September 21st, 2004

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Just in time for starting the assignment at Ga. Tech, I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something, like a cold or the flu, not sure. My lungs have been bugging me for a few days and today my throat is being unkind. My mouth tastes like I licked the sidewalks around here.

And yes, I know I shouldn't be up this late on a worknight but I had a lot of stuff I had to get out of the way tonight, also spent a couple hours over at Caleb's, and this throat thing is going to be terrible to sleep with.
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Naturally since I was up late last night, my brain had to wake me up at 7, a full hour before I planned to get up, just so I could have a worry fit. For around 1/2 hour, I endured a flurry of worries and speculation and anxiety on part of my brain, which evidently is intimidated by the prospect of returning to Georgia Tech. I keep reasoning to myself that it will all be fine and they won't expect me to learn everything all at once again, I can just take things one step at a time, etc., but it's true I'm terribly anxious.

I like my self-employed freedom so much, it rather annoys me that I was willing to give it up so quickly and easily. The money aspect will be very good for my pocketbook, but at the moment that seems like a dumb justification since this month I did very well. Ah, well, it's best to plan for the long-term, however, and having this steady income will allow me to build up some savings, plus finance my trips to Germany and England coming up, which otherwise I'd have to scrimp and borrow for. Must remember that. And must also get dressed for work!

P.S. Don't suppose I'll be posting to LJ today. At least at first, I'm going to be a good little worker bee.
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