August 11th, 2004

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Help, help, I surrender... to laughter!

God, I forgot how much I love Steven Wright.

Check out the Random Steven Wright Joke Page and see if you can stop reloading...

A few favs...

I've been doing a lot of abstract painting lately, extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas, I just think about it.

My house is made out of balsa wood, so when I want to scare the neighborhood kids I lift it over my head and tell them to get out of my yard or I'll throw it at them.

Right now I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.

Do you think that when they asked George Washington for ID that he just whipped out a quarter?

I stayed up all night playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.

OK, I'd better stop with the quotes, I could go on and on...

Wait, one more that's not on this link, that I always liked: "Recently I've been getting into astronomy, so I put in a skylight. The people who live above me are furious." He he.
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Minority Journalists

It's remarkable how little these statistics have changed since I was in college. Remarkable and depressing!

From AlterNet:
From USA Today: "Just one in 10 of the journalists covering the nation's capital for major newspapers and news groups are minorities. Coming just weeks before the media's coverage of the presidential campaign kicks into high gear, this is a reason to worry. With minorities now making up about a third of the nation's population, a nearly all-white national press corps may be tone-deaf to a broad range of racial and cultural issues that could impact the outcome of the election." Washington news bureaus reason that good minority journalists are hard to come by. Minorities make up fewer than 10 percent of the journalists in the Washington bureaus of the Los Angeles Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Washington Post and USA TODAY. The Dallas Morning News and the Copley and Scripps Howard news services employ no minority journalists. Yet, as evidenced by the Unity conference, there are huge numbers of talented men and women aching to cover the capital.

Full article (USA Today, surprisingly) here.
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Anti-Drug Vaccine

This is so f'd up I think the researchers themselves must be on drugs. Or not. Scary.

The Ultimate Anti-Drug
Biotech corporations are formulating the drug to end all drugs – a vaccine against the 'disease' of drug-induced euphoria.

I have a serious problem with a scheme that would alter people's (children's even) brain chemistry in such a way that one of their senses are taken away. Seems RATHER extreme!
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From an interview with Robert Smith

CNN*: Your loyal fans seem to appreciate that you have maintained your signature look, with the dark clothing, wiry hair and the black eyeliner. Why do you keep it up?

SMITH: You know, I've shaved my head three times in the last twenty years but no one really notices! This is how I feel comfortable. I overdo it when I am [preparing for a concert] because it makes me feel more dramatic when I go out on stage. I like to put a lot more on, I make my hair a bit wilder, but it's generally how I look most of the time. It's just how I am, really.

I love it...

* a.k.a. Dorks 'R Us. The interviewer is such a dweeb.
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I pimp myself

Sometimes I totally feel like I'm soliciting...

Phone call just now:

Client: So what would $200 do towards giving my web site a new look?
Me: Well, I think I could work something out!
Client: He he, I was hoping you'd say that...

I'm quite happy to do this actually, since the guy's site is really small (5 pages) and the design I did (3 years ago) *embarrasses* me. I went for a conservative business site but it is just dull and stupid looking. Time for a change, I guess!
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Jingle jingle jingle

There's a group of Hare Krishnas out on Broad Street right now that's big enough and loud enough I can hear their jingling all the up on the 5th floor with my windows shut and chamber music playing. That's what I can enthusiasm!
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CNN Sux is a quicklink in my browser and I visit a lot but MAN, is so useless! Or at least the homepage is. I am so SICK of the homepage being filled with JUNK NEWS like:

Half-ton man drops 321 pounds, and still counting

Peterson's lover says he lied to her

CBS News' Mike Wallace cited for disorderly conduct

Philippines' Arroyo to men: Stop kissing me

Rick Fox, Vanessa Williams divorcing

These are just the ones "above the fold," without me even scrolling down. I don't want celebrity news or ultimately inconsequential trials and legal cases posing as the "top news" of the country. How about they talk about, I don't know, actual NATIONAL NEWS!? Like that affect people's lives?!

CNN headquarters is like 5 minutes from here, maybe I should slip a note under their door?
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I am flypaper

I think I may need to start wearing dark sunglasses and a wig in public, as I'm much too identifiable to people who need me to build them web sites. I was just walking into my building after being out to get my shots and this neighbor of mine, who found out I was a web designer last night at our building meeting, came up to me and began to gab excitedly about having me design a site for a student group at GSU. It's like as soon as people know what I do, they rush me like I've got free ice cream!

I swear this is like the 10th client I've have appear *out of nowhere* in a two-week period. Not that I'm going to complain because the prospect of income coming in all this month, next month and the month after that -- well, it's a wonderful prospect! So far my definite clients are VSA Gallery (site redesign), BBP Associates (project site), and Executive Leadership Solutions (re-do of old site). I've also put a bid on a web site for this building's condo association and will be doing two project estimates later today, one for Charis Circle (total redesign) and one for a marketing firm (search engine marketing). This morning I put in a big for a potentially very lucrative project doing a site for a retirement community in Sandy Springs. Finally I will probably also be helping out this guy Thomas Vanderbilt launch his marketing services site. And I have two other regular maintanance clients (CAP and TSWA), so that really is around 10 projects.

*knocks on woods, is glad desk is real wood*
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This is surprising to me

Of the three books I'm selling on eBay, the one item that's got a bid so far (plus two enquiries) is Rimbaud: Complete Works, Selected Letters, a bilingual edition my brother gave me. Funny, I thought there was zero chance of people looking for Rimbaud on eBay. But I am happily proved wrong! Can't wait to see if there's a bidding war among French scholars or something.
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