August 10th, 2004

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Miscellaneous notes on a decent day

Today was pretty decent. The only bummer was not finding any client checks in my mailbox, but hey, looks like there will be such checks in my future...


Morning 'til noonish was dominated by admin work and errands, like going to the post office and getting the new shredder to make bedding for my piggies (oh, yeah, and destroy evidence with).


Afternoon was taken up by site maintenance work on a couple of web sites. I'm still behind on those but I put a dent in a few and took care of some "fires" that needed attention.


Met up with old acquaintance Sue Bailey about doing a web site for an "active senior community" in Sandy Springs. We met up at Metropolitan Deluxe and went over to Pad Thai, where we sat for close to three hours eating, drinking, sharing anecdotes and going over the community and its needs as far as web design. It turns out the other company they've got a bid from is a lot bigger than I am, but Sue is definitley inclined to give me a shot because a) I'm going to be much cheaper, b) this will be a "big job" for me, but only a "nothing" to the big firm, and c) she likes me. Sue was a dear and gave me the summary of the other firm's proposal so I know what they've promised and the great thing is, they're not doing anything I can't do. I also think I can submit a bit that's thousands less than theirs but thousands above my normal bid. I figure if they have the budget I will take advantage and thus pay my mortage this fall. And I think I might really like this job anyway, as this sounds like a really NICE senior living place.


Got home and found some hall neighbors out in the hall with their dogs, plus an elderly cat. Brought Abbie out to meet them, they thought she was cute as heck but one dog was TOO excited by her so I couldn't really show her off properly. Abbie is the queen of cute!


Caleb and Daniel came over to do laundry and flicked on Saturn 3, one of the kitschiest-looking SF movies I've seen in a LONG time. The circa 1980 movie stars Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel (voice dubbed by Roy Dotrice!) and a very scantily clad Farrah Fawcett. LOL.


Got an email back from the ED of the VSA Gallery downstairs. He loves my estimate! Apparently I was right on the money, literally. I will start work on that soon I guess. That will be pretty easy really but will help them out and get me some money too, whoo hoo on that.


More Mat Man stuff arrived today. I guess I can now do the category pages and then I'm done? Sounds too good to be true!
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Number One, Number Two

I just emailed my best friend growing up, dharmagirl, to ask a very important question:

Did they do Number One and Number Two in our school system?

I swear to crap (no pun intended) I never heard of such a thing until like 5 years ago. Since then I've learned everybody in the world uses these references with regard to bathroom trips, and yet I have no recollection, either specific or general, of any kids mentioning One or Two, teachers asking me about it, jokes about it. In fact I didn't get why people would giggle when Capt. Picard would call Lt. Riker "Number One."

Anyway, I am cringing in fear Dee is going to tell me I had my butt up my ass and our school DID use the terms, but at least then I will know. I don't want to be wrong but I could be!
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Ganked from marchenland

It must have been 2 days since the last meme...

A - Act your age. Yeah. Probably a couple decades above it actually.
B - Breast size. 40DD. (Well, one of them is smaller.)
C - Chore you hate. Anything to do with floors (sweep, vaccuum, wash).
D - Dad's name. Richard (Dick)
E - Essential make up item. Eschew makeup, except for lipstip (bright or dark).
F - Favorite singer. Hard to chooose... David Bowie? Maybe David Gahan. Sinead?
G - Gold or silver. Gold. Screw silver. I prefer chrome over silver.
H - Hometown. Andover, Mass. (Born at hospital in Methuen, MA.)
I - Instruments you play(ed). Piano, flute, recorder, harmonica.
J - Job title. Company owner. (Self-employed consultant, to be less grand.)
K - Kids. No, probably none ever.
L - Living arrangements. 1 BR condo in high rise, with 4 pets.
M - Mum's name. Hannah.
N - Number of people you've slept with? 3, about.
O - Overnight hospital stays. None.
P - Promises broken. Only to myself.
Q - Quote you like. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." -Einstein.
R - Religious affiliation. Agnostic spiritual. Raised Methodist
S - Siblings. 3 sisters (Nancy, Betty, Carolyn) and 1 brother (Tom).
T - Time you wake up. 8:30 or 9 a.m.
U - Underwear of choice. Cotton, high waist granny undies.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat. Not sure durian is a vegetable but...
W - Worst habit. Saying "Yes" and "I can do that!" to people
X - X-rays you've had. Many teeth/jaw x-rays, plus finger, chest, and all kinds of non-X-ray GI & gyn. scans.</b>
Y - Yummy food you make. My Morroccan stew is kick-ass.
Z - Zodiac sign. Virgo. (Though tech. I am a cusp-baby, people say Leo is wrong for me.)
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Tombs and Talismans

All the "Back to School" specials in today's paper seem to have stirred my elementary school memories into circulation.

