August 29th, 2004

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Just chatted with xanath about my novel and my stalled W. story, feel suddenly a lot better about them and know I can walk back to them now. I after the con, I know I will.
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Getting ready to go

I feel a great tightness in my chest; tangible evidence that a major event is portending...


Heaven help me, but I just spent like two hours preparing for the EIGHT panels I'm moderating at Dragon*Con. I had somehow convinced myself I wasn't doing "too much" as far as panels -- unless I sat down to make sure I was prepared for each, doing questions and notes for them all.

The panels I'm m'ing are:
  • Breaking Taboos: Androgynes, Gender and Sexuality in Fantasy
  • Dark Fantasy Through Two Centuries: The Wraeththu Years (Interview)
  • Seeing is Writing: The Visionary Author
  • The Beautiful and the Dangerous: Vampires in Fiction
  • The Infernal Word: The Magical Power of Language
  • Reiki Fire: Healing Energy for Health and Creativity
  • Immanion Press and the Dark Satanic Mills of Publishing
  • Cosplay: Dressing the Hara

I'm also on a panel about fan fic (no prep needed) and am running a "Wraeththu Trivia Bee" (still have to come up with the material).


Had fun with Neil and his family today. Went over to their hotel around 11 and once they were dried from the pool, took them around Downtown for what turned out to be around 5 hours!

First we went over to Centennial Olympic Park, which was really hot but offered interest, with the fountains, sculptures, playground, and finally (and at LENGTH) the famous Rings fountain. Liam and Owen jumped, got soaked to the skin and kept running around for at least a half hour. At 12:30 the fountain show came on and eliciticated a lot of ooh's and ah's. It was nice to cool off.

After that I took them back through Fairlie-Poplar over to my building and finally my place. Chatted a bit, introduced them to the guinea pigs, and eventually had to leave b/c the kids were agitating my birds a bit and also hungry!

Went to the Landmark Diner for lunch had a humongous American diner lunch, followed by a piece of chocolate mousse cake so big and rich we split it between the five of us! They were all gobsmacked by how cheap all these restaurant meals are, which is I guess why they once again paid for my meal. I do agree that British restaurant food is awfully expensive in comparison to ours.

After that we were stuffed and back to my place to relax and digest a bit. I fixed up some tea and coffee while the boys played imaginary games. Finally the boys were getting a bit stircrazy so I gave a little more tour of the area and then pointed them back towards the hotel around 4. They seem to be having a really good time so far! I told them I'd either see them Thursday or if they needed me, they could call me (they have my two phone #s).


Funny thing about that chardonnay last night. I already wrote about how smashed and pukey I got from it. Turns out Neil was rather badly affected too. I noticed when he was trying to pay for the dinner last night his brain was switched to "Off," unable to do math, figure out where to sign, etc. Turns out his jetlag and drunk produced a royal brainfart, as he forget his hotel room # several times on the way to it and then could barely figure out how to get in. Barbara reported that he couldn't string sentences togehter. He doesn't remember filling my glass with the chardonnay, sign enough he wasn't quite all there...
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Four more months

This exchange from the NYT coverage of today's rally tickles me:

As delegates lined up on West 44th Street, waiting to be admitted to the Majestic Theater for a matinee performance of "Phantom of the Opera," a couple of dozen picketers chanted "Get out of New York!"

Some delegates responded, "Four more years!"

The protesters retorted, "Four more months!"

He he.

I can picture this too:

A group of older women calling themselves the Raging Grannies from Rochester, N.Y., sang to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic":

"No more lies from Dick and Georgie, we deplore their wartime orgy."
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Not-so-deep Core

Just watched a really seriously bad movie that I thought was made-for-TV but according to IMDB was actually theatrically released: Deep Core. I started watched it b/c Caleb had seen an ad and wanted to see it, but sadly I watched 'til the end. I think it could have been a classic bad movie it but it didn't have a "creature" (as Caleb calls them). I was totally waiting for them to disturb some kind of giant Magma Monster living in the, um, deep core under Indonesia and for it to howl and decry the distruption of the Pacific Rim. Oh, and hey folks, I'm sure we all need a movie where the only "name" actor is Will Wheaton (who gets killed by a magna flow while doing ship-repairs in the you-know-what.) *groan*

And I still haven't seen The Village, Hero, or Fahrenheit 9/11 in the theaters yet?



In other news, I just did some PR work for Gothic Journeys that might result in a couple track guests and our activities winding up in a prominent goth mag. That'd be awesome. I'm not so great necessarily contacting the press, but when they contact me I can give them info that whets their appetite.
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Email Note

For the last couple of days, I've received hardly any mail on my Abraxis account. I've received some important stuff (DC PR note, stuff from Storm, etc.) but there's been like almost no spam or anything else coming in, which is pretty suspicious. Think there might be something wonky going on. Anyway, if you've emailed me in the past two days and haven't heard anything, you know that's not normal... So email me again or reply to this telling me? Thanks.
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