August 6th, 2004

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He he...

Freudian Inventory Results
Genital (63%) you appear to have a progressive and constructive outlook on life.
Latency (33%) you appear to have an irrational view on the value of learning.
Phallic (40%) you appear to have a good balance of sexual awareness and sexual composure.
Anal (53%) you appear to have a good balance of self control and spontaneity.
Oral (46%) you appear to have a good balance of independence and interdependence.
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The other night I told xanath how as soon as I have some free time I figure out what work I have to do. And how when I used to come home from work, my first impulse would be to plan all the work I had to do that night. I'd say I'm more like 80% "genital" in reality...

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That went well!

Well, tonight I had that little book talk over at Charis Books and it went pretty well. The topic was alternative sexuality and gender in sci-fi and fantasy lit, i.e me doing show and tell over what I've been reading the past 3-4 years.

It was a very small-scale thing, with a total of 9 people (including 3 store employees/volunteers) but actually the small-scale bit of it was nice. Instead of it being just me, sitting there talking to a big group, it was more like a discussion. Within the first couple of minutes I was already getting questions and suggestions about books, discussion of definition of fantasy versus sci fi, etc. Throughout my talk we had all kinds of asides and people commenting, making book recs, etc. At one point I pointed at nevercadabera (who totally suprised me by showing up, it was like an early birthday present!) and asked him to explain yaoi a bit more since I found myself getting really tongue-tied.

I had hand-outs for everybody left over from the last time I was supposed to do this talk and I think people (esp. this one middle-aged woman with red hair) will find them useful. Also hope they give Charis business, since they seem to stock quite a lot of the authors I mentioned (Storm C., Le Guin, Octavia Butler, Kushner, etc. etc.) and even has a SF/Fantasy section.

My only regret is that I really probably tried to mention too many books and as a result, the thing went long (about 1 3/4 hours) and probably it wasn't as quality as if I'd picked just 5 books and discussed them more at length. I think maybe next time I will do that, hand out a more complete list of my favorites, then answer questions from people. I really do love to pass along book recs, but I think it was a bit much.

Oh, and BTW, for an outline of my talk, here's a PDF of the MindMap.

P.S. Thanks for those of you who came and are reading this!
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Another day, another client?

I don't know how or why it's happening, but I just got ANOTHER call for a job! OK, I guess this should be normal but I'm still kind of in shock that all these people are calling me. I am NOT soliciting them; instead it's more like everybody I ever tangentially or knew or had as an acquaintance has suddenly remembered I'm a web designer and oh, they need HELP!

Anyway, the person who called me is this woman I used to do volunteer work with at YouthPride. At first I was sure it was going to be another job for a non-profit, but this was actually a retirement home in Sandy Springs. The woman is on the board and wants to talk to me and get me to do a pitch to the facility's board, which is mainly 80-year-olds. That'll be intersting!

Actually I think I stand a good chance getting it since the woman foolishly revealed to me price tag this other company just put on it and it is way, way, WAY above what I would charge. Knowing that amount, I swear I could ask half as much and yet be getting 4x what I would normally charge. Part of me feels that's dishonest but on the other hand, I feel I should assert some good business sense!
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Talking back

I've been using a new web hosting company lately, as a trial, and for the first time they have annoyed me. (malibran will appreciate this tale.)

I was doing some work on a client's site that uses this hosting and decided to check the web traffic statistics. Surprisingly the tool told me there were 0 hits last month. I know this is completely wrong since the owner has been getting a lot of people using his forms, complimenting the web site, etc. Anyway, I wrote tech support asking what was wrong and why I was getting no data.

Their reply was, "Oh, that's a third party tool, we don't have any control, just look at the logs." At first I was going to be passive and let it go, but then I replied and said, "What kind of a crap answer is that?" OK, not in so many words, but I said they should be contacting this "third party" about the error and helping me, not telling me they're not responsible. After all, I got this account with the understanding it would have web reporting. If I have to download the logs and then buy a program to make reports, that's spending money I have spent already by having the account.

I hope this tech case gets escalated...
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So succinct!

My brother cracks me up with his manly terse directness sometimes. Email from this morning, sent to family and friends:


I'm now in Edinburgh after a trip around the highlands. I will be here
for a week or so and then come back. More news when I don't have the
cafe guy glowwering at me.

Tom Darling