September 13th, 2004


Fire alarm / Dream

Was having a really cool dream this morning when the building-wide fire alarm went off. It was like 8 a.m. I didn't get out of bed for 2-3 minutes because most of the time the thing stops, but finally I got up, went pee, got dressed like a slob, and headed down the fire stairs outside.

There I ran into this cute queen from the 15th floor, who obviously also just woke up, as he was wearing hospital scrub pants (boxers showing) and a T-shirt. The first thing I said to him (being kind of asleep still) was, "Damn, I was having this wicked cool dream that was like Brady Bunch + Poltergeist + Chucky!" He laughed.

Actually that dream was pretty spooky, sort of a happy 70s sitcom meets horror movie. There was some psycho spirit which seemed to possess dolls a lot and was sort of coming after me. At the end of the dream, right before the fire alarm, my parents were there saying "Everything's OK now" when I noticed my bike was across the yard. I was confused, since I'd locked it up on the bike rack. I told my parents about this and how some demon must have unlocked it, and they told me I was crazy and that there was no such thing as demons.

The number of times I've had dreams with my parents telling me bald-faced lies in the face of violence/paranormal events is kind of disturbing.
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The following news story appeared on the very last page (the back page) of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution News section this morning:

Crime rates for nation remain at 30-year low

I have been aware of the falling / stagnant crime rate for about 10 years now and yet it's still being buried. After all, politicians & the media can't continue to harp on crime, instill fear and limit freedom if people realize they're actually safer than before.

Not that I don't think there are psychos out there or that people should walk around with their wallets in plain site, but HELL it pisses me off that 100 times a day I see stories on crime, things not being "safe," dangers of modern life, and not once do you see something about, well, things being not so bad. I know this is the nature of news ("good news is no news") but URGH!
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Coming to a road near you

Just saw this article on a new mega vehicle trend. Come on now, how many SECONDS before I spot one of these on the streets of Atlanta? In the article the manufacturer says they only expect to sell like 50 this year, but God knows people are not satisfied with those puny Hummers! I mean, if people find out they can basically drive around in a semi rig, they'll be all over this, no matter if it costs over $100K!
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I love barter

This weekend I got all this cool stuff from my friend Paula and Tom's giving-it-away yard/tag/thrift sale, but one thing I didn't get was this GORGEOUS 1950s store mannequin head. It's the kind that had a very pretty head with sculpted head, made up face, long neck and shoulders, so you can display necklaces and stuff. (Sort of like this one, only with shoulders and top of chest.)

I didn't get it because it was $40. I did tell Paula I was interested though, and today she emailed saying I could have the head in exchange for web services on Tom's web site. Since Tom's "tab" is at like $60, I'm just going to wipe it out and, wheeee, get a head!

Which reminds me... I should NOT run eBay searches on mannequins, because I WANT THEM ALL!

Look at this art deco one or this teenage boy one or this stetching nude female one

Help! I swear, they're irrestistable because they're art, fashion, retro, kitsch and other stuff all in one and they're not even real expensive. Of course they do take up room, which is why collecting a head is the most sensisble choice.

Oh, and I already have a lit-up female torso mannequin lamp.
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Driving me nuts

So Oprah did car-giveaway to everybody in her studio audience. I swear, if I ever win a car, I'm going to get an accountant and figure out how to sell it for cash w/o having to pay a load of taxes on it. And what to do if somebody gave me a Pontiac?! (Course it could be worse, like those people on Price Is Right who win RVs... like, what kind of prize is that?) I'd love to have free transit fair for life though. And a SmartCar along with free garage dues would be nice! Dude!
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Downtown, miscellany

This morning (after the whole fire alarm thing) I took a shower, got dressed in the same outfit, and went out to deposit some client money.

