September 14th, 2004


New fan fic

I just posted like 4 places but anyway, yay, I'm excited I just got a new Wraeththu fan fic from a new author who's never sent in stuff. I guess my public plea the other day has had results :)

Speaking of fanfic, I'm working on one myself, though I won't mention more for fear I'll jinx it. It's coming along well though!
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New forms of cash

I just spent 2 hrs. troubleshooting JavaScript and tables on a FrontPage-designed web site at the Danish American Chamber of Commerce. They can't pay me directly for my services, but say I can "buy stuff" or "go out to dinner" up to like $60 and then send a receipt, which they'll write me a check for. I think I'll go to City Grille or the Ritz or Luxe. How weird though!