August 18th, 2004

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okay.... yesterday this message came up on my computer saying something about a possible ip conflict, wouldn't be able to connect...

...but it worked fine and i ignored it...

...but then i shut the computer off overnight...

...and this morning the network connection was down. gone. kaput.

...i did dial-up for a while to at least get my email...

...then i called customer support, told them my story...

...and they were nice, gave me a ticket #, told me tech support would call me...

...then i went back on the computer and...

...the network was working again.

i had to call the company back just now and tell them to close the ticket because somehow my problem had instantly resolved itself. i hope this isn't like with cars that act perfect at the auto repair place but stop working as soon as you drive home. weird.

i should celebrate this by downloading the one kidd video video i didn't enjoy the other night...
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What the...?

From today's NY Times:

Thinking about smashing windows or overturning cars during the Republican National Convention? Think again: that will cost you a discounted buffalo chicken salad from Applebee's or a cheaper ticket to see "Tony n' Tina's Wedding."

In a transparently mercantile bid to keep protesters from disrupting the Republican National Convention later this month, the Bloomberg administration will offer "peaceful political activists" discounts at select hotels, museums, stores and restaurants around town during convention week, which begins Aug. 29.

Law-abiding protesters will be given buttons that bear a fetching rendition of the Statue of Liberty holding a sign that reads, "peaceful political activists." Protesters can present the buttons at places like the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Sex, the Pokimon Center store and such restaurants as Miss Mamie's Spoonbread Too and Applebee's to save some cash during their stay.

If only the Romanovs had thought of this.

"It's no fun to protest on an empty stomach," Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday, when he announced the program at NYC & Company, the city's tourism office, which will distribute the buttons to all comers to its Midtown ffice.</i>

Gotta love that line about the Romanovs(some reporter was feeling snarky I guess), but here the complete story.

Don't know that this approach has ever been tried before...
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I just was looking at my birds' cage and suddenly I was like "What the hell happened to all their bird seed?" I looked on the floor, thinking somehow they'd managed to spill the entire thing on the floor, but there was no mess. I looked at the dish again. Seems this morning I emptied out the old seed and refilled the dish with water. Only without my glasses, I couldn't quite see that right away. Gah. As of this moment, the birds are gobbling it down.
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Picture Post 2: Stafford

Time for more England pictures! These are all from Stafford, where Caleb and I spent about 5 days with Storm and Jim and various visiting folk.

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I still have 3 more rolls to post but I'll try and stretch them out. I do have some work to do, after all :)
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ice cream


I am so relieved they found Paris Hilton's dog. Aren't you?

He he. I swear, there should just be filters on news that keep this crap OUT of the top headlines.
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