August 30th, 2004

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Dreaming Again

Today, for the first time in many months, I found myself daydreaming about the novel (Tarimur) I started in full earnest last year and spent some bit of time world-building for earier this year. It's all on xanath for being my "Muse" :) I spent a good hour either thinking about the specific plot bits or reviewing and updating my notes. I really hope to plow back into this after Dragon*Con, as with fresh eyes I can once again see the potential in the material.

Check out these lovely conceptual drawings a couple of friends did for me a few months ago, showing one of my aliens. I was just on my hard drive reviewing all these notes and found them again. I think dadi's is going to remain in my head as the main character, although vaysh's is useful too for showing the pattern.

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I'm so glad to be on this story again. I really love it and although it's going to no doubt take me a long time to get through writing it, I truly think this will be a very good novel. It combines a lot of my interests as a writer into one plot and has feel to its world I quite enjoy and seems real to me, blue-skinned aliens and all. How I wish I could just take off ALL work for like a month and knock this one out.
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I'm a hampster on a wheel!

I just made the ice cream cake for the party. It's so cute. I have a feeling everybody will be shocked with all the domestic skills on display, especially the cute cake which is SUCH a product of a 50s mom. I'm thinking I really need to be wearing one of my 50s "original Barbie" outfits. The outfit I wore at the book talk last month should do nicely, I think :)

Con & other fandom stuff took up my whole morning basically. Luckily I don't have too many pressing projects at the moment since MAT MAN is done (and not yet bugging me)

First thing I did was write a letter for Brandon Massey, a guest we had requested who got stiffed by the committee but who might still be able to attend D*C if he can get guest stautes on site. The letter was something like a letter of recommendation. No idea if he'll try to use it or what but it's the only thing I could think of.

I spent about an hour doing all the questions for the Wraeththu Trivia Bee. No idea if anybody will even attend that panel (it's next Monday at 10) but I always like to be prepared.

Next I emailed out party reminders... yay!

Then I wrote Peter C. asking for a rough estimate for when he and his party expect to arrive on Thursday. They're staying in the guest suite downstairs so I wanted to get a grip on that.

Also posted Kris' story to Forever, b/c if I didn't do it right about I'd forget.

Let's see... OH! Got 2 packages downstairs, copies of Anne Sudworth's book, which she shipped from England and will have for sale at her booth at the con. I emailed her saying they're safe.

Finally just now, got a CALL from Anne about me meeting her and Warren at the airport tomorrow. She apologized about 10 times for imposiing on me, but I don't mind. I want people to have good trips and the less you have to THINK after you land (esp. after an international flight!) the better. So I'll be there at 3 and Anne said she'd pay for me to come up on the shuttle with them. I want to take the Atlanta Link, since that's only $15 and they use these cool European looking vans.

I swear, when it's all over, I don't know what I'll do with the time, LOL.
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Three Wishes

AccessAtlanta, the weekly supplement to the Atlanta paper, has been running this hilarious comic strip "Boy On A Stick and Slither."

This one from last week so totally got me I scanned it.

According to the strip's web site, it's not a widely distributed strip at all but it should be!
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Toilet that talks back

Talking Dutch toilets flush with comments

OMG, I would laugh so hard if I found I had a talking toilet, I'd probably wet myself and elicit more comments. That's just "Smart Technology" gone wrong! I can deal with a toilet flushing itself or sinks that use sensors or doors that open themselves, but this is ridiculous! All the same, if I'm ever in Amsterdam again, I will hope to find one!
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