August 4th, 2004

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You can't bring that in here!

The Times has an article on all the items banned from the Republican National Convention. Basically, you can bring yourself, but nothing else -- no umbrellas, hairspray, drink, liquid of any kind, banners, horns, strollers, anything metal. I think in 4 years both parties will decide to do their conventions online or something in some big chat room so they can be safe.

Yikes, just lookit this: G.O.P. Delegates Get List of Banned Items

If the Boston experience is any measure, a fair amount of confusion is inevitable.

Ms. Roman said that one conventiongoer phoned the Secret Service to ask if it was permissible to bring a banana into the arena (no problem). Plus, she said, it rained so much, and so many umbrellas were being forfeited, that officials decided to allow folding umbrellas into the arena, while maintaining a ban on the larger golf-style umbrellas.
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Iron Chef Wiebke

6 new clients... in like a week. I feel like I'm getting ready to be on some episode of Iron Chef only with web site design instead of full-course meals. Eeek!

I have stuff to do right now. As always. Site updates, estimates to write, emails to answer. But I really need to clear my head right now. And I need my allergy shots. So I'm pretty much blowing off to Buckhead...

*pulls down curtain*
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One of those health posts

What is about Summertime and CUTS! Growing up, I'd get bitten, scratched, gouged and scraped all summer, mainly because I'd be running around in the woods every day, going through raspberry patches or dense undergrowth. Always had awful bug bites, weird gashes, etc.

It would seem that now that I'm an "indoor creature" I wouldn't have this happen to me but alas, I am wrong. I suppose I must have really delicate skin or something, but right at this moment my legs are just *disintegrating* with little injuries. It's like every *single* time I go outside I get another little "mark." My supply of hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls is getting low...

My left leg, working up:
1) Small toe is bluish red, I'm not sure why.
2) Second-smallest toe has blister from walking in fancy shoes one small block and back for a meeting this morning.
3) Gouged cut on top of foot from I don't know what... Possibly sandal cut in when I fell last week (resulting in mark 6).
4) Cluster of scabs on my ankebone from some kind of bug bite, which I scratched, creating more wounds, since my skin is like tissue paper.
5) Almost-healed mark from a gouge I got a couple of weeks ago... not sure how, one day I was just bleeding like crazy from my shin.
6) Inch-long scab on my knee from wiping out on the sidewalk last week in Decatur.

Right leg:
7) Big blister on second-smallest toe, from same thing as 2).
8) Itchy cut on ankle from some other bug bite that festered.

Are there woods near here? Do I go to the park and look for trouble? Do my windows even OPEN?! The answer is nooooooooooo...

I think I'm just unlucky. That and insects love my blood, while my blood doesn't love them.


Got another allergy shot today. Still no reaction. I know they start with a low dose and work up, so maybe eventually I will have one. How fun it will be to sit there itching in the doctor's office!

Talked to the "shot tech." about my treatment and she surprised me by telling me that if I come in every week, it will take about 1 1/2 years of shots to get to the "maintenance" phase, where I only have to go once a month. I thought it was only going to be about 6 months.

This of course triples my estimate of how much this treatment is going to cost me, but I think it's important I do it. I only have to get through it once and (hopefully!) a lot of the problems plaguing me will go away. I would absolutely love to be able to taste food better, to be able to hear better, no more ear aches, and oh, my breath will stop smelling like sewage! These are things I look forward to, even if I do have to pay for it all. I will work hard and manage my money wisely and I will DO it, insurance co. be damned.


Have done my workout the past 2 days. First day it was easy, yesterday I was kind of dying, but got through it without holding the handrails. I think the old Persuasive Percussion tape music I'm listening to is really helping... who knew that 60s instrumental schlock could be good workout music?!
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Tomorrow night's program


5 Thursday, 7:30 p.m. – Storm Constantine's Wraeththu Mythos `Breeding Discontent' by Wendy Darling et al – Wendy wears many hats -- web designer/goddess, editor, community activist, writer, and more. Wendy will talk about writing fan fiction and gender bending in science fiction and fantasy.

At Charis Books and More in Little Five Points.
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The Weaver

This book I'm reading Perdido Street Station has some really great characters, but 2/3 through I think I have found my favorite: THE WEAVER, the giant interdimensional spider with a scissor obsession and an unpredictable penchants for violence. He's like a sedu and every time I come to his "dialog," I have to read it out loud IT IS SO FABULOUS OMINOUS POETRIC RIPPLING MYSTERIOUS AND CHARISMATIC. I hope he kicks ass, seems like he's poised to. Go, Weaver, go!

People who haven't read PSS, just ignore me. Gosh, I love this book...
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I was a huge, huge fan of Highway to Heaven as a kid. It made me cry.

Please tell me I am not alone?

(See, those who think I have no taste for "wholesome" television programming are wrong!)
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Goth and Billy Joel? What?

There's an LJ community for everything.

I was just out searching for goth communities and found

billyjoel -- the Gothic Billy Joel community.

Is it me, or is that just WRONG?

Ha ha, just kidding, I of all people should know sometimes people's interests involve so ODD combos...
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