August 19th, 2004

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When it rains, it pours

I swear, this month has just been INSANE! The combined amount of STUFF going on or that I have to do is seriously making me NUTS! An apt metaphor is something like burning the candle at both end and in the middle too :>0

The volume of work for my business has increased exponentially -- both for work I'm actually doing in the short term right now and for the number of projects I've been asked to bid on, signed contracts on, etc. In the past month...

- Continued work for Mat Man... almost done
- Working with BBP Associates on contract job to create project web site
- Hired to fix VSA Arts of Georgia web site; have begun work
- Hired to redesign Charis Circle web site; have started work
- Hired to do search engine markening for Marketek marketing research firm
- Redesigned Sherman Dudley's web site
- Resumed contact with real estate agent whose site I'm working on
- Maintenance work on CAP site
- Maintenance work on TSWA project web sites
- Maintenance work for Murrell's restaurant
- Maintenance work for ZAMI
- Completed new edition of quarterly Inception

Contracts / Estimates
- Got contract to do *2* project web sites for TSWA (Caleb's company).
- Put bid on *juicy* web site project for retirement community Sandy Springs
- Set up to take over maintenance of Vanderbilt's site when his contractor is done
- Got inquiry on doing web site for personal care home

I'm sure there are even more jobs I'm forgetting... it's just BEEN like that.

Meanwhile this isn't even to mention all the OTHER stuff, like Dragon*Con (big chunk of time), shopping, cleaning, reading, getting new insurance, going to the allergist, blah, blah, blah.
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Don't ask me why I do these things when God knows I don't have the time BUT...

I've just got my "AMIGO Friendship Assignment" -- a Swedish exchange student named Anna who is starting up grad school at Georgia State. AMIGO is an Atlanta area program set up so international exchange students have a chance to meet some people in the area and have dinner, hang out, and not feel so lonely or isolated within their schools or among exchange students. I did it a while back with some French guys but they didn't really need my help (they were social partiers by nature) and I've been in the database ever since. Anyway, I faxed in an application ages ago and they finally got back to me. The woman is about 25 and speaks a little German. I would guess she speaks a whole lot of English too if she's studying "Business and Informatics" but if not, well, I can always do the German :) He he. First thing we will do is go to the diner next door. It is a requirement for all international visitors to go to our diner...

Got to email her now and introduce myself!
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Of all the books on my Amazon Wish List... mom sends me Wanderings: Chaim Potok's History of the Jews for my birthday! Odd choice but I definitely wanted to give it a read. Potok's The Chosen and the follow-up The Promise, along with My Name Is Asher Lev, are among my absolute most treasured books and I'm sure his prose even in non-fiction has got to be beautiful.
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Gifts for a 30-year-old

Today, after already getting the one book from my mom, two more packages arrived, both birthday presents.

One was another book from Mom, the "New" Moosewood Cookbook. Yay, I now have *4* Moosewood books! This one is I guess a revised edition of the original one, which I actually used growing up as a guide to cooking and baking. Some of the recipes are difficult but they uniformly employ the kind of simple fresh (non-meat) ingredients I prefer.

My question is, will I *now* be able to make the chocolate cake? There's this recipe in there that I tried making several times but something disastrous always happened, usually the cake falling apart as I got it from the pan. You never know, I could get it right someday!

Now the second package got me laughing hysterically. Although not intentionally, it struck me as an official "Welcome to Middle Age!" packet: a 3-piece plus size outfit from Lane Bryant. LOL. My sister Carolyn has a rather inflated idea of my size and sent me pants, short-sleeve shirt and pink flowery drapey top/poncho, all in size 18/20, whereas I'm actually a 14/16. The shirt is like a nightgown, it's that big on me. The pants fit OK. The flowery thing is quite loose on me but it looks OK if you think of it as some kind of 60s hippy thing. Actually it looks like something from a 1970s Simplicity sewing pattern...

Tonight I'm going to call in some thank you's. Mom's will be easy. I'm not sure how to tell Carolyn all the clothes were more HER size than mine. Probably I will ask to return the shirt, while keeping the other two things. This weekend I have got to go out in that flowery thing...
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The Family (Phone) Line

So I made not one but two phone calls to family tonight. Unprecedented! And a bit disappointing, as it turned out.

First I called my sister Carolyn, who had sent me the extra big Lane Bryant clothes. She was fine with me returning the tops but happy the pants fit. She asked about how my business is going, she told me her girls around doing fine, I told her about my birthday party and Dragon*Con coming up. She told me how she can't cook cake either and was surprised I liked cooking, she thought I only ate out at fancy restaurants. She mentioned a book called Out Girl Out about raising girls and based on that, she concluded that none of us girls were raised like girls (to which my mom agreed, saying, "I raised you as people.")

And that was basically all that was said, after a bit over 10 minutes and would have been all except I heard my niece Genevieve and asked to talk to her. She's going camping with my parents next week. Carolyn got back on after a couple of minutes, talked a bit more, then said bye. It was only a 17-minute call. Considering we NEVER TALK, I was a bit disappointed. I mean, I thought there would be catching up and stuff. Maybe Genevieve was about to be put to bed. Maybe the fact we never talk is why we have nothing to say. Sigh.

Afterward I called Mom. That conversation went a lot better. I got all excited over the cookbook. I also told her about the huge Lane Bryant clothes. Of course Mom was trying to tell me I wear my tops too tight and maybe Carolyn is trying to tell me something, but then I told her it was size 20 and she said, "Oh, no, even when Carolyn was at her heaviest she was a 16 or 18... not a 20!" LOL.

Talked about my birthday, had her once again act like it was strange to throw my own party. (If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right, because then I'd have no party!) She's getting ready to go off to the Adirondacks on Sunday and then spend the week with Dad, my niece Genevieve, nephew Sean and my sister Nancy. She then wondered if I'd be home for Christmas and I said of course. What an absurb question. Sheesh, I'm the only who always IS there! Ah, well. So that was a 14-min conversation.

Meh. At that rate I guess I could've called my other two sisters and my brother and talked to the whole family in an hour.
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