On the way over, I went to cross Peachtree Street using one of the wonderful, very visibly marked mid-block crossings. These crossing are normally policed by GSU police, who have been instrumental in stopping stupid-ass drivers from running people (e.g. students, office workers, and homeless guys) over. Over the past few months, these mid-block crossings have *taught* people to stop at crosswalks, and as a result about 80% of vehicles slow down and/or stop when a person is in the crosswalk.

Today, however, I had 1) a big white van and then 2) a GSU Police squad car just cruise on right in front of me when I was 1/2 way across the street. 2) really annoyed me.


The gallery downstairs, who I'm doing a web site redesign for, is hosting a very cool exhibit right now, all black & white photography, highly unusual. I think I'm going to have to ask them to let me in to see. I hope nothing's for sale b/c I'll be really tempted.


Seeing as I have pitifully little food in the house, I went out for both breakfast and lunch today. For lunch I had a very odd craving for Subway's Veggie Delight sub, which I haven't had in months. I don't think I'll have one again for a while since it's given me a bad stomach ache. I don't think combining a vinegar dressing on a sandwich and drinking a bottle of grapefruit juice was a good plan.


After lunch I decided to feed my shopping desires by going in one of my favorite neighborhood shops, TriBeCa. Admittedly, I don't go there a lot, but oooooh, when I go, I love it. TriBeCa is this little fashion shop opened up right around the time I moved here, in the 1998, and is basically a sateillite of a store in NYC that sells really nice & elegant men & women's clothes. Their main customer base is black but I've bot lots of nice stuff from them. Today I tried on a few things that were gorgeous and not expensive... and walked away with a GORGEOUS evening blouse, the kind with the giant kimono-type sleeves with holes you put your hands through and slits on the upper arm. It has a nice thick "obi" waist too. I will definitely wear it out next time I have some fancy (OK, or not to fancy) affair to attend :)


Totally unrelated to Downtown, I just handled an insurance matter in FIVE MINUTES -- unprecedented! What happened was I got a call from my dentist saying BCBS was saying I had no dental insurance and therefore they weren't covering the dentist's claim. This was obviously a misunderstanding so I called BCBS and while it's true I had to go through their LABYRINTHINE voicemail system (which includes a 2-minute voice-recognize Q&A from hell), I did reach a guy in Dental Services named Jesus. He agreed to straighten it all out by having my dentist fax the claim. He said there's no reason they wouldn't pay. Of course BCBS drives me nuts over this kind of crap, so I can only HOPE this is resolved!


I think I have more random stuff to say but I can't think of it for now. And thus the world is momentarily saved.
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Well, OK, I get my NARAL updates but HOLY SHIT how deep do these idiot rightwingers have their heads up their asses?!

Pill propelled into abortion debate*

The birth control pill revolutionised women's health - and grew to become one of the most popular forms of family planning. But it is now under attack from pro-life groups in the US.

A growing number of doctors and pharmacists are now refusing to dispense it, on the grounds that it is actually a form of abortion...

Pro-choice groups now call it a significant and growing trend. Lisa Boyce of Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin says it is a conscious extension of the abortion debate.

"They've done so much with outlawing and restricting access to abortion that they've set their sights on birth control because there's nothing else really they can do to further restrict abortion here in Wisconsin," Ms Boyce says...

I actually read a news story recently about a woman who went to get the Day After pill and was refused by a pharmacist on religious grounds but... BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!?


I gather this is not a BIG trend yet but oooooh, speaks of things to come I bet! Sheesh, I really hope those people go to Hell, despite the supposed "signs" written on their foreheads...

* Of course, leave it to the BBC to report our news!
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W W W Wow

I got my copy of W today, thinking it would have the "ASexual Revolution" photo spread in it but no, it doesn't... that's next month's, which must be out in NY (it was reviewed by the NYT) but not at Borders yet. Not that I'm complaining though, since W is one of the most beautiful magazines ever invented and it's only $5.50 (whereas I *thought* it cost like $14, since it's a 400+ page mega oversize glossy fashion mag). Jeeez, though, I *have* get next month's though. It's a COVER piece, now that I've checked the article.