September 19th, 2004

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Interesting article on parents of intersex children* and choices they're faced with as far as surgery goes. It's a pretty complex issue, with a side of people who say leave them alone, a side of people who say fix them, and a side (most people) who aren't sure what to do.

I do have to say that although I can appreciate both sides (although I certainly favor one), this one quote from a mom who had her girl's "extra bits" removed raised an eyebrow: "When she's a teenager, and she's in a girl's locker room, it's not going to be a cute situation."

Er, what? I mean, having been a teenage girl and having done the "locker room" thing, including doing it on a sports team, I don't recall *ever* looking at other girls bodies, like *especially* their crotches or breasts. (We definitely never took off underwear either because we never used the showers.) Maybe I'm weird or maybe we had a really modesty locker room culture, but I totally avoided that; most girls seems to find a way to dress without being exposed, like un/doing bras under their T-shirts, using the shower stalls or toilet stalls, etc. An intersex girl (well, as long as she wasn't on the swim team!) could easily avoid anybody noticing, if she wanted to.

* Reg. required.
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Grammar dream

I had a dream last night that the Olympics couldn't be broadcast because humanity had lost the ability to use the past tense. This was confusing all the commentators, who basically couldn't figure out how to talk, and so the TV networks just cancelled the broadcast. (Because you know, those commentators are SO inciteful!)
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All work and no play -- well, not today!

Boy, just TOO much fun this afternoon -- and I'm NOT being sarcastic!

Fun #1: Went up to Buckhead Backlot theater (where you get served bevs & food while you watch, most excellent, plus they've got good sound) and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. WOW WHOAH WEEEEEEE! (Official report later.)

Fun #2: Went over to nearby Tower Records to use the gift certificate Jess gaft me for my b. day. Grumbled a bit at having to go up there but ooooooooooooooh, that Tower is like Media Heaven. Just like a Wal-Mart Super Center except it's nothing but CDs, DVDs, VHS, records, magazines... Gah! Achieved main goal of finding Bjork's latest, Medulla, then proweled around for ages looking for something to use up the rest of the gift card. Was tempted by many things and frustrated at all the choices (including a vintage vinyl recording of the Lawrence of Arabia soundtrack) but finally settled on a used copy of Pet Shop Boys' Nightlife. Only had to pay $3 at checkout, as the gift card covered the rest.

Fun #3: On trip up to theater and back, got into this Roger Zelazny short story. Still not done, as it's a 60-page short story ;) I've been reading an anthology of him and while I don't like all the stories, this one ("This Mortal Mountain") is pretty cool so far, reminding me of Lovecraft's "The Other Gods."

Fun #4: Bjork album is playing in the living room now. Need to start it over so I can enjoy it while I clean the living room. God, I LOVE the sound of this... Can tell I will have it on for several days.


Meanwhile must mention that Caleb and I had a fun , if strange, evening last night. I say "strange" because our mutual idea of "fun" was to clean my kitchen (including scrubbing the floor!), cut Caleb's hair, and then clean my shower! It was so fun! In fact, I cleaned MORE of the floor this morning before the movie trek :)
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Where is the line -- I wonder this often!

*Whoah* these lyrics strike me!

where is the line with you?
i want to be flexible
i want to go out of my way for you
but enough is enough
where is the line with you?
i am elastic
i want to go out of my way for you
i want to hep you
where is the line with you?
i want to hve capacity for you
and be elastic, elastic, to be elastic for you
where is the line with you?
i'm elastic for you
but enough is enough
where is the line with you?

- "Where is the line with you?" - Bjork, Medulla
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Survey says... I'm in Hell


So after my happy afternoon, I settled in to do not one, but TWO image preference surveys for Caleb's company. When I say "do," I mean not take the survey, but put the surveys online. Big, custom job. Nothing I can't handle... I've done like 7 of them before.

It began well. Took a couple of hours, but I resized and saved all I guess 200 images in total. Then around 9, Caleb and Daniel came over for laundry / TV. They were off in the other room not bugging me.

I was now ready to get going actually setting up the surveys. But first, I decided to upload all the pictures. First one went up like a charm, but 1/4 through the second survey's pictures, I got the "disc quota exceeded" error. Damn!

To make a long story short, I've spent about 2 hours assessing and fixing the issue, like deleting things, and now the final solution seems to be putting the second set of images on my own account's disk space, since nothing is helping. Tomorrow the company will request more space from Earthlink.

And now it's like MIDNIGHT and I'm starting to configure the surveys. I estimate I'll be done by 3 a.m.

ADDENDUM 1 - 12:30 a.m. Just discovered that for the last 45 minutes while I thought I was entering the first survey, I was actually modifying another existing one. Luckily I didn't save it. I just wasted 45 minutes though. God DAMN! Did I mention these surveys MUST be up by tomorrow AM since they are featured in the goddamn newspaper!?

ADDENDUM 2 - 1:52 a.m. Well, finished the first survey. Tested it too, caught some errors (gee, how could I be screwing up?). All OK now. I think I'm going to find some coffee, candy and stuff and have a 15 minute break for the Ponce survey. (Yes, I'm doing a survey on Ponce. It's true.)

ADDENDUM 3 - 4:08 a.m. Hey, I'm DONE. At least for now. I bet anything Caleb calls me at like 8:45 telling me there's something I have to fix. Ugh. Something tells me my brain cells are not going to be firing very efficiently tomorrow.

Oh, and I thought of some good news on this: Now that these surveys are done, I can invoice for the second half of my fee. Which is enough to pay my mortgage for a month, which when I think about it is not a bad trade for a night like this.
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