September 3rd, 2004

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Since I'm awake...

I'm sitting down at the computer right now since a) I feel like resting up before picking up the party debris and b) I'm going to have to stay up wicked late anyway since Peter Cassidy and party STILL haven't arrived. They left PA yesterday and reached Richmond, VA, which they left around 2 today. 10-11 later, no call from Peter!

Anyway, 'nother update is due on the day!

As I predicted had a panic moment when nobody showed for my party 'til about 7:40, 40 minutes after the "start." Then Neil & family arrived. Sometime after 8 everybody else started arriving and from then on it was quite a lot of fun. In the end we had Neil, his wife Barbara, kids Owen and Liam, Storm, Jim, Lydia, Gabriel, Bridgette, Deb (yay, finally met her!), Bruce, Caleb and Daniel.

Highlights of the evening:
- Daniel's several entertaining story, include Cat Dracula and The Meat
- Caleb dropping ice
- Daniel mixing Jim a drink
- Guinea pigs attacking potted plant
- Turning in for the DNC and proceeding to offer a full hour of unchariable commentary

By around 10:30 the Brits were all knackered and had to go, as did Bruce, but Bridgette and Deb hung around by Daniel and Caleb. We continued to watch Dubya string together half sentences our of quarter-truths, plus wonder how it was possible people in the audience seemed to be weeping tears of joy and ecstasy (maybe drugs piped into the air in Madinson Sq. Garden?) Just freaky!

Finally at like 11:30 or so, Kristina called to say she was almost at Peachtree Center, so we all left. Bridgette & Deb went home and Caleb and I were reunited with Kristina, who we haven't seen in two years. She looked SO good and we were all laughing like the old friends we are. Went back to Caleb's, where she's staying, and engaged in fun conversation... Ah, like old times!
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I wonder...

In all this commentary on Bush's speech tonight, is anybody (beyond the "alt. media") going to point out the obvious fact that THE MAN CAN'T SPEAK?????

He is SUCH a suck speaker! I mean, true, part of Bush's supposed appeal is the fact that he comes off as being "average," as in not "superior," but hell, when the president delivers speeches that are strongly reminiscent of Captain Kirk's, only with weird body language and strange smiles, AND THE SPEECH IS SO BADLY WRITTEN, like how can they ignore it?

I know all the media will cover the supposed "meat" of the speech, even though there WAS no meat! There was nothing but a jumble of BS presented through his fourth-grade-level speech delivered. I dont' understand how people in that audience were swooning over his words, like they made sense or something. I swear, he sounds like he was delivering speech samplers, not a speech.

But nobody will say that.
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I somehow suspect I'm getting the short end of the stick on sleep. EVERYBODY seems to be able to get to bed before me. Peter & co. didn't get in until 15 minutes ago, a.k.a. like 2 a.m. I was up anyway cleaning up after the party but still... Was up 'til 3 a.m. last night. Real late the night before too. Tomorrow I'm sure our track will run 'til like midnight and then AFTERWARD probably we'll end up with a room party. I am SO running on fumes Saturday!
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