Case in point: In library class, we watched this whole video series called Tombs and Talismans which was pretty much taking library science and turning it into a sci-fi story. The set-up was something like V with this big alien force invading earth. Somehow this bunch of kids gets trapped in or visits this underground library and naturally, they and the librarian use the knowledge of the reference department to thwart the aliens! Who knew the Dewey Decimel system could be so powerful! This was a live-action series, not a cartoon, and I'm kind of thinking if I saw it now I would be greatly amused by the outfits of all characters involved, since 80s sci-fi was as high fashion as possible, he he.

Another case in point: All through I think 5th and 6th grade we used this workbook series called Capitalization and Punctuation to learn, well, what the title says. It was a good series and I still use what I learned today, when I write or doing proofing. Anyway, this would be boring except for the fact the teachers always called the books Cap 'n Punc... which led us to call it Captain Punk... which led several of us to draw guys with uniforms and Mohawks onto our workbooks! He he.
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Sen. Zell Miller ("D" Georgia)

Georgia's senators just suck. One of them, Saxby Chamblis is a Republican and a total conservative chump, while the other one, Zell Miller, is a registered Democrat who basically IS a Republican but won't switch parties.

Exhibit 1: Miller is speaking at the Republican National Convention.

Exhibit 2: Miller heads a group which is basically Democratic Suports of Dubya.

Exhibit 3: Miller has lately gone on record endorsing Republican candidate versus Democrats.

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Exhibit 3: Even his former campaign manager is like, "WHAT?!!!" From today's paper:

Q: James Carville was Zell Miller's campaign manager when Miller was running for governor of Georgia. Given Miller's recent attacks on his own Democratic Party, has Carville expressed any opinion of Miller?

--- Maureen Beamer, Dunwoody

A: Yes. As you said, Carville managed the successful 1990 gubernatorial campaign of Miller, then Georgia's lieutenant governor, including a primary win over former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young. In a recent interview with a Los Angeles Times reporter, Carville said of Miller: "He's gone from the guy who'd like to see his party changed and turned into the guy who'd like to see his party abolished."

My question is, what LIFE-ALTERING experience took Miller from actually being a Democrat to totally hating Democrats? Was it like when you're Born Again? Did the Spirit of Jesse Helms come down upon him?

People have asked him over and over if he's a Democrat and he says he is, will always be, but that Democrats really aren't Democrats -- and apparently really need to be Republicans. If you ask me, the man is in denial.
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Pushing On

Sometimes I feel like I'm living out a role in some anti-liberal comedy show. Witness this afternoon:

  • Biked up town to go vote in a general primary run-off (i.e. the kind that attract about a 5% voter turnout.)
  • Got annoyed by this black guy in an SUV who was a) blocking my lane by going slower than me (on my bike!) and b) had multiple Busy-Cheney stickers on his bumper.
  • Actually enjoyed having an asshole in a black muscle car honk and rev his engine behind me on Peachtree Street -- obviously thinking for some reason I should get out of his way. I waved for him to go around me and was delighted when he pulled around, revving up and yelled out the window, "Get onto the sidewalk, you stupid bitch!" Yay! My only regret was that he sped off to fast for my retort of, "Go back to drivers ed, you stupid fuck!" After all, I was 100% in the right legally and he's the guy harassing me and then speeding.
  • After voting, went to supermarket to get Silk soy milk, tofu pups, yogurt and other Commie food ideas. Did not use bags, but packed it all in my bicycle bag.
  • On way home, found myself choking on fumes of giant GTRA commuter bus, which was in the right lane picking people up to go home to the 'burbs. For various reasons, my bike couldn't get around the bus. Grrr.
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Mat Man

Now that this is up on the protoype web site, I just can't resist:

Mat Man, i.e. Phil Ferrara, owner of Mat Tech, Inc.
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