August 3rd, 2004

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If you can't resist adorable animal pictures, do not go to guinea_pigs.

I joined up a few weeks ago and finally had to remove this group from my friends list because I was getting overdosed on cute pig pics. God, they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I post occasionally.
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I love how today LJ has decided to send me replies on posts I made in early July. At first I was confused but then I checked the threads. Hmmm. A month late?
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Steady but slow wins the race?

So my client V. just sent me the mockups for his site made by a guy who is competing against me and asked me what I thought. Is this is a trick question? I hope not, because I gave my honest opinion, which is that is a is HORRIBLE and STUPID idea to *copy exactly* the web site V. had given to us as an "example" of the sort of site he wanted -- the site of a major corporate competitor of his. Dumb, dumb, DUMB! I said, "He can't be serious, can he?" Not only is that completely wrong from a copyright point of view, but the site in question has design flaws of its own one would not want to duplicate. *shakes head* I think I'm going to be the one doing this web site, as some people are graphically gifted but not very bright otherwise.
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(no subject)

LJ continues to send me replies off LJ posts I made in early July, a whole month ago. They're like messages in a bottle or something. Odd.
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Metro Girl had some good news today:

1) The planning company that had be do an estimate on a project web site has accepted my proposal and have given me the go-ahead to get started. Money will follow upon completion, which I intend to make happen in the not-too-distant future.

2) Vanderbilt is definitely learning towards ME to do his web site, especially after I criticized my competition idea of literally stealing another company's web site design. Wants to meet with me soon so we can get cracking. Will do site in phases -- a static more standard site and then later on parts of it will be replaced with Flash.

3) Mat Man's site is ALMOST DONE! I've gone through the whole "It'll be done this month" thing about 10 times with him already but I think this time, it really WILL be done. The only things we're working on now are the catagory pages (6) and the home page. All the product pages are done and most of the site is all set. I will be waaaaay happy to see the back of that one!

4) The daughter of my client Eleanor who runs a B&B called and wants me to estimate the cost of some search engine positioning work. Should be a pretty easy job since I have all the tools. Only suck thing is that the site is all Flash and I think that will work against the site, no matter what work I do. Ah, well, I didn't design the site, now did I?

5) Finally able to access the VSA Gallery site (offline for a week) so I can put together an estimate on overhauling it. That job will be a nice, clean redesign job so I'm kind of psyched for it.

6) And not strictly Metro Girl news, but Inception is about 3/4 done. Formatted all the artwork (about 30 pieces!), my 3 poems, 4-5 reviews (so far). Just have a few more reviews, essays, and the news section to do. Will be done by Friday probably.
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Dog Days

I was feeling bad about staying inside all day. Sure, not like my old job wasn't a desk job, but I used to at least go out for lunch and anyway I'd walk to work and take the bus back, so during the workday I'd "get out." Not so now.

Anyway, I was feeling bad about this, so I decided to out and run an errand. As soon as I opened to door and stepped into the street, I didn't feel so bad about holing up inside. It's like 100 degrees out! Ugh! How gross!

You know it's hot when you walk past a vent from a fried chicken place and it's not hot, just the same temp as the air.

My birthday's in August but I maintain it is the worst month. September, on the other hand, is the nicest one.
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