September 16th, 2004

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Snowed under, only without the snow


Today I'm *supposed* to be doing a comp for a new GTRI web site but what am I doing but downloading the 450 MB log file I need to get OFF the server for CAP because it is completely using up our disk space. We haven't been able to upload/update our site in 2 days now :( And because I'm downloading this file, I can't do any other work that involving downloading, including the comp work since I need to download some initial files that Shelley put online for me yesterday.

Meanwhile besides the GTRI work, I need to:
- Pick up my mannequin head
- Get my allergy shot (missed yesterday!)
- Meet with client at 2:30
- Make about 10 phone calls and 10 web site updates to other stuff.

Oh, and my house is a total DISASTER. There are several things rotting in my kitchen sink and my bedroom is impassable, mainly due to piles of clean laundry and a twin mattress I put out for Jon last week and haven't put back yet. Master bath is a mess too.

Like I said, crap!

P.S. I will say on an up note that last night I finally finished the Wraeththu story I've been working on -- nearly 9000 words and I'm pretty happy with it. xanath gave me some helpful feedback on it and once I implement them, plus do my own fixes on the story, I guess it will be "done."

For no reason at all, when I was 1/2 done downloading that stupid file, the download stopped and started over. Grrrr. I'm going to go pick my head since this is obviously gonig to take a while and Paula & Tom are nearby.
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I just realized that I get to bill for all the time yesterday and today I spent trying to fix this FTP/server space problem for CAP. Even the time this morning I was on hold trying to reach a sales rep. It's not fun work, but I need to remember I can bill for all this, it's not a *favor*. Mainly I remember this, but sometimes I'm a doofus.

Oh, and tech support fixed the problem with FTP and I'm just about to delete the horribly large web log. We can now proceed per normal with site updates.
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Weather Report

It's windy and rain here in Atlanta -- just as it is within about a 500-mile (800-km) radius of Hurricane Ivan. I suppose it will rain more tomorrow as the system moves north. There have been some hurricanes in south Georgia, spin-offs of the storm. Atlanta is up in the northern area of this pretty large state.

It's now pouring pretty bad. I wonder if the special screening of Sky Captain I'm going to will be cancelled. That would be a bummer. Meanwhile, today's the day I had to shut off my A/C because of air system work on my floor, so lucky for me, I don't need to be cooled off, it's not that hot out.
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Two items from AlterNet

I enjoy the AlterNet news tidbit collumns...

1) Kofi Annan: War is illegal

From the BBC: "The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told the BBC the US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter. …

"Mr Annan's comments provoked angry suggestions from a former Bush administration aide that they were timed to influence the US November election.

"'I think it is outrageous for the Secretary-General, who ultimately works for the member states, to try and supplant his judgement for the judgement of the member states,' Randy Scheunemann, a former advisor to US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld told the BBC. 'To do this 51 days before an American election reeks of political interference.'"

Oh, and like invading the country was NOT political interference. What the hell ever.

2) There's something about W

If you're looking to find a way to explain to your pro-Bush relatives the real truth about where the country stands and what has happened during the past four years, you'd do well to show them the newly released DVD, "There's Something About W."

It's an excellent half-hour documentary of interviews with experts who lay it bare and excerpts of comedians who bring the points home to your funny bone. The documentary explains in vivid detail how Bush's tax cuts have not helped 99% of Americans, how John Ashcroft has been ever ready to pry away our liberties, and how it's been government policy to depress wages in America. Interviews in the documentary include Paul Krugman, Kevin Phillips, Joan Blades, and Charles Lewis. Check it out!

I bet I could cause my dad to disown me if I sent him this vid. Don't think I will.
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The Great Wetness

Still raining. A lot. And just now the ceiling in the building lobby, and in the art gallery where I was having a meeting, sprang leaks.

Something tells me that before I go all the way up to Chamblee for the movies, I should find out if that's still on.
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Ivan isn't going to ruin MY night!

Tonight I was scheduled to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, joining up with a group of people from Outworlders and taking advantage of free passes somebody had graciously gifted the group.

Well things did not go as planned, but things didn't go horribly either.

At 5 p.m. it was raining cats and dogs and the wind was fierce -- objects flying through the air, doors being sucked open, etc. I decided to call Ed, my ride to the movies, and ask him "What up?" Unfortunately his phone gave me a "This number not in service" message (degruy, email me your #, maybe mine is wrong) and then an email to him bounced, so I decided to heck with it, I'd go to Chamblee station to meet up like we'd arranged.

So bundling up in my vinyl raincoat and big boots, I went over to Five Points and caught the Doraville train. The trains were actually not crowded (many people stayed home from work today) and as I headed up to Chamblee, the ride was remarkably smooth. I had my story MS with me so I edited it as we road along.

Then at Lenox, the train stopped and the conductor announced something about a train broken down in front of us and how everybody was going to be BUSED to the remaining three stations on the line. I decided that since I didn't really *need* to get there (unlike the other zillion people milling about the station wanting to get home) and couldn't figure out where these buses *were*, I got hold of Ed's wife Kris, who got hold of Ed and let him know I wasn't coming. Ed offered to come get me from Lenox but having seen the road conditions and traffic on surface streets and highways, I said not to bother.

So back I went on MARTA, this time going back south. Kept on editing my story, plus I gave directional help to a visiting guy from South Africa who had the *most beautiful* accent. At Peachtree Center, I helped a bunch of lost tourists find their way, then found my way out myself. It was super windy out, but not really rainy, so I didn't use my umbrella; sometimes the umbrella is more sail than useful protective device, and this was one of those occasions. I was going to just go home, but then I saw the diner sign and said "Aw, shucks..." Went and had a nice hearty dinner -- coffee and a mega reuben with fries. I didn't really have breakfast or lunch today (appetite was weird) so the food was good.

Now I'm home and the plan is to do the GTRI work I was supposed to do this morning *now*. Then if I do well at that, I'll face up to the gruesome scene in the kitchen.

P.S. Anybody emailing me: My Abraxis acct. seems to be down at the moment; probably the office is under water or without power or lines are cut or something. Bummer. If you need to reach me, use wendy @ metrogirl . com.
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Birdy Behavior

Funny, but my birds are loving the weather. Normally they don't like dark weather, but I think the sound of the rain slashing against the windowpanes gets them going. Ever since I got hom 20 minutes ago they've been chirping happily.
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Been working on a design for the new GTRI site. So far so good and wow, I like the color scheme.

Eexcept I just noticed that with the particular blue, white and gold colors I've used, it's the VISA logo!

The offending design

Shit. I'm sure if *I* notice this, everybody will. Must reverse colors or ditch the orange something...

Watch my next design turn out as American Express.
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