September 2nd, 2004

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A weird time

Boy, my LJ friends list is realllllllly quite about now -- seing as almost everybody on it is here at Dragon*Con and offline. I will keep up my own posts though, since I'll be coming back to my place at night and probably periodically throughout the con.

Right now I'm just twiddling my thumbs waiting 'til 7 for the first guests to arrive. (Then I'll have a 7-7:30 panic attack as nobody does, LOL.)

Today has been pretty low-key. Met up with Storm, Jim, Gab & Lyd this morning for breakfast at the Landmark, then had them over my place for a bit. Next we went shopping on South Peachtree; Storm went in a lot of wig & hair shops and got a bag of extensions and other hair gear. Afterward they headed back to the hotel and I went to work a bit for a client. We were going to go to Little Five Points but it started to rain, so instead we decided we'd be picking up badges and so on. I hauled over a cart full of Immanion Press stuff, then we roamed around a while. A bunch of us (including Merc & Lady, who had arrived) wound up in a bar at the Marriott. Storm tried to get her director's kit but the line wasn't open yet so I left her to wait in line. Tried to get done some Perl script work for like an hour but gave up in order to prep for party. I think I'm allllllllmost set. (If I weren't, I wouldn't be sitting here typing!)
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News from the old job

So on the way out of the Hyatt, who should I run in to but Keith Watson, one of the guys I used to work with at Georgia Tech. Keith was always one of my favorite people at that job actually, in part because he's a very Dragon*Con-y type guy, into SF and part of a juggling club. Keith is a technical specialist whose specialities includes doing specs for custom-built computers, testing & configuring all the standard-built software set-ups & utilities, building networks, etc.

Anyway! The reason I mention Keith is that after saying hi, he asked me if I'd "heard the news" about our work. Well! It seems that as of last Monday, our whole department has been dissolved and absorbed (with a new name) by the accounting department. This was precipitated by old boss Tom Brown announcing his retirement. Our staff have been realligned in new and different way, stuff like our former software leading heading up the whole "new" department, etc. I guess all the staff & contractors have been retained, but the bummer is that the department is no longer going to be independent.

Kind of sad, kind of inevitable. Still, I'm glad I missed it -- I hate office politics / drama.
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