August 31st, 2004

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The proof is in the invoices

I just sent out an invoice for a small web site I just completed and while I was in QuickBooks, I noticed the obscene amount of money I'm owed by my clients. How much? Well, when I take the total and divide it by my monthly mortgage payment (not an inconsiderable amount), it comes out to 5 :( Like... whoah!

This said, I understand why it takes some clients so long to pay. In the case of sites I've done as part of a project another company is doing (e.g. project web site for a downtown redevelopment), I'm basically subcontracting and as a result, I don't get paid until my client gets paid. My client can't just pay me now; in general they have to bill and get paid by the client first.

The bad news is that I can't get my hands on this large sum of cash... even though it's "right there" and the clients "owe me." The good news is that over time I will and therefore over time I will have money for those 5 mortgage payments (or actually fewer since the money I receive is gross and I pay myself net after taxes). Also good: I have NEVER had a client stiff me! (Knock on wood and thank you all my good, honest clients!)

If you have a job with a salary or some kind of set pay: Congratulations!
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Madness! Madness!

Well, seems the MADNESS of Dragon*Con has begun!!!!!

Anne Sudworth & husband Warren were originally to arrive at 3, so I left for the airport at 2:30. Arrived at 3 to find the flight had been delayed to 3:30. Went and got some food, read a book, waited at the escalator. After a 1/2 hour, noticed that the uniformed man next to me was holding a sign saying "Welcome Ann Sudworth!" Turns out the con had arranged for the Marriott Marquis to send 'round a car. The driver and I still had to wait another 1/2 hour though. Finally they arrive, Anne looking wonderful as ever, Warren a bit haggard, but with the Marriott driver we got the luggage right off and zoomed up the highway to the hotel.

Arriving at the hote, we found the posh VIP service continuing. The driver actually had Anne's room key and escorted us up to the rooms, way up at the top in the VIP Concierge floor! "We" (I was just kinda "there") got a personalized room tour. Anne immediately started opening up bags and cases, throwing all kinds of UK candy bars at me ("You should really have some more chocolate, it's lovely!"), looking at the skyline, etc. Caleb was on his way home from work so I invited him to stop by, at which point Anne starting taking out all her cards and prints and asking us to price them for her ("How much would this card for for in dollars?") I felt like I was in the eye of a hurricane!

Next up, we had a mission to a) pick up Anne's books & crimper that were shipped to me and b) get Anne some hairspray. So we all trudged over towards my place and over to CVS. Anne couldn't trust any one hairspray so she bought 5 bottles! LOL. After that we went up to my place and loaded up my shopping cart with all the books, the crimper and CVS goods to push back to the Marriott. (Oooh! And Anne gave me a deluxe copy of her book, yay!!!!!) That cart is very convenient! Caleb went home and I pushed the car all the way back. After that I stayed in the room for almost an hour I think, just chatting with the two of them, eating more chocolate (oops) and Pringles (oops). Anne is quite worried & upset that the hotel hasn't received her paintings yet and kept venting about it, understandably.

Finally I was gettng tired & hungry and figured THEY were going to collapse soon ('though Anne was still flitting about like a bee!) so I bid my farewells. I walked home with my cart, empty, feeling like I'd been really helpful. I like helping people. Man, am I going to be tired by the end of this though!
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2 more mad things

1) Mad contradiction, from a story on the RNC:

"Republicans are portraying the party's compassionate side Tuesday with Sen. Elizabeth Dole promising the party will defend marriage."

Ummmm, if this is their COMPASSIONATE side, that's not saying much for them now, is it?

2) CAP dropped one on me today but suddenly saying they need me to finish a web traffic analysis report by FRIDDAY. Uhhhhhhhh!!!!! It sucks because I have to use a workstation that's used by somebody else. Normally I do the reports at night but obviously I can't do it tomorrow and after that, I'm all D*C'ing... so I have to go in at like 7:30 tomorrow to do it. Yuck!
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It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world blurb:

First lady answers key question

First lady Laura Bush took the Republican spotlight Tuesday, introduced via satellite link by the president. On a night where compassion was the keyword, she pointed to No Child Left Behind, tax cuts, and federal funding for stem cell research as reasons for re-electing her husband. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said America's compassion had helped the world's sick, poor and oppressed.

Ugh. If I hadn't been out with Anne I would have washed this cocksucking event... The whole thing is giving me vibes like when I used to read magazines from Concerned Women for America.