September 6th, 2004

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Gothic Journeys Day 3

Considering it's 4:30 a.m. I really shouldn't be on the computer... BUT I know if I don't post some notes now, I will either never get around to it or not remember things quite as clearly later on. Which is to say, I'm going to post some rough notes on today's D*C...

After usual morning prep this morning, stuffed my shopping cart full of all the booze and food I had left over from my party Thursday, then hauled it over to Storm et al.'s room at the Hyatt, so people could enjoy it later (which it turned out they did).

First panel of the day (11:30 a.m.) was Storm and Neil Robinson doing a reading. Storm read from the bit in Shades about Ponclast and how he finds a way "out" of Gebaddon, and Neil read the first couple of chapters of Oliphan Oracus. I quite enjoyed Neil's reading and I think the audience did too, seeing as two of them bought copies.

At this point I realized I'd forgotten my folder of panel prep notes at my house, so I went home to get it, then ended up running back in a panic to the hotel when I realized I had got the next panel time wrong...

Next up at 1 o'clock, I moderated a writing panel called "The Infernal Word: The Magical Power of Language." At the outset I was a bit worried since the panel idea was Storm's, but my questions seemed to work to illicit great responses from the authors (Neil, Lynn, and Jacqueline), plus stimulate the audience into asking a lot of great questions about the craft of writing. I particularly appreciated Lynn's insights; I think there are things she advocated that I think I will try out for myself.

After this I had a bit of a chill out break, so I wasn't at the "Joy and Despair" panel. Met up with friends for lunch -- Willy's was open on Sunday, yay!

At 4 I moderated a panel on Reiki with Storm and Lydia. That went really well and the room was full. (Actually on this note, I should say that the only panels we've had so far that failed to fill the room at least 3/4 were our a.m. readings, but since those are a narrower audience and in the morning to boot, that's not surprising.

I had a bunch of people come up to me after doing the panel, to ask me for the URL of a web site I'd mentioned, and then I escaped to the Marriott. There I found the Outworlders table (finally), used my gift certificate at the D*C store (to buy 4 Silly Putties and a fna), and then wound my way down to the Dealer's Hall, where I went and bought myself some more lovely jewelry. Went home afterward for dinner, meeting up with my friends, deating a lot of spaghetti with Kristina.

Meanwhile at this point we had several schedule things going on, including a Caitlin Kiernan reading and the RPG panel. The dehara panel kicked off while I decided to stay in the suite. I hung out there alone for 1 1/2 hours and then people flooded back in around 11:30. Storm cancelled the horror panel... and so everybody wound up coming into the suite.

Suite party was fun. Lot of highlights, people men, things said -- all very intesting. My personal highlight was when Lynn F. said to me how she'd like to talk to me (in future, after this is over) about taking on her web site for a redesign and doing maintenace. Considering I've wanted to ASK her about that sort of job, it was pretty darn great.

I left the hotel at like 4:20 and made it home by 4:30.
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not meant to sleep club kid hours...

dear heaven i am tired. i just got up after a whole 4 hours of sleep. my mental & physical state seems comparable to how it would be if it'd been put in a bucket of paint and shaken up in one of those paint mixing machines at a hardware store. a shower and coffee will help, i suppose, but i suspect i'm just going to simply crash the moment i finish my last panel today!
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