August 13th, 2004


Up late, clean air

Another day, another heap of stuff to do.


I would have gone to bed at 11:30 last night, I swear, but then I started chatting with xanath and as usual conversation took off and THEN she told me she was about to post another chapter of Rosa Mundi (her Wraeththu fan fic) on the Pinkboard. Reading that must've taken me at least 45 minutes :) Maybe an hour! I'm not sure, but finally we started chatting again. I finally said my farewells at around 1:30. (And please don't apologize, xanath, I'll stay up to read your stuff just about any time!)

Caleb's up in Vermont visiting his family right now so he's letting me borrow his Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Quadra -- a very sophisticated & expensive air cleaner if you've never heard of it. I've talked with a neighbor about going in on one (since they have a deal if you buy 2) but I wanted to test it first. Last night I put it in my bedroom and shut all the doors so the Ionic Breeze could work on the room's air. Well, this morning I can report that although I didn't wake up feeling any better (hot, sticky eyes, etc.), I definitely notice the room smells better. It's like the room has fresh air, which it never does and never has, since the windows don't open. I'm going to leave it in there until noon and then see what it will do for this office, which is dusty and has super stale air. Maybe by the end of the weekend I'll be ready to go to Lenox mall to get my own Ionic Breeze.

Oh, and one big plus of Caleb's trip: His mobile doesn't work in Vermont, at least not from his parents' house. He he.
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Two Great Cooks Pass

Julia Child died today

I used to watch her show often as a kid. I liked her more than any other cook on TV, except for maybe "The Frugal Gourmet," Jeff Smith. Both Julia and Jeff were characters. I enjoyed the fact that Julia always tasted her food. That and the fact it was all nice and fattening.

Of course Julia also provided me reason to dislike Marsha Stewart. She was on a cooking show with Marsha where they were supposed to be cooking together and Martha treated Julia like crap. So arrogant! So patronizing! She was there telling Julia how to cook, explaining stuff to her like she's an 8-year-old who's never made a remoulade, you know. Give me a break! I was waiting for Julia to give Martha some lip. Maybe she did and it was edited out.


Oh. Dear. I just looked up "Frugal Gourmet" so I could remember his real name and Jeff Smith died a month ago. Some people (my dad) found him annoying but I always loved his stories and he gave me a lot of the cooking knowledge I have, especially selection of ingredients. That reminds me... I always did want to buy a copy of the recipe book he did on cooking from the Old Country. I took it out the library a few times as a teenager and made some great dishes.
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Web Design Tip

If you're designing a web site for an organization whose primary goal is serving disabled people, including people who are blind or visually impaired, DON'T design a web site where all your navigation and text is either graphics or Flash.

I'm going through the web site for all the state affiliates of VSA Arts and I'm amazed at how many of them have done sites that violate basic accessibility principles. They obviously don't think people with disabilities would be ON the sites, only "other" people. How weird. Anyway, I'm re-doing the Georgia VSA site and it will NOT be graphic-based.
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Fresh Air

And no, I am *not* talking about the NPR show...

I've had that Ionic Breeze thing in my office here for around 4 hours. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I just wanna believe, but I think the air in here is smelling FRESH. This room is normally stale and dusty, hot from the computer and zero air circulation. This little unit here is sucking all the air around, taking out the fine dust and livening the air. It's not cooling it, but I keep thinking I smell mountain air, which is what Caleb has said about it in his bedroom -- it gives him nice clean, "mountain air." And it makes ZERO noise. Completely silent!

It will be interesting to see what effect it achieves over the weekend, before Caleb returns. And then before he takes it back, I will have him sample the air to see if he notices an improvement. And if we both agree, I am SO down to Sharper Image Monday night! My neighbor Jodi wants to go in with me on the two-fer deal and split it.
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Ha ha ha ha...

The Temperance Card
You are the Temperance card. Temperance is the
blending of elements to produce stability. We
say that someone is temperate when they are
pleasant and easy going. Temperance achieves
balance through merging, so a temperate person
is one who feels whole. Creative genius is
often found in the ability to unite two
previously unconnected ideas. Aleister Crowley
considers this one of the most important facets
of this card and names the card Art. He refers
to a generation of a third element out of two
previously existing elements. In the same way,
the artist has the ability to create a painting
from canvas and some tubes of coloured paint.
The temperate person is also inclined to think
about philosophy. Temperance leads to a calm
and rational logic but can also look beyond
everyday knowledge for the truth. Image from
The Stone Tarot deck.

Which Tarot Card Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


My first reaction to this was to laugh because of the word "temperance" -- I've just come from a bar and 2 drinks and I'm thinking the Temperance Movement would SO be after me. But then when I read the explanation I nodded ;)

Interestingly, the book I'm reading right now, Nadya, has a deck of Tarot cards in use and they seem to be providing major foreshadowing. The character whose fate is being predicted is funny though -- she feels guilt because bad things happened and she was warned, but how could she have avoided it when it was in the cards? He he.

Trivia: Although I've looked at a lot of decks (great medium for art!) I have never had a Tarot reading done on me.
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Sneaky Sneaky

If you read any sort of alternative news sources you will know this already but it's still interesting...

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This would be a very good thing for Kerry to point out in his campaign -- the whole smoke and mirrors game. ****grumps****
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