September 4th, 2004

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Gothic Journeys Day 1

Since by virtue of the fact I get to go home at night to my Internet access, I guess it's my job to report back on how Gothic Journeys is going.

Short version: It's doing awesome and we're kicking butt!

Longer version: All four of our programs tonight were overwhelming successes, with full/overflowing attendance, fantastic discussions & speakers, great audience participation.

The opening track, "Welcome to the Journey," began as an introduction to all our main guests & panelists and evolved into a discussion of goth, as in "What the fuck is it?" Right from the start, it was clear we had a great groups of people with really sharp minds.

The second track, "Music of the Night," about goth music, was a RAGING success! Not only did we have the room packed, but the discussion was absolutely brilliant. Moderated with minimal interference by this fellow Rob Levy, the track feature Voltaire, William Faith (Faith and the Muse), Bruce Wells, Rogue (Cruxshadows) and his 2 winged entourage girls. We were lucky to have such massively articulate, thoughtful musicians on hand. Really gobsmackingly good talk! At the conclusion of it, Voltaire declared "Can I just say, this has been the most intelligent panel I've ever been on?"

I was quite hungry by the third track, "Ways of the Wyrd" (magic) so I skipped it to eat at the Con Suite, only coming in for the last 20 minutes, but I can say that this panel too was packed and obviously had been a very big hit with the audience. Panelists (sort of assembled on spot, after some cancellations) included Storm, Gabriel, Lydia, Phil Brucato, Kevin DeVico and Rogue, who all talked about how they came to practice magic and all sorts of other various and sundry.

The final track for the night, " Breaking Taboos: Androgynes, Gender and Sexuality in Fantasy," was one I moderated and again, we had a big turnout and reallllly great speakers. I think I did a good job moderating as well, leading Phil, Storm, Jacqueline Carey, and Lynn Flewelling through a discussion of alternative sexuality in fiction, writing gay men as straight women, sex in fantasy, transgender stuff... Just on and on with all kinds of great discussion and fab questions from the audience.

Based on today, I'd expect some sort of buzz to be building about how Gothic Journeys has some really meaty panels with people who know what they're talking about. I *hope* our panels are full tomorrow too!

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