September 28th, 2004

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Dark God

Been editing Dark God. That book is so good, it's almost TOO good. Like I read it and feel disgusted with myself. Actually I'm not disgusted with everything I've written, but it's rare that I'm ever as eloquent as the author of this piece. There are quotables all OVER the place; it's the kind of book which reads like a classic even though it's brand new. I certainly look forward to working on this night after night!

Meanwhile, I really ought to go to bed NOW, as tomorrow is a "work" day after all. GTRI and all that fun stuff. I bet anything I spent the first 4 hours configuring my brand new hot-rod computer to work, including setting up all the profiles in Dreamweaver. But I digress, I procrastinate. Bedtime, adieu!
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Curses! Curses! Curses!

I was supposed to get a new computer here at work but they had to keep me with the old one, since as usual they can't figure out where the install CDs for my software is. Meanwhile most of the files I need are either under Shelley's profile (this is a network) or on the main shared drive, which I can't access because my password didn't work and has to be reset, which takes 1/2 hour to happen. I've basically been spending the past hour hunting around my hard drive, entering passwords, and silently swearing. Haven't done a lick of "work" yet, although I did find the file I need for this afternoon's meeting. It was hidden in a very obscure location under Shelley's profile so I rescued it.
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Walked to work this morning, I happened to glance over at the Coming Soon posters on the front of the Tabernacle and what do I see but MORRISSEY!? Whoo hoo! I am SO there. It's Oct. 22. Last time (the only time) I saw him was in like 1998 at the Fox and that show was great. The Tabernacle is a good venue; even I get stuck in the upmost balcony (there are no individual seat buys) I'll still see and hear fine. I saw Pet Shop Boys there and it was awesome. I rarely go to any concerts but this is just totally unavoidable! LOL
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As I clear paperwork off the desk...

So for some reason I'm hanging around my old work working instead of going home. He he. Actually it's not so bad. It is SO much easier just to breeze in and out of here 2 days a week rather than being stuck here friggin' 40 hours. One really nice thing about this new work situation is the feeling from everybody that I'm a "hero" for coming in and saving all their butts. Because of this, whatever I ask for or issues have must be catered to. How novel! Management has also changed completely and the hipper, more liberal, less anal rententive people are now in charge, so that makes me happy. Also, I just calculated what my first pay check is going to be and it kind of surprises me, in a good way.

In other work-related news, got my new GTRI security badge. This time it's an actual employee badge, as opposed to a contractor one. (I know, "Oooh, aaah!") The picture on it came out GREAT actually, as my hair is all funky today, had on nice jewelry. The only issue I have with the pic is I look like my sister Nancy, mainly in that I just look about 40 or something on it. Not that I think that's bad, I'm just saying, I look quite college professor-ish on it.
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Mortal Thoughts

Got home today and there was a voicemail message for me from my mom, from back on Sunday. Decided to make and eat dinner before calling, since otherwise I'd be trying to do both things at once and succeeding at neither.

Finally after an hour I call back and get my dad. Normally when I call I get my mother, both because she's normally the more awake of the two (ahem...) and also she knows that Dad has a tendency to not make much sense on the phone if he's been sleeping -- and thus leaps for the phone before he can get it. Back a few years ago, there was a whole period of several months when calling home was a joke almost, because every time I did, I would be having conversations with "sleep-talking Dad" who would never give over the phone to mom.

Anyway, so I reached Dad. After saying hello, I said, "How are you?" *Sigh* I should have known better than to ask this, because Dad (who clearly was half-awake, though he perked up later) assumed I meant, "What is your medical status at this time?" because he proceeded to go on for about 10 minutes about his kidney problems, how he may be starting 3x weekly dialysis, how he's so tired and a little out of it lately...

Finally he snapped out of his medical meanderings and delivered some more news, namely that he's gotten rid of his sailboat.

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Sorry this entry wasn't quite as coherent as it potentially could have been, but I swear I had trouble being specific about certain things, as it made me too squeamish.
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Media Education

Huh! This is interesting!

School systems in Fla. teams with newspaper to provide curriculum during storm break

Despite my various issues with the media, I think this is a great idea.

I know that the regular "current events" slides & curriculum our local paper provided to my 5th grade taught me a LOT because there is just so much you can discuss even from 2-3 stories. As my very old-fashioned journalism professor Howard Ziff taught me later, a newspaper is a realy amazing thing really. It's a mini-encylopedia, a telephone book, entertainment guide, news blotter, picture post card, comic book and temporary umbrella (ha ha) all in one. So it's no surprise it would make good curriculum!

I notice that in the school system in the article, the upper grades are going to be studying the use of propaganda techniques. That is DEFINITELY cool!

One of the best (and most influential) classes I ever took was in 7th grade, when I was put in a special semester-long course basically studying advertising in mass media. We learned all the standard sales techniques (bait & switch, using pretty models, baseless stats, etc.) and had to keep logs on ads we saw in TV, plus collect ads from magazines and analyze them. We also were assigned to read Animal Farm, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and more, all so we could appreciate the power of propaganda, group think, mind control, etc. It's really a pity the class was only taught to what I guess were our grade's honor students.
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