September 27th, 2004

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Gothic in the morning

This morning I went downstairs to get my newspaper. To be precise, I took the elevator down to the lobby of my building, which is a grand neo-gothic affair with a lobby built to look like the inside of a church. The lobby looks quite impressive regularly, with beautiful gothic tracery, fine brasswork on the elevators & mail chutes, and a big rotunda in the center that's kind of trying to be a gothic Pantheon. Anyway, well this morning it was looking especially good, or should I say feeling good. It's rainy and dark today anyway and in addition, there seem to be few people about. The guard was off on rounds, the restaurant, gallery and other lobby businesses weren't open yet, and the place felt all spooky and haunted. There was a strange sort of golden glow in the rotunda I couldn't figure out and this thumping noise that sounded like... I don't know what, except somebody stomping around spookily. I stood there appreciating the mood until I heard the jangle of keys and saw the chief barber opening up the shop.

P.S. My icon is me standing on the terrace of the building at night, with the main shaft of the building in the background.
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Somewhat conforting to know

Not to be TMI, but I certainly now know why I was so damn CRANKY this weekend. F'in hormones. I so want to puke about now.


Of course this is all relative. When I was 18 and just graudated high school, I spent like the entire summer wanting to go around killing people, I was that revved up. My sister Carolyn had me take lots of Vit. E but that didn't solve it. Finally I had to go to the OB/GYN for the first time and he gave me a couple week dose of progesterone. Jeez, was I CRAZY that summer. I remember going camping with my parents I think and reading Catcher in the Rye, which was totally not a good choice if you're already feeling hostile.
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So last month, I went up for this big contract job, doing a site for a retirement community. Went up there and met with them and everything, submitted a mega proposal, etc. The bid I put in was about extremely competitive (way under) the competing bid, but about 4x my regular bid... so like this giant amount I would never dream of asking for but asked for anyway, since I was advised that I could.

Well, the board was supposed to meet on decide on whether to hire me or this big web firm. Since they were set to meet just around Labor Day and I didn't hear from them, they chose the other company.

I was kind of bummed out by this, but also relieved since it's a huge problem and I am PRETTY busy right now. However, decided to email my contract for it, a friend on the board, and find out what I did wrong negotiating -- just get some feedback for future.

Well, turns out I DID get the job, they just haven't told me yet!

I have to say, I think all financial worries for me are erased for some months, especially since I am also now working 2 days a week at GTRI. I should be able to have actual SAVINGS again... what a CONCEPT!
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All this for $15.50!

Even though I've been going to him for around 6 years on and off, I still cannot BELIEVE how cheap Luke at Country Produce sells his stuff. I got ALL this just now (so much I could barely carry it) for $15.50.

1 loaf Arnold seeded rye bread
1 slice fresh-baked banana bread
4 large tomatoes
4 large potatoes
3 Granny Smith applies
3 Bosch pears
2 small pomegranates
2 green bell peppers
2 cucumbers
2 large onions
1 bag chopped baby spinach
1 lb. bag whole carrots
1 lb. bag okra
3 bunches of parsley

Actually the parsley was free, as it had gone a bit yellow. Since it's for my guinea pigs anyway, that was A-OK by me :)

There's a reason I don't spend much on produce at supermarkets. They can't possibly complete with Luke, except for selling stuff he doesn't, like asparagus or brussell sprouts or something.
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Ugh! Make him stop!

I swear, I wanna sock the president right in the jaw. I'm such a wuss I'd hurt my damn hand, probably miss his head altogether, but the thought is there.

Just the thought. Please lay off me, Secret Service guys. I live in Atlanta and I don't drive, so I think it's safe to say I'm no threat.
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Yankee thoughts

You know you are a transplanted Yankee living in Georgia when...

