August 9th, 2004


Out There

In advance of the talk I did this past Thursday night, Southern Voice (Atlanta's queer newsweekly), ran the event as an item under "Appointments," a.k.a. the cultural calendar. I just scanned it in:

I didn't get a chance to see this until the day of the event, when I snagged the July 30th edition from the rack at the store. My immediate reaction was "I'm a lesbian!?"

Not that I MIND per se ('tis half right), I just don't see where the person who wrote that gets off just making that up without asking me or anything. The person who marketed the event to them was like, "Here's what I sent them. Do you see the word LESBIAN in there? Hummmph!"

Last night at the big neighborhood party I was at, a (gay) neighbor of mine came up to me and was like, "So! I saw you in SoVo! I said, there she is!" No comment from him on by lesbianism, he he.

P.S. I should also mention I was listed in the "Literary Scene" listings in Atlanta Journal-Constitution. No picture or outing there though.
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Dribbles & drabbles of things to post about....


Left the Stone Inn chat early last night to go off to a big Import Party at 123 Luckie (Caleb's building). There must have been around 100 people in the courtyard. Everybody brought food from their "country or countries of original," plus imported beer and wine. I brought English custard and German wine. My favorite dish was the banana pudding (bananas, custard and vanilla wafers), of all things! I also enjoyed malibran's ceviche, which once again proves that I enjoy raw fish (ceviche is uncooked fish with lemon, served with raw onions and boiled potatoes) even though I don't like cooked fish. I enjoyed some good wine but didn't like the beer I chose. Caleb, Daniel and I were some of the last people there and stayed 'til like 1:30. I took home 4 empty wine bottles to use for my artwork.


This morning I was back at 123 Luckie, same courtyard, for German-style breakfast with Caleb and Daniel. It was yummy and afterward we all talked for a while. Afterward we went to Caleb's. The only thing I really remember about being up there was Daniel trying to do a headstead on my lap and me yelping when it proved not the most comfortable maneuver.


Spent all afternoon cleaning up the main room (kitchen/dining/living) -- thorough job, including scrubbing all bird poo off the two windows, vacuuming the couch, the rug, putting everything away... to the point I got *really* itchy from the dust, always a sign I'm actually cleaning and not just tidying. After the main room I picked up the other rooms... and now the whole PLACE is clean! A good way to start my week!


Just listed three more tiems on eBay. Last week I did eBay selling for the first time (two books) and while one item didn't sell, the other one sold for 3x what I was content to sell it for. Tonight I listed three more books, things there's no chance I want (2 are books I hated, 1 I have no interest in, somebody gave it to me). I'm really not so much interested in the money as just getting rid of books and stuff I don't need.


This week is going to be really busy. Tomorrow I'm going to concentrate on site updates (CAP and TSW), a couple of estimates, and Inception. I meant to do Inception this weekend but it just didn't work out. I also have a meeting tomorrow night with the woman who wants to get me a contract to do a site for an assisted care facility. I really am interested in that one, as I stand to make a giant profit even if I only bid 1/2 what the competition asked.
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Shredding Unneeded Expenses

Went out and bought a paper shredder today -- for business and piggy use!

I've been wanting to get one anyway, since I do have a lot of receipts and bills I cut up with scissors every month, but then I got the bright idea of shredding newspapers for my guinea pigs. Their regular litter is Carefresh, which is recycled newspaper, boiled and then made into chunks that are really absorbant. Thing is, I need about one bag a month and first off it's $18 and second off, only one place in town sells it so I have to hike across town and take a big bag of litter on the bus.

With my new shredder, fresh from the Office Depot down the street, I was able to convert two daily newspaper into bedding in about 10 minutes. I cleaned out the cage and put in the new litter and now that they're back in the cage, the pigs seem totally happy with it. Hopefully it's just as absorbant as the other stuff.
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Computer Geek Dream

I woke up early this morning having this dream:

I had figured out some Perl scripts that, when loaded, would churn out answers to some of the fundamental problems of the universe or long-sought-after scientific resolutions, i.e. the Generalized Theory of Gravitation or the theory the science in Perdido Stree Station works out to create Crisis Engines. Anyway, I had these Perl scripts and uploaded them to the CGI Bin on my server but wouldn't you know, I couldn't get the permissions right! The solution to the universe, thwarted by a 501 error.

I think this dream tops the one where I created HTML code for smell attributes...
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