September 18th, 2004

ice cream

TMI warning: If you can't handle dirty dishes stories...

Finally decided I couldn't let the kitchen situation continue. I had actually thought of addressing the bedroom first, since that work at least would be clean, but then the thought of things *growing* while I slept sort of grabbed me and I headed over.

It was not a pretty mess.

First thing I did was pull out the garbage bin and start grabbing things that needed to go in, like two plates of pomegranate rind, potato peels from days ago, a plate of pasta... and more stuff. Ugh! Totally vile!

Next was something easy: Putting away the china tea set I must have washed and set to dry about a week ago.

Next another easy bit: Empty the dishwasher, which I ran also about a week ago.

Then another gross bit: The sink. Also dishes scattered through the house. No wonder my kitchen stank. Grossest thing was a china bowl half-covered in saran wrap and filled with a salsa / sour cream mix that had turned into something you'd study in biology class. Took everything dishwasher-safe and put in the dishwater on "pots & pans" setting with a long heated presoak. Took the rest and washed it by hand.

I know everybody wants to hear about my dirty dishes. Well, not really, but it's an event in my life and I've had a long-standing policy of wanting to appear more, not less, human. If nobody talks about their dirty dishes, then everybody thinks they're the only slob. If nobody talks about their failings, people will go around thinking everybody else must be perfect.

Anyway, I'll sleep better knowing I sent several thousand (million?) mold spores into the Atlanta sewer system.
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Ring of Swords

Started a new book today, Ring of Swords by Eleanor Arnason. Somehow I got past page 200 already.

As quickly as I've been going through it, it's only an "OK" sci-fi book. There are some interesting points, but I find there are some writing problems that are bugging me. For example, action at beginning develops too quickly, there's a character who is way too friendly & open, and there a "journal entries" that sound like narrative, not anybody's actual journal.

I also get bored with the sort of sterile, SF Hemmingway style Arrason uses. I guess I prefer more beautiful, flowing language -- hell, I *know* I do, like duh! I don't think SF inherently has to be all spare, factual, etc. anyway, as illustrated by Le Guin. The way this is written, I have about as much emotional attachment to it as I do to something like ST:TNG or something... a story that raises some interesting questions about cultures, humanity, etc., but isn't moving or beautiful. I mean, it's just kind of "B level" there.

The reason I have this book anyway is it was the July book pick for the book group I'm in, only I was in England at the time of our meeting and never read it at the time. I bought the book before I knew. Anyway, after 200 pages, it's not bad, it's just like a TV show I can switch on and off.
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I ask myself... does one Refinance Your Home the Christian Way?

And on a related note, how does Christian Debt Management work? Is it something with paying off that Original Sin? I thought Jesus already did that.

Pardon me, but the amount of "Christian" spam I get is just silly.
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