bride on AMC;
  5. Watched Animal Cops Houston on Animal Planet (and got disgusted by the story of a dog called "Trouble"); and
  6. Made a pillow -- at least I cut and hand-stitched a cover for this pillow innard, so it now has this quite glamorous shiny silk upholstery, silver & grey roses on one side, red and black roses on the other. I really suck at sewing but it looks OK :)

Not bad!

I should note that my headache and depression seem gone. Those two are like bandits, always descending together and leaving suddenly.
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