September 7th, 2004

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Gothic Journeys Day 4

Only did 2 panels today, was runing all around though. It's all over. Had a long night talking afterward, making plans, saying goodbyes, etc. I'm feeling rather depressed at the moment; not because of how the con went (it was great) but I dont know... just things being over.

I will try and post a complete description of today later, plus some news I got today, but right now I'm going to bed.
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On Hold

I've been on hold with US Air for 15 minutes now. What's funny is this isn't even a call for me, but for Storm. She'd be calling herself except 1) she's busy packing and can't be wasting this time and 2) she needs me to "speak American" because half the time people (esp. customer servide) can't seem to understand her accent. (We went out to eat somewhere and I had to "translate" several words to the waiter.) Anyway, jeeez, hope I get the info I need -- basically, what happens if they miss their connection in Philadelphia.
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Just when I thought the con was over...

...I think Storm et al. will be staying with me tonight due to airline fuck-ups I won't even bother to mention except to say that they're NOT due to weather. Grrrrr. Ah, well, going to clean my kitchen now and cook up a big pot of soup in anticipation of them staying the night and needing dinner. It's not that I don't want to see them but ugh, it makes me mad to see them running into such hassle.
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