August 25th, 2004

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Rain rain... er, it was supposed to be here!

Just checked and wow, the Atlanta forecast is very... Atlanta!

Daytime High/
Overnight Low (°F)
Aug 25
Scattered T-Storms 85°/70° 40 %

Aug 26
Isolated T-Storms 85°/69° 30 %
Aug 27
Isolated T-Storms 86°/69° 30 %
Aug 28
Isolated T-Storms 86°/70° 30 %
Aug 29
Scattered T-Storms 84°/70° 40 %
Aug 30
Scattered T-Storms 82°/69° 40 %
Aug 31
Scattered T-Storms 86°/68° 60 %
Sep 01
Scattered T-Storms 84°/68° 40 %
Sep 02
Scattered T-Storms 84°/67° 30 %
Sep 03
Isolated T-Storms 84°/67° 30 %

Of course, I haven't SEEN any of this rain actually FALL yet! I hope the stupid HEAT ISLAND effect isn't robbing us of our train. Proably is...
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Stumbling around

Aaargh! I'm trying to launch Mat Man's site and the ONE thing left to do is get his mail contact form working. But wouldn't you know he's got Win2000 hosting and the CGI script he has on it isn't working and none of my scripts (the one I've used for like 5 years) work either, probably because they're all designed for UNIX/Linux. Pah. I'm searching around Interland support and think maybe I'm supposed to use this ASP form or something to handle mail. Doesn't seem to me much information explaining Win2000 though, so I am totally stumbling around in the dark... *Ouch, just hurt my toe!"
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At Last!

Mat Tech is finally online!


I'm now going to celebrate by, er, going up to Buckhead for my allergy shot :) He he. No, seriously, I was going to go but was waiting to get Mat Man on the phone to tell him the good news.

And speaking of good news: 1) he's writing me a fat check today, the last 1/3 of my fee, and 2) he wants me to do PDFs for all his products, which I'm thinking is going to be a separate fee (which I'm doing hourly because I have learned from the experience of working with him).

Sometime later today I think I'll write out an entry on the things I've learned from this project, which outside of the large gov't/institutional sites I've worked on, is the most complex, giant web site I've ever worked on. I mean, the thing is like 1400 files! Gah!

*wanders away to have lunch, then go get shots*
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Schlock alert

I was just reading one of my earliest Wraeththu fan fics, "Obligations," and yikes, it's got serious issues. Eep! I should put a disclaimer on my web site saying "Um, this kinda sucks but I enjoyed it at the time!" LOL. I'm almost tempted to take this story offline entirely since it's so problematic. The whole "Rescued Lives" series I did is cheezy and a bit "precious" but at least that doesn't involve canon characters. The fanfic I'm doing now is so different now, it's kind of freaky to look back at the old stuff. I feel dirty, ooh, yuck!
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A Very Embarassing Moment

So today I had arranged to meet this Swedish exchange student at 4 o'clock at university building right across from mine.

Around 2:30 I took the train and bus up to the allergist and by 3:30 I was on my way home when my phone rang. "Hi, it's Anna!" She tells me she's waiting in the lobby of the building we're meeting, since it's raining. I'm a little surprised since we agreed on 4, but I say I'm coming soon.

About 15 minutes later, I go to the lobby. Nobody is in there except the guard and various students waiting, milling around, some professors. But nobody looks like they are waiting and certainly nobody is looking like an Anna Rehnström.

So I keep looking around the lobby, then go into the bank and two other small lobby in case she's there. I walk up and down the sidewalk. I then stand for probably 15-20 minutes outside the building worriedly looking for this woman. I try to call her back but she's using her Swedish mobile # and furthermore, it's a "private number" I can't reply to. Finally I decided that when she told me on the phone "I'm in the lobby waiting" she probably used the tense wrong, since I know frequently Germans use present tense when they mean future. Maybe in Sweden, if you say "I'm in the lobby waiting," it means "I will be in the lobby waiting." I reason that she's probably not arrived yet but will be there soon.

Meanwhile I'm waiting there, on and on, getting nervous and wishing I knew what she looks like. We forgot to discuss it! Finally at 4:10 or so, I start walking down the street to check around the corner when my phone rings. It's Anna. "Hey, where are you?" I ask, and she says, "Oh, my God, that's YOU!"

I turn around and she's standing outside the building -- we were standing next to each other for 20 minutes! The reason I didn't recognize her? Well, #1, she pretty much looked like a very average American student. #2, she lookd pretty calm, not waiting or upset. And #3 -- and probably the biggest reason -- is that she's INDIAN! Well, actually she has always lived in Sweden and has a Swedish name, but she's Indian, like with long dark hair, dark skin, etc. She doesn't have any accent except a slight British one.

I was SO embarrassed but she was embarrased to for not talking to ME. LOL. So we headed off for a walk and went to the diner. It was a nice talk but I swear, I felt so silly. I mean, I had *thought* of asking this woman "Are you Anna?" thinking MAYBE she could be, but I really didn't expect somebody with that name to not "look Swedish." Sheesh, I feel so provincial and stupid now!

He he. Oh, well, she was very fun to talk to and I'll think up something fun for us to do again, now that we recognize one another.
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(no subject)

Decided to skip going to that special advance publicity TV shoot thing for D*C. Even though I could walk over there in 15 minutes, I figure probably there are people there all in costume anyway so they wouldn't really need me (even if I were dressed up nice). Besides, I was just out for a while with Anna and finished Mat Man today, so why not relax instead of doing people favors who probably don't need my help anyway.
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Name That Tune (or Who Wrote It)

Since I've been working at home, especially the past I guess six months, I've been listening to a lot of Classical music. This is mainly because I've got to a point, at least for the moment, where I've listened to my CD collection way too much. The local NPR station does 6 hours of Classical during the day, which used to annoy me a lot since I would prefer to have the full NPR talk-roster, but now I can appreciate it more.

Anyway, one thing I enjoy about the Classical that I have been able to revive and use my musical identifical skills. It surprises me how often I'm able to identify the composer without having heard the announcer, like if I walk into the room. I can say: Copland, Stravinsky, Brahms, Holst, etc. Now a really knowledgeable person would of course be able to identify names or numbers of pieces ("Quintet in A. Major No. 222") but I'm happy just knowing who the composer is.

I'm not exactly where I got good at IDing composers. I did study piano and flute and got some Classical music education there, but I think it was more borrowing a lot of CDs from the library and listening to the all classical music station in Boston. That sort of information sort of seeps into your brain, e.g. "If it's a rather smarmy adaptation of an American folk song, it must be Copland." (*ducks*)

BTW, as a side note, my favorite Classical composers are Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Stravinsky and Tchaikovsky. Or at least those are the composers with the largest amounts of music I really love. Hmmm, and you can throw in Gershwin for jazzy Classical.
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Creative spelling

I frequently find myself creating new and creative spelling for words. In general I'm a very good speller but sometimes my brain says, "Well, it SHOULD be this way!"

For example, I just typed: "I’d hit the barrier and then either get skwashed."

Skwashed? I *guess* that makes sense...
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