September 15th, 2004


In the manner of murnkay (kinda random)...

Neighborhood meeting tonight was lame. I need to write the Board and tell them how to run a meeting. Not to sound conceited, but the organization has really suffered since I left. They think they are getting all mature, but the listserve is far less active and the meeting are boring. I don't really get a strong feeling of where we're going anymore and if I don't feel that, how are new people or more general public going to?

After the meeting I ran into the guy who's working with Mike Murrell, my restaurant client, on doing more menus (to replace mine) and we went over to the restaurant. There was a weird business conversation there, with Mike being antsy for some reason, but at least I got a free dinner out of it -- fried green tomatoes and giant crab cakes!


Came home and discovered my whole living area smells strongly of sauerkraut. This is my own fault for cooking a big pot of German boiled dinner type food and leaving it open. (Yes, I had dinner twice tonight, oops.) The dinner was really good though: potatoes, onions, carrots and (vegan) hotdogs boiled in sauerkraut. The only thing missing was caraway seeds, which I really must remember to get. Probably doing it with actual meat would've improved it to but it was a'ight so I won't violate the no-meat-in-my-house "rule."


Tonight, for the third night in a row, I managed to get in writing on a Wraeththu fan fic that I sort of let languish for like a month. I did the draft but it needed a huge overhaul, which I put off. The new story is much better, I think. Things are going smoothly. The fact I've been drinking 1-3 glasses of various alcoholic things a night, while writing, seems to be working in my favor. Tonight I wrote what I think is a very nice aruna scene!


I'm very sore in my shame shame area. Shame! Shame! I really need to get some self-control, LOL.



On Sesame Street you prefer/ed...

Telly or Elmo?
Snuffy or Barkley?
Bob or Linda?
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Online anthro

I was just poking around in a friend's friends page and came across an LJ community I'm familiar with and had read before, thought was OK, but today it just really bothered me. It was just so NEGATIVE and horrible, like Caleb in one of those moods where he'll talk about how homeless people should be shot and he wishes the Nazis hadn't ruined fascist uniform design forever. Like, I'm sorry, but sometimes certain topics can lead people to say really insensitive, dark sh*t that really makes me want to go on a slapping & asskicking attack. I have very thick skin BUT guess I won't be poking my head in there again. Brrrrrr!
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(no subject)

just went to georgia tech to fill out forms, get oriented. not sure if going back there is a good idea. especially when i am feeling like i'm sooooooooo disorganized and overwhelmed. i am going to have to remember DISCIPLINE. ugh.
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Static crazy gahhh!

My brain & life is too frenzied at the mo to do an update on all that is happening, but let me just say I had to fill out so many employment/tax/personnel forms today that on the way home my S.S. number was running through my head over and over.

Oh, and speaking of forms, part of my employment package was the infamous Georgia "loyalty" oaths, whereas I had to sign that 1) in the past 5 years I have not been part of any group plotting to overthrow the U.S. government, and 2) I swear to uphold the Constitution.

This got me thinking... did John Ashcroft have to sign a form like 2) ?
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Pros and Cons

Because I have a BIT of time before going off to writers group, let me consider the pros & cons of what I signed on to today.

PROs of Going Back to Old Job (2 Days a Week)

- For as long as I stay on, large steady cash infusion that will more than pay for monthly mortgage + fees, letting me be less worried about that and also perhaps tuck some money away in savinggs!

- Another URL to show off, as the GTRI web site is getting a very slick rehaul, which I'll be overseeing.

- Will gain experience with PHP includes, CSS-based navigation.

- Will get more exercise, since I'll be walking to work and/or lunch.

- Will force me to stick a lot more closely to my agenda, plan my time, and be disciplined about things I've been slacking on.

- Probably will inspire me to do a lot more writing, as that job always *did* inspire me to write, due to the nature of the work and coworkers.

- Good excuse to start getting monthly MARTA pass again.

- Get to start using my PalmPilot again.

- Will return to going to Baraonda, my fav restaurant, which I can visit on one of the two days a week I'll work :)

CONs of Going Back to Old Job (2 Days a Week)

- Less time for my clients (although presumedly I'll simply be forced to work more hours than I presently due and "goof off" less).

- Have to get up a work, like, early. (Although I will make up my own sched., I'm sure I'll sort of be expected to be in by like 9. Ew...)

- Even more pressure on me as far as time-management goes.

- For some work, will have to use Photoshop, a program I don't really like or use well anymore. (I use Fireworks and only use Photoshop for photo touchups, not any real work.)

- More evil WebTrends. (Although Shelley tells me she's streamlined the whole process again.)

- Will have to listen to TONETTE gabble on like a turkey again. (Good news is this time, she is NOT my boss!!!!!)

- Must resume dealing with horrible office crap like timesheets where I track my time by project number, have to fill out weird forms, deal with broken fax machines, feel like the academic version of Dilbert.

- Have to go out to eat more. (OK, I admit I love eating out, but cooking for oneself at home is both cheaper and healthier.)

- Less time with guinea pigs.

- Way less time (at least 2 days a week!) for LJ. (Which is probably a good thing.)

- There are a lot more cons (I thought of many on the way home from today) but I can't think of them.

Proabably I'm just being stupid, but I do have some misgivings.
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Somebody please make a VC story out of this

Quote from this story on Hurricane Ivan and New Orleans:

"If we turn up dead tomorrow, it's my fault," said Jane Allinder, who stayed stubbornly behind at her daughter's French Quarter doll shop to keep an eye on her cat.

Also, that whole thing of rounded up people into the Superdome for shelter... That must be... different!
ice cream


I love cheese. I think cheese IS ambrosia. Unfortunately, I can't keep it in the house if I want to keep myself fitting into my clothes. Fortunately, I have a bunch of it left over from my pre-Dragon*Con party. Also lots of leftover crackers. Guess what I'm eating right now, assembled on a very full plate?

My taste in cheese tends to run to the extremely pungent and stinky. Sure, I enjoy an extra dry cheddar or sometimes rather blah like brie, but what really gets me are things like Stilton and Limburger -- either very stinky soft cheese with a thick moldy type rind or a cheese that's simply full of blue and green veins, like a blue cheese. In fact I'm enjoying some Stilton now and mmmmmmmmmm, I love that stuff. The fact it taste better the longer you have it (IMO) and never really "goes bad" appeals to me. Some would say the fact I have to keep my favorite cheese in special airtight containers in the fridge (lest they contaminate the rest of the food) is a sign of sickness, but hey, the fact these cheese are *made* proves there is a market for extremely stinky cheese.
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(no subject)

I was thinking about it tonight and wound up discussing it with a guy at writer's group tonight, who agreed with me:

Hurricanes are WAY more frightening than snowstorms and blizzards. The idea of a storm that can come and destroy your house, your neighbors' houses, submerge whole towns for long periods of time destroying stuff, knocks out power system killing people, wrecking boats, etc., is a lot more freaky than a storm that is a big pain in a butt, paralyzes transportation, knock out power systems but basically rarely destroys stuff or kills people... well, it's a big apples and oranges issue. I mean, when a big blizzard is coming, you don't sit there thinking about whether your town will survive. You don't evacuate. Eventually the snow will get plowed and shoveled and of course melt. There can be water damage, you can lose power, and it's true a few people do die who are isolated w/o heat or supplies for a long time (though in general it's normally cold during snowstorms), but basically I think there's a lot less risk.

Another reason I should move to Albany! *dark laugh*