September 12th, 2004

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Using my virtual machete

Just knocked down my inbox from 240 to 67. Lots of deleting, filing, and replying. Still a TON of stuff to be addressed, but I feel accomplished anyway!
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Unbearably Bizarre Links

Apparently I've stayed away from memepool too long b/c there are a few doozy links I MUST share:

You don't have to say bye to grandma -- you can wear her carbon around your neck!

Nood Pictures
Noodle porn

Cartoon strip based on subject lines of spam :)

The Mosque Clock
As memepool notes, "Islamic kitsch was hard to come by, that is, until now."

Victorian Sex Cry Generator
Get your red hot crazy Victorian sex cries! Oh my!

and finally... since I need a stopping point:

LoveChess (note, not too worksafe!)
For those of you who've wanted a video game that shows chess pieces having sex... Well, leave it to the Dutch to be accommodating! (I admit, for $16.99, I'm intrigued, esp. by entricements like: "Diverse and unique animations for all movements varying from very tender to very bizarre." Like how bizarre?)
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Unexpurgated Gay Myths

I just finished a cool book and thought I'd mention it here in case there are any Classics fans out there, esp. gay ones or heck, those into slash ;)

The book is called Lovers Legends: The Gay Greek Myths and I bought it a a couple of months ago at Outwrite, the gay bookstore here in Atlanta. It's a neat little book that presents a selection of the Greek myths, many of them familiar, only this time with formerly expurgated "gay" material put back in. The stories have been put together by a man named Andrew Calimach, who apparently dug through tons of original Greek tales to find the material which has so often been "neutered" or rewritten so it's de-emphasized.

The varying stories were then pieced together in what are some really wonderful myths -- wonderful in and of themselves and wonderfully written. The book is also illustrated throughout with original ancient artwork, so you can see the various gods, nympths, goddesses and mortals the stories revolve around. In the stories you'll see Zeus & Ganymede, Hercules & Hylas, Apollo & Hyancinthus, Narcissues, and (for you fans of Troy) Achilles & Patroclus, among others.

Here's a little excerpt from the Achilles & Patroclus story, which takes place during the Trojan War:

Noble Achilles, the fiercest of the Greek fighters, led the troops headlong into battle, like some savage beast unleashed, and his dear friend, Patroclus, fought always by his side, tempering Achilles' wildness and pride with loving sound advice...

[Then later after Patroclus has been killed on a mission]

...the Greeks bore away the broken corpse to Achilles' lodge. Black grief crushed Achilles, his eys brimmed with endless tears. He threw himself upon Patroclus' body, full of reproaches for throwing his life away. "Why so ungrateful, after all our kisses? Why so uncaring for the holy union of our thighs?" He mourned without let, forgetting sleep, forgetting food and drink, and day after day put off the funeral, unable to part with his friend.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool little book, thought I'd share!

Book info:
Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths
Restored & retold by Andrew Calimach
Hardcover: 192 pages
Publisher: Haiduk Press (January, 2002)
ISBN: 0971468605
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He he

Everybody knows I barely go out to the movies, but I love reading reviews. Especially Roger Ebert's.

Take this one, of Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Truly does not mince words:

The movie is an utterly meaningless waste of time. There was no reason to produce it, except to make money, and there is no reason to see it, except to spend money. It is a dead zone, a film without interest, wit, imagination or even entertaining violence and special effects.

And the closer:

Parents: If you encounter teenagers who say they liked this movie, do not let them date your children.
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Apparently the latest edition of the fashion mag W has a spread that's men dressed up as women looking sexy. I gotta find that. Hell, I need to go to Petsmart and also get parsley at Whole Foods and there's a Borders there in that same plaza... They might have W! I will try to make it happen this week.
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