September 29th, 2004

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Q & A

You have questions (three so far), I have answers!

From versailles_rose:
Where would you like to be in ten years?

Considering there's no possible way I could've predicted the past 10 years, that's a hard question, but I'll take a stab, plus some hope and say...

I'll still be self-employed, probably still doing web design or its future equivalent, although hopefully less of the nitty-gritty maintenace and tech support and more design and planning work. Aside from web design work I will probably be doing paid work editing. I should hope I will have written and published 2-3 original novels, plus got into short stories and had those published as well. Some of the writing will be fantasy and science fiction, but some of it will be based in the real world; I even think I might try some kind of children's book. Speaking of books, I will still be reading and hopefully by then will have read things that have expanded my knowledge and soul.

Ten years from now, I doubt I'll still be in Atlanta, and Caleb won't be living here either. He will be in DC or Chicago or maybe even Germany or England. I will be living up north somewhere, possibly in Albany or Troy, with a nice old townhouse, some pets, a tiny little garden and a comfy grandma-like lifestyle. (I also think it's possible I may wind up in England at some point, so I might be there living my grandma lifestyle, although in less grand fashion due to cost of living issues.) It's possible that although I will still live alone, I may not always be alone; I'm too romantic to deny the possibility of finding abiding love with somebody or other. (Just don't want to live with anybody.) I will still be traveling a lot to Europe, with friends all over.

From degruy
What are you eating in this pic?

That's me eating an enormous, possibly alcoholic, sundae type thing, plus a bottle of sparkling apple juice, at a cafe in one of the main squares in Trier, Germany. That country has the most amazing ice cream cafes ever... *drool* I use that pic because I was so happy at the time and it shows my gluttonous side.

From nevercadabera
Do you wonder sometimes about sound and vision?

Ut oh, I fear this question might be too deep for me! Plus if I don't answer yet Bowie Nation will hunt me down! He he.

Actually I think I wonder about those two things a lot. Sometimes I pay way more attention to one, sometimes it swings the other way. Like when I used to go to Atlanta Symphony Orchestra concerts, I always get seats in the second row and sometimes I'd spell a whole song watching the people play their instruments, as opposed to listening to them. And then lately, I'll go in the bathroom late at night before bed, music turned off, and I'll get distressed by the fact I hear this big hiss in my head, left over from hearing loss I got listening to too-loud punk, hardcore and techno in college. I never notice the hiss until it's totally quiet. Which normally it never is... thank heavens.
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I wish it was night still


I am not a morning person.

I had this ambitious plan to get up around 8, get showered and breakfasted, and go up to get my allergy shot at 9, so I could have that over with by the time somebody is scheduled to come over and meet with me at 11.

Well, I actually woke up at 7:45, not because of an alarm, but because of the racket they're making downstairs as they renovation the second floor and throw everything down a tube into a dumpster. Nothing like the booming sound of mass amounts of lumber crashing into a big metal box!

Not that I can't deal with it. No, I actually sort of hid back in bed 'til 8:30. I was half awake and kind of dreaming bit, pulling up the window and seeing how the top of the SunTrust tower had disappeared into some low clouds, which were all glowing heaven-like with the morning sun, and how maybe the angels from Wings of Desire were up there.

Finally I got up. I totally feel like somebody tried to smother me in my sleep, plus I guess wrestle with me too. My ankles, calves, stomach, shoulders, hands, jaw, and head are all sort one way or another and my mouth has that lovely floor-of-a-taxi feeling.

Now I guess I will do the shower thing and afterward pick up around here a little bit so my client (who is coming over with some files he wants to be *sure* I can open) doesn't somehow see something icky. Actually my place has been kept clean the past few days but the things I've left out are odd... like the saran wrap on the windowsill here, LOL.
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This morning is just sucking. For some reason, even though my place is pretty much picked up, the thought of having this client over fills me with dread. The fact that it's 11 and he's supposed to be here now is also not helping me. I feel like I want to puke!

Normally I don't have clients over ever, but this guy needs to give me some files and insists that he "be there" to make sure I can open them on my machine. He's having me take over maintenance on a site somebody else designed and needs to know if all the files are really "there."

