September 23rd, 2004

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Speaking of strange musical stuff from Germany...

...I was poking around in my RealPlayer shortcuts and found the link to one of my favorite music videos of all time. I mean, the combo of German rappers, funny costumes and bizarre 80s (though done in the 2000s) SFX never fails to amuse me.

Link to "Limit" by Deichkind (copy and paste into RealPlayer)

I originally saw this on MTV Germany and enjoyed it so much, I got the CD single, which has multiple versions of the song.
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Writer Angst

I'm in the middle writer angst right now. Been working on this Wraeththu story and implementing (well, trying to!) all the edits it needs and although I have the time to work on it and keep sitting down and doing it, I really don't *want* to. I've been working on it so much I feel like I half hate the thing. I mean, I know it has good spots, but faced with all the things I have to fix and then doing the edits, it's all turning to mush in my mind and I think, "Shit, this is garbage." I've not normally been a super big editor on my own stuff, but lately I've been more careful and I think I've come to the conclusion I really prefer just getting it right *the first time*.


Off to try some more and then potentially do some radical revisions. Wish me luck.
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Banned Books

Ganked from marchenland, who ganked form someone else.
Banned Books Week 2005 is September 24-October 1. Here's the list of 100 Most Frequently Challenged (Banned) Books from the ALA; the one's I've read are in bold.

Collapse )

Of the ones I have read, for most of them I'm scratching my head as to why they're banned. Like The Stoopids? Those books were hilarious! I still remember when Mr. Stoopid dressed up like George Washingmachine! Must be maligning stupid people though :)
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