August 14th, 2004


Inception Complete

Well, I've just posted this to all the regular Storm C. venues but in case anybody else is interested, the latest edition of INCEPTION is complete! This particular edition was a LOT of work. My biggest creative contributions to this one were a long essay of visualization imagery and being sole contributor to the poetry section. Oh, and I also did a drawing and a Wraeththu crossword puzzle :)


Hi everyone!

Think the last edition of Inception was big? Well, you're right, but the Summer edition is even bigger! Not only was I *bombarded* with artwork but I got a *heap* of reviews and some quite interesting articles as well and... well, go have a look!

Inception - Summer 2004


- Jewelry & costume-making for Wraeththu LARP
- Wraeththu crossword puzzle
- 3 reviews of Ghosts
- Biggest lots of artwork ever... almost 30!
- News updates on all things Storm-related

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