September 10th, 2004

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Young Dubya

What's up with this image of Dubya on AlterNet?

The resemblence to Chevy Chase or some 70s MAD cover is pretty strong.

And is it me, or this image dying to be made into an icon?
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Back to work?

So my old job at Georgia Tech is hiring me back as a part-time "Tech Temp" to fill in for the woman who replaced me, since she's got a job elsewhere. This is a temporary assignment of unknown length (I imagine/hope 3 months) that will last 'til they get somebody else. I'm a bit nervous about the hours (being told 10-15 by one person, 20 by another) but on the other hand, I'm pretty sure I can rearrange my schedule to be more efficient. (I always do better with less time than more time, as I tend to hang myself on extra time.)

As to why I'm willing to do this job anyway, well, they're offering to pay me hourly more than I was making when I was FT and that money could really seriously help me to rebuild my savings. Working steadily for like 3 months, could earn me like $7000. Not to be greedy, but that money would be really nice to have considering at this point I am living in a cycle of just about being able to pay my months bills, then paying myself, then spending the money again.

Anyway, I'm going in to the office Wednesday to catch up with the woman I'm replacing (who replaced me, how hilarous) and do paperwork. I will be negotiating with them on my schedule, which I don't want to be too confining; I hope they are cool with it being just 2 days a week, unless there is some meeting I *must* attending. I'm also going to be clear (as I was today on the phone) that I'm not interested in doing this gig ad infinitum, but see it as an "until the end of the year" type deal.

Ah, I'm already thinking how I can get a monthly MARTA pass again if I get some money again and need to be going to work 2 days a week... I'm also thinking: air filters, money for Germany in December, money for England in Winter...
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