August 23rd, 2004

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Just found out Bjork has a new album (Medulla) coming out Aug. 31 and today for my jesswired gave me a $20 gift card for Tower Records. Hot damn, that is convenient!!!!!!

I love Bjork :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

And now I can stop listening to Vespertine for a while so I can "hear" it again. That album is the sound of heaven, really wonder what this next one is. Something completely different I'm sure...

Oh, and I hope there are videos too I can get. As vaysh would say, Bjork Videos = Heart.
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Good morning!

Got a whole bunch of short things I want to mention this morning before plunging into work.


Quote from Southern Voice's "On The Record" section that caught my eye:

"Between Colin [Farrell] and I, there’s nothing physical. We hold each other sometimes. If there was [a sex scene], you better believe it would be the best sex scene you ever saw in your life. They could have never done another man-to-man sex scene after that. It would have been the quintessential fuckfest of all time."

Actor Jared Leto, talking about the upcoming "Alexander," in which Colin Farrell plays the war hero accurately, as a bisexual (Out magazine, September issue)

Now what would be cool is cast Perry Farrell in this two as, um, some older general or something. And then have him kissing some Asian Minoran men...


Birthday party last night was nice. First guests to arrive were Caleb and Paula and Tom, followed by Jess, Dmitri and Stefan, and finally Daniel. Everybody enjoyed the ice cream cake I made, plus all the other food I put out, as it all got eaten. Entertainments for the evening included looking at my old photo albums, listening to some of my saved-from-the-trash-heap LPs (e.g. "Somebody Farted"), and talking about weird & gross food favorites (like Daniel's roommate who used to make "cracker spit cracker sandwiches"). Fun was had by all. I think probably I will skip having another party 'til I'm like 40 though, unless somebody wants to do it for me or it's simply going out to dinner.

Wanted mention some of the food I had, as I thought it was a nice mix: homemade Oreo/fudge/vanilla ice cream cake, blue salsa chips, salsa & sour cream dip, Spanish olives, sliced whole pinable with marischino cherries, soda, juice & French wine.

I was surprised by how nice some of the gifts I got were! Paula & Tom gave me a potpouri pillow Paula made, plus a really nice smelling candle. Stefan & Dmitri brougth me a giant bouquet of red-streaked white carnations, plus this really nice candle that looks like a bottle of wine but has a quality slow-burning wick. Caleb surprised me big time by getting me a BIG bottle of raspberry liquer, which I can certainly use. He also got me a tin of maple tea he bought in Vermont; it smells pretty good and I think I'll have the visiting English taste test it. Daniel got my some really fine jewellery that matches all the stuff I got, perfect style. I haven't been buying jewelry lately really as it's needless expense so that was sweet! Finally Jess was the dear who got me a Tower gift card just when I found out Bjork has a new album :)


After the party, just as I finished cleaning up, my sister Betty called. It was great to hear from her. In strong contrast to talking with my sister Carolyn, talking with Betty was actually fun and *natural* instead of awkward and stilted. Betty was very upbeat and positive. Apparently my nephew Will, who has the severe mental and physical disabilities, may be going to this special children's center at Boston College which has a program designed for special needs kids like him. Betty also talked about how she's worrying over my dad, who's gotten really thin (she says) because of the super-resticted diet he's on and that fact he's not getting enough calories. She says Dad is also depressed, which I told her is nothing new at all, as he's been depressed for around three years. Unfortunately older folks are even less likely to get treatment for depression than younger people (like myself, ha ha). Anyway, it was a nice chat and Betty was saying she had something she was sending me in the mail.


Speaking of things coming in the mail, Gabriel told me yesterday that he's placed the Immanion Press order from the printer here in the States and so I should expact some large boxes of books to arrive at the desk in my building soon. Anne Sudworth also has a couple boxes of books coming to me. I guess I'll put them all in the office here and when we want them at the hotel for Dragon*Con I'll put them in my sturdy 4-wheel shopping cart and wheel them over. Seems the easiest way.


And speaking of Dragon*Con, at this point it seems everything is finally just about squared away, with schedule fixed, guests all set, a lot of the small details coming into focus. I'm also starting to think about all the stuff to buy for the party I'm hosting the night before. I probably will start shopping today or tomorrow so I only pick up 1-2 things at a time. For example, I want to go to CVS and get a couple big bags of potato and salsa chips, stock up on soda, etc. I've also got to go to the liquor store but now that Mac's has opened a new store super close to the Midtown MARTA station, that'll be easy. I so enjoy prepping for parties! Must be that 1950s homemaker stuff I absorbed from my mom, who was a lousy homemaker but good at putting together party food :)
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More RNC News

From today's NYT:
More than a year ago, when Karl Rove and President Bush began planning the Republican National Convention, they picked New York City in early September so that the event would flow into the third anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.

Some Republicans said then that Mr. Bush might even visit ground zero, despite the risk of appearing to make political use of the tragedy. Most others said the convention's timing would remind voters of what the campaign considers Mr. Bush's finest hour - the moment he grabbed the bullhorn in the rubble at the tip of Manhattan and shouted that the people who had knocked down the buildings would hear from him soon.

But now it turns out that Mr. Bush may not spend a single night in the city that helped transform his presidency. At this point, the unofficial plan is for him to arrive in Manhattan sometime on Thursday, Sept. 2, the final day of the four-day convention, deliver his acceptance speech that night, then leave immediately for Pennsylvania.

Campaign officials say that the schedule could still change, and that Mr. Bush may have a brief New York sleepover in the end. But either way, the incumbent president has no plans to visit ground zero, or to hang around in his room at the Waldorf-Astoria for days watching the party on television.

So if this will not be the shortest time a presidential nominee has spent at a nominating convention - President Franklin D. Roosevelt did not even go to the Democratic National Convention in 1944, during World War II - it is close. Senator John Kerry spent two days at his party's convention in Boston last month; Mr. Bush's father spent four days at the 1992 Republican convention in Houston.

Full story here.

It's claimed this decision is being made so it doesn't seem Dubya is exploting 9/11. Whatever. City doesn't want him anyway.
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Sometimes I wonder how the heck I will be different when I'm an old woman.

I mean, right now I'm wearing a bathrobe, listening to classical music, drinking peach tea, sucking on anise-fennel candies and when the phone rings I stumble across the flat bypassing small animals and antique furniture and say "No, I don't need any vinyl siding, thanks."

Two years ago when I had my place in the local home tour, several people thought I was the grandmother or young friend of the owner, not because of how I look but because of the way it's decorated. "No, actually I'm the old woman!" Apparently they expected someone at least 50 to be living here.

The other day when I was visiting the retirement home it struck me that Sue's 91-year-old mother Mary decorated her apartment in a style much closer to mine than most anyone I know in town, pretty much.
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Caleb's Good Works

Caleb has just done a great LJ post showing off this neighborhood Vickery his company designed. I've visited there myself and it's pretty amazing.

Anyone who wonders what this guy I talk about a lot DOES, click here :)

I prefer Glenwood Park, another project he did, and that's because GP is only a couple miles from here, whereas Vickery way up in Forsyth County, the extreme tip of the northern Atlanta suburbs, i.e. middle of nowhere.
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