September 17th, 2004

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Got about half the homepage design done and fixed the "VISA" issue. Am going to celebrate by eating a pomengranate.
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Blown over

So Ivan has now moved north and things are back to normal again.

There's lots of picking up to be done. My neighborhood is pretty much fine, because it's not the sort of place that would ever be flooded or lose power or have fallen trees, but a lot of other neighborhoods are dealing with things like that. In the local paper there are pictures of lots of big trees that fell, blocking roads, crushing at least one car, damages buildings. Several roads in the metro area flooded out pretty badly; I assume these were ones located near streams & such, ones that are normally small but overflowed during the torrent. There were even some neighborhoods that got so flooded that rescue teams had to use inflatable boats.

About the worst thing I know happened in our neighborhood is a lot of branches came off the street trees, lot of litter was blown around, and the banners on on a lot of the light poles (we have cute banners all over) were thrashed and half-pulled-off. Probably there is other damage I haven't seen yet, like all the flower baskets on the light poles, which I assume must've got tossed in some cases. Ah, well, I shall see.
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Firefox gains market share

I know, the subject line is not very "me" but I found some "business news" I like:

A Firefox in IE's Henhouse
Though the Mozilla Web browser's share is still small, it's winning converts wary of security holes in Microsoft's dominant product

I switched to Firefox a few months ago after the big IE security hubub and I haven't looked back. I love the fact that I *never* see pop-ups (and in cases where I must use IE I find myself getting very annoyed!) and that pages load so much more quickly. Tabbed browsing is awesome too. About the only problem there's been is that 1) I can't view my WebTrends reports in Firefox because it doesn't like the Java and 2) I can't download & install Microsoft clip art from Firefox (although I can in Netscape).
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Pretty Piggies

I really love my guinea pigs. I love them so much that probably once a week I go on Petfinder and run searches for "Small & Furry" animals. The search is by zip code and usually shows a few in Georgia, but a lot of them up at this rescue in Knoxville and another one in SC. Anyway, Today I decided to save a bunch of my favorite pigs to show them off. I wish I had a bigger apt. or yard or something because I definitely would get more if I could. I just don't have room for a bigger cage.

I'll put one pic right on top and the rest behind a cut.

Aren't they adorable?!
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Something's been up with me lately, like ever since Dragon*Con. I'm not sick or anything, but I've got the same unable-to-keep-house-clean / exhausted thing I get when I'm depressed, only I'm not. My house is REALLY disgusting. My kitchen smells like a compost heap / sewer and my bedroom has become almost impassable. There are bills and stuff around the house that aren't past due but should be organized. I just don't care. Just now I had to go lie down b/c I was able to fall alseep in my chair. I had a nap for around 45 minutes. When I woke up I didn't know what had happened. The clock said 9, I thought at first, then I saw 4 and was confused. 4 what day? Friday. Oh. I really have to get myself sorted.
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Birdy befuddlment.

So I'm sitting here, working intently on some news updates for the CAP site, when I feel this breeze on my head, like a fan's been turned on.

I look up and around to see "What the hell?!" and my budgie Pell is practically in my face. She then fluttered over to my lit-up mannequin bust and setttled on the shoulder. When I offered her my finger she flew off like a rather erratic heliocopter.

She's now back on/in her cage chirping. Need to go check on that since the only time they fly all the way to my office is something majorly scares them...


OK. I don't know if this is one of Caleb's joke's or an accident, but I just went and looked in on the birds. I figured Pell would just be sitting there on top.

Well. Bird cage was gone. Or at least not on the little table it's on. Immediately I went, "Oh, no it fell!" and yup, it was indeed on the floor. But I'm pretty sure it didn't fall, since it was too far away from the table and standing upright.

Meanwhile, looking in the cage, I saw only Cal. Then I heard a tweet. Pell was sitting there on the table. I put out my finger and she hopped on -- clearly a sign that she was freaked out by something, as she doesn't have much affinity for humans. She flew off me and onto the cage, which I quickly picked up and set right.


I can't figure out if Caleb did this before he left or he snuck in... or maybe the cage fell some *really* weird way. Either that or I have a poltergeist. Actually there have been strange noises coming out of that room for a couple of days, which I keep investigating only to find nothing, but... Well, I don't think poltergeist is likely ;)

Left a message on Caleb's voicemail. Let's see what he knows or doesn't know or claims not to know...

Yup, he did it. He owned up to it on the phone: "I did it when I was leaving. I saw them sleeping and decided they might want to sleep on the floor." He says he didn't know it would stress them out.

Whatevah. Weird boy.
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