August 21st, 2004


Coffee Fix

Interesting little article on considering caffeinne as a "drug":

Your Brain on Frappuccino

I like the article because it presents facts without hitting your over the head with any conclusion -- except on you have to draw yourself, which is that drug lawas are really hypocritical.

*sigh* Got to get my shower so I can meet Caleb for coffee at 10.
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First Sen. Kennedy, now Rep. Lewis

So yesterday there was the story about Ted Kennedy being stopped at airports because his name is on a watch list. Today there's a story about my congressional rep., John Lewis, who has been getting into a lot worse trouble with Kennedy -- stopped 35-40 times and can't do elecronic ticketing!

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I don't think there's a conspiracy but it's interesting that both these men have been hammering on the Bush administration and its military policies for years. Oh, and are civil rights & liberties advocates (especially Lewis!). What the heck?!
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Chat tonight

Due to an unexpected social call that's come up (not a party, I swear), I'll be missing the Wraeththu chat tonight. Sorry folks!
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