  1. You cringe every time somebody says INsurance, veHICle or GUVment.
  2. You are still wondering why it's Cayro (Cairo, GA), Talluffer (Taliaferro County, GA) and Buckanen (Buchanan, GA).
  3. You own more coats than you have fingers.
  4. You actually button/zip/close your coat when it's cold out.
  5. You do not put de-icing crystals out when it rains (but "might" become snow).
  6. You are baffled by the idea of grown adults wearing those kiddy ear muffs.
  7. You have to look up a recipe for okra & tomatoes since your mom didn't raise you on that.
  8. Sometimes you are talking to a clerk at a cash register and are just like "Um, WHAT?!" because you have no clue what they are saying.
  9. You still hesitate / get taken aback when somebody asks you where you "stay." (Though this is more black than Southern I guess? Do black people in NYC say "stay" instead of "live" too?)
  10. You refuse to buy lobster b/c it's too f'in expensive here.
  11. You buy lots of produce because it is so cheap and good.
  12. You find yourself frustrated than even though Coca-Cola owns Moxie, Moxie isn't sold in Atlanta!
  13. You call EST "New York Time" even though it's actually Atlanta time too.
  14. You think the annual New Year's "Peach Drop" is lame.
  15. You pine for actual subs, as opposed to Subway fare.
  16. You laugh/cry every time you go to Logan airport in Boston or LaGuardia in NYC, because they are so so SAD compared to Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta.
  17. You are very confused by the fact that your Democratic senator spoke at the Republican National Convention.

P.S. This list is based solely on the experience of me and my friends & neighbors, not on some sort of representative survey of all Yankees. So I think it's funny, but you may not.
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Rainy Monday Night

Well, Florida's pain has certainly been Atlanta's gain, because once again we've got a lot of rain... and I have to stop this before I rhyme again. Anyway, yes, it's been pouring since mid-afternoon and was quite windy for a while, guests up to 40 mph I'd guess. It's not really a dangerous situation in my neighborhood, although I imagine yet more trees fell today in some other areas. For my neighborhood the rain is good because it washes away all manner of stinky things that might be on the sidewalk...


I guess I just had really low expectations, but I seem to have accomplished a LOT today. Last night I made up a weekly agenda (I'm doing it weekly instead of daily now) and was rather aghast at it, but I seem to have crossed off, hmmm... 14 things listed, plus a lot of stuff that I didn't list because it was either forgotten or just came up today.

Big work items & errands for today were: 1) updates on the TSW web site, 2 research on Google AdWords for a client, 3) exchanging a bunch of emails & appts. with clients, 4) ordering the next two Outworlders book group picks, 5) buying produce from Luke, and 6) writing up a short critique of a web site for a client who wanted some "leverage" to tell a friend their site sucks.

After all that was done -- the real work -- I settled in to, hmm, non-real work. Like burning a bunch of CDs for Anne Sudworth. Also pulled out my story and implemented a whole bunch of edits I had identified on my own, since I'm still waiting on beta readers yet wanted to "do" something anyway. The next thing, started already, is started up an editing job on Draft 2 A Dark God Laughing, the first book in the fantasy trilogy I'm handling for IP. I love this book, so editing it is a dream.

Oh! In order news, had a couple of fun chats with Storm, including a tiny bitch session about Word and the way sometimes it just goes crazy, like making all your indents double-wide or losing half (but only half, and randomly!) your italics.


Due to the terrible time-of-month leg cramps I've got, I've been consuming a relative lot of tea today. I'm on my third cup now, a chamomile. It's funny how I drink so much now, since for years I thought it was the most vile thing ever, likening it to "shredded leaves in water," i.e. like drinking pond water. I didn't develop a taste for it until the first year I was here in Atlanta and I was getting terrible, terrible PMS. I was at Sevananda, the natural food store, and saw a box of that PMS Tea and grabbed it, thinking "Anything, anything!" Started out, I was drinking it like medicine, dosing it with a lot of honey to mask the "leaf" taste. Eventually I ended up liking it! All the trips to England have definitely strengthened my liking. I'd say I like most flavors... the only kinds I really don't care for are the strong "smokey" ones (some Chinese ones, I think) and Whole Foods brand Peppermint, which is sooooooooo strong it's rather sickening. I love all kinds of herbal teas, favorites being Egyptian Licorice, Cinnamon, and Peach Spice. Mmmm, mmmm!
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