Even though I've been over HIS house twice to meet with him, and seen he's not a mega neat nik and has 4 small dogs that run around, for some reason this is just freaking me out.


Meanwhile I'm anxious because due to this appointment and another one at 2, I probably won't be able to go up and get my allergy shot, which I normally get on Wednesdays. Can't do it tomorrow since I'm working, so I guess I have to go early Friday AM; no shots are given after 12 (not even at 12:03, as I learned the hard way). Call me spoiled by self-employment, but I hate being hemmed in by appointments.


Edited Dark God last night again and I'm now up through 5 chapters. Still am thinking it's TOO good, he he. There are so many times when I'm reading that I think, "Shit, this makes me look like I have no talent because this woman has skewed the curve." *g* I'm sure I'll do another 2-3 chapters tonight and on and on every night until I'm done. I think there are like 30 chapters at least.
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Somewhat but not very relieved


Client just left. Man, he stressed me out! Slick, extremely wealthy English fag specializing in marketing... so we're talking tanned, bleach-blond, catty, talks a mile a minute, and presents proposals that intimidate me to say the least. Eeek! I don't think I'm easily intimidated -- not by men or women -- but he just stresses me by making me feel like such a little bitty cog in the factory of PR work.

One funny/annoying thing about this deal today is how Mr. Cheap (made a fuss about *my* rate, which is hardly exorbidant) had me go outside with him to get coffee and feed the parking meter and there he's got this freaking brand-new Mercedee-Benz silver two-seater. WhatEVER! I don't care if it's on monthly payments... the idea of a client having a care like that and living in a two-level townhouse in the Dakota and then being a cheap-ass... Ha ha!

Obviously I'm all hyped up on coffee now. Don't have time between now and 2 to get up to the allergist because my appt. is in Inman Park and I'll need to take the train or bike to get there. I wish the doctor wasn't in Buckhead but in Midtown. Oh, well, I only have another, what 1 1/2 YEARS of going in every week to Buckhead?!

Caleb actualy just called while I was typing and I'm going over his place for lunch. Which maybe will be some kind of break for me.

* I keep starting off my LJ entries this way, but this has been a very Ugh day.
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Allow me to demonstrate...

You know, sometimes my work as a web designer is easy.

For example, my latest client owns a bed and breakfast, a giant Queen Anne Victorian in Inman Park. His web site has been up for 6-7 years and he has very good placement in the search engines. However, he feels the site is ready for an update. Not a major "redesign," but some tweaking of graphics, content, and most especially the home page.

After meeting this afternoon, we agreed that my top priority should be fixing the home page. He still needs to send me some additional content but even so, in about one hour, I was able to go from this home page to this new one. I admit, the new one still has issues, but since the client doesn't want a total re-do, I'm going to work within his paradigm. This new home page has the same information, navigation, pictures, but it's spiffed up with cleaner graphics, new picture frames, a better font, use of CSS, better alignment, etc. I can probably clean up the rest of the site similarly in about another hour, assuming Windell (the client) is happy with my test.

P.S. If anyone reading is really into Victorian houses, you have GOT to check out the 360 Virtual Tour (needs IPIX) available of this guy's B&B! The house is a giant "painted lady" and inside it's probably the most authentic over-the-top Victorian interior I've ever seen. Windell was surprisingly blase' about it as he led me around but, whoah, it was spectacular!
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FYI to people visiting the U.S.

I heard this was going to happen. In fact, it has been happening for months now, but now the program has been extended to include those visitors to the U.S. who don't need Visas:

From the BBC: Q&A: Fingerprinting foreigners
Upon arrival in the US, visitors are photographed with a digital camera and inkless prints are taken of both their right and left index fingers with a scanner. These biometric details are then automatically checked against those of suspected terrorists and criminals. If you don't appear to be any of these people, your details will be stored separately and you will be free to commence your stay in the US.

Hmmm, why am I thinking if they are mixing up names on their terrorist watch lists already (flagging Sen. Kennedy and Rep. Lewis, for example), that this new screening is going to introduce even more weirdness and hassle to even more people? I do understand why this is being done, but that does not for one second make me stop resenting this kind of thing.
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