August 24th, 2004

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Uh puh-leez!

Just got this email:

This is to notify you that you may possibly be part of a boycott effort for your advertising with Window Media Corp.

Though this isn't directly the fault of Southern Voice, their parent corporation Window Media, who also owns the Washington Blade, has had a long history of prejudice towards numerous segments of the community, most recently the transgender community. The time has come to send an unequivocal message in the most impactful of terms. We're in the process now of working on a nation-wide boycott of all advertisers to Window Media.

We feel it's necessary to notify you before we move forward with this in order to give you an opportunity to move the advertising to a competing periodical. We ask that you help us end the perpetuation of prejudice and divisiveness in the community by switching to another periodical to reach the community. This boycott will be going on for quite some time. If you wish to continue supporting this company instead of their competitors, then be aware that you'll be identified as a company that helps support a news outlet that promotes bias in their media coverage and opinion, and prejudice toward various segments of the community. Thank you for your time.

The Disgruntled and Disenfranchised

Jeez, Louise! THIS explains why some mysterious unidentified person called me to ask about my advertising in Southern Voice (the local Windows-owned gay newspaper), which basically amounts to a tiny classified ad. I was wondering who on earth would be asking about my ad without asking about my business. I would say this group's information gathering methods are quite underhanded. My add is expiring in October so I see no reason whatsoever to give a crap about this. I can't think of anybody who would boycott me because I'm one of ten zillion companies who "advertise" in a Windows owned paper.
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It's funny I was JUST thinking this!

Has anybody else noticed that the presidential election campaign has basically gone completely off-track into a debate that is nothing but he-said-they-said-we-said of events 30+ years ago and campaign finance?! Sure, there are valid reasons to discuss these issues but... as I keep saying WHO CARES!? Get to the POINT!

Anyway, this is a new article:

Another Election about Nothing?
The advent of Kerry vs. Swift Vets raises the possibility that the 2004 election could spiral into a debate about nothing that matters for the country.

I feel like this country is trapped in a bad reality TV show (hmmm, I sense redundancy) and nobody will change the damn channel!
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Queen in Iran

So the first rock album to be allowed official release in Iran? An album of Queen's geatest hits -- with an explanatory lyrics booklet, no less! Gotta love that explanation of "Bohemian Rhapsody"! LOL.

Oh, and Queen trivia nugget I learned recently while surfing Wikipedia: Freddie Mercury's real name was Farrokh Bulsara and was born in Zanzibar, an island off east Africa, then later went to boarding school in Indian. His sister's name was Kashmira. He wound up in England again after a revolution in Zanzibar.
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Behold my latest creation

So last night while I was chatting with madame_mercredi and like three other people (at one point all at the same time) I got through my firs design for the new web site I'm doing for Charis Circle.

This is the current site. Yech. I don't know who did this but the idea certainly has outgrown its usefulness.

This is my first stab at a new look. Can't say it's spectacular but it's a huge improvement and I'm pretty sure the group will love it.

I wrote up the design doc yesterday of what the site would need and this design meets it all. It's also designed to match the colors of the Charis Books logo, which they wanted me to do, so I didn't pick all the purples and blues on my own. I'm pretty much happy with it; it's a simple design that will be easy for them to maintain themselves, which they want to do.

Next step for me is sending this on to the Executive Director to see if there is anything she hates about it and wants me to change. Assuming she OK's it, I could conceivably finish most of the design work by the end of this week. It'd be awesome if I could do that since I don't want to spend any more time on a discount project than I have to. (Being the bleeding heart that I am, I'm charging them about 1/2 of what I'd bill a commercial client. Not like a feminist collective has any money!)
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Dog Days

I don't what I was thinking but I just did a grocery shopping trip to the Kroger by City Hall in the middle of the day in August. Ugh. It's about 90 out and on the way back I was hauling my cart full of party supplies, like soda and so on. Ugh. Sweat city!


Meanwhile on the up side of today, Mat Man just sent me a note offering to pay off his balance since, while we're not done with the project, he's writing checks for all his other vendors for end of month. Psych! Also of note, he got the balance wrong he owes me (by like $600) and I actually *noticed* it -- yay, my math skills are not *totally* dead!


Another bit of good news: the Immanion Press book shipment arrived at my house today so there'll products for the booth at Dragon*Con.
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OMG, Dan Savage has the best column ever today, all about childhood misconceptions about sex. There must be about 50 reader letters and I burst out laughing about 10 times -- some of the funniest stuff I've ever read! My favorite is the story that ends with the little boy telling his father "And I don't want to have puppies!" LOL.

*grinning ear to ear*

P.S. Being Dan Savage, this column isn't work safe. Lots and lots of, um, "language." So if you can't read slash at work, you can't read this either. Save it for later.
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Five A Day

New study says Americans are not eating nearly enough produce.

Ha! I definitely can say that's not true of me. I am like vegie and fruit queen. When I got shopping, at least half of what I buy is produce... sometimes it's more. If I run out, I can't cook! I mean, I have four Moosewood cookbooks -- without produce, I'd be hard pressed to cook anything from them. Also, produce is the best thing to have as a snack. I have apples and carrots and things all the time.

Standard vegies I keep in constant stock: potatoes, onion, garlic, carrot, chives, ginger, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, brussel sprouts, asparagus, broccoli, corn, mushrooms.

Fruits: several kinds of apples, grapes, dried apricots, nectarins, oranges, bananas, blueberries, strawberries, muscadines, scuppernongs, grapefruit, cherries, pears.

I share a lot of this with the piggies. I also eat unsweetened applesauce regularly. I rarely use canned vegies, except for artichoke hearts and sometimes corn. Don't use frozen anything except for frozen peas, which are regular ingredients in soup and casserole.

Today I bought some meat for the first time since October when my parents visited. I got pate and summer sausage for people to put on crackers at the party I'm hosting next week.
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It's finally going to happen!

I just got a note from Mat Man saying to FINALLLLLY launch his site! Hurray!

Ooh, ooh, this is so cool!

Going to wait 'til tomorrow morning to do the redirect pages and remaining work and then I'm going to go to town!