September 30th, 2004

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Pondering a computer

So supposedly when I come in tomorrow for work at GTRI, I'll have my new computer. I get the impression it's going to rip!

Not coincidentally, I am now looking at getting a new computer to replace this one at home. *Pats computer nicely to let it know I still like it.* I got this probably 2 1/2 years ago, a few months after getting a new computer at work (the one that's being replaced now). A 2 1/2-year-old computer is pretty ancient really and considering most of my work involves having like 12 windows open at once, including memory hoggers like Photoshop and whatnot, I think change is needed. Besides, it's a business expense! (I may even get the thing before the end of the year so I can fit it on this year's taxes. Should ask Caleb about that. Oh! And reminds me... he said he'd buy my present computer to replace his.)

So far I've had several ideas about what direction I want to go with the computer -- desktop, laptop or something like a laptop with a docking station. I know I will the bulk of my time with it here at the desk, so on the one hand a regular desktop deal suits me well. This is especially true since I have a lot of peripherals I regularly use with the computer -- scanner, PalmPilot, camera FlashCard, printer -- and hooking them back up to a laptop every time I want to use them sounds awful. (This is why I'm thinking about a docking station, as that might avoid this problem?)

As far as laptops go, I have felt for a while like I could really benefit from that, since I could use it for meetings with clients, use it for WiFi access so I can actually work remotely, take it with me traveling, etc. I just find it hard to choose though... I'm almost tempted to get a desktop AND a laptop, but just a sort of minimal laptop that has WiFi and/or can be hooked up to my hub at home / networked with the other one.

One bummer about this is that I've been told I shouldn't get a Gateway, as they are in some financial trouble and may be going out of business. That sucks because I really like my computer and got great service from both sales and tech folk there. I guess my option now is Dell but I'm a bit squeamish and a) the IT folks at my work said to avoid them and b) I find it hard to take them seriously due to their ads, which make it look like only MP3 & gaming loving airheads use them.

I'll figure it out eventually!
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I guess I have a new alarm clock: The construction work downstairs! Ugh! Yesterday it was the sound of tons of wood and drywall going into the dumpster. Today it sounded like concrete or rocks -- BOOM! BOOM! CRASH! SLAM! Woke me up at 7:30. While I know most people are up by then because they have to work, *I* am not up by then, not even on days like today when I am going in to GTRI. Not waking up before 8 is a career goal of mine and considering I'm normally up 'til 2, that seems pretty reasonable.

Yesterday Barbara at the desk downstairs told me construction isn't supposed to start until 8 a.m. I wonder if that's on their construction permit or whatever and whether I should make a fuss about it.
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Done / Not Done

I guess this is a random "life purity test"? Anyway, ganked this from marchenland and liked the crazy stuff it listed.

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Seems to be 85 of 200. Most of the things that aren't bold I'm not to sorry about... like not killing a person, for example!

Thought the canoe trip question was funny. I've certianly gone more than 2 days! I've been out for 14 days!
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So I just got a new mobile! Actually it's the same exact one I had, only it works. Yesterday my LCD display suddenly died. I had kind of dropped the thing but it wasn't a bad fall or anything, no worse than other times, and something happened so although the screen would light up, no text or images showed up. So I walked in to T-Mobile and said "It broke!" and they just popped in the chip from the old phone to a new one they happened to have around, handed it back to me. Caleb says they will bill me for this later, even though I got the impression it was a "gimme" at the time. Who knows -- it's a pretty cheap phone anyway (Motorola V66 B&W flip phone) so I don't much care if they DO charge me, although I'll be happy if they don't :)

About the only thing bad to come out of this is that I lost all my phone #s, which are stored not on the chip but on local storage on the phone. That's not as big a catastrophe as it would be for some people, since my list is not that huge, but it still means re-programming people. Probably the biggest hassle is going to be getting the international numbers set up again so they work wherever I am -- here or in Europe. I shall endeavor...
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it's rare i say this but DAMN obviously i'm not as smart as i thought... these fancy php includes shelley set up for the new web site are totally kicking my *ss. i sat down to work on the redesign, thinking "ok, i can figure it out" but i'm totally baffled and running into problem after problem. worse, i just went to our like 20-year-old dba asst. who knows php and his conclusion was "dreamweaver is doing weird stuff." aaaargh!
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Stupid stupid confusing computer crap!

Have reached my breaking point with this PHP problem. I don't cope well with stuff like this. Once a problem goes on past two hours of troubleshooting and hasn't moved forward, I start to have a meltdown. I would be crying and screaming if I weren't in this office. What's funny is I know certain people would be all excited and determined if they were facing these problems, but I don't have that kind of patience. I get very annoyed and basically want to fob it off to somebody once I've tried everything.


I swear, only a few things can put me in moods like this: fighting with Caleb and/or Daniel and fighting or having stupid misunderstandings with people online. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
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Miserably Metro Girl

Workwise, I feel like nothing is going right :(

I was going to get going redesigning the art gallery site but turns out they use some stupid content-management tool that means I can't just redo the pages or work with them, but I must use the system and it's SOOOOOOOO overly complicated and constraining!

I was supposed to have the Charis Circle site done by about now but I've barely got going on because the head of it keeps waffling about what design she wants. I've done the homepage 3 times and she won't just say "OK!" Then she acts like I'm taking too long when in fact I'm just waiting for HER. I'm not going to design a WHOLE site and then be told they don't like it. I just want them to OK a basic "look" and let me go with it.

Owner of the B&B wrote back saying he hates the new home page I did and it's nothing like he wanted, which rather stunned me since I didn't change much -- which was what I thought the point was. He told me the picture frames I put around the pictures and buttons looked "cheap" and complained he had pictured them as being brass or something, maybe like antique hardware. That's fine but he never TOLD me that! Gah!

Got to run WebTrends for CAP sometime, probably tomorrow evening. Yeah, FUN Friday evening! Also just got 3-4 more news items from CAP they want me to add... Like I have time!

At GTRI, there's the stupid PHP problem and then I realized I have to run the quarterly WebTrends reports and probably go in Monday b/c they have to be set up prior to Oct. 5 when they go on auto-run.

I'm supposed to be working on fact sheets for Mat Tech but I haven't had the time.

My real estate client I had to put off entirely; wrote her a letter saying sorry I'm too tired up to work on it for a while still.

There are also things from about 5 other clients. And the big retirement community contract is going to probably start next week. It's nuts!

I swear, sometimes the biz is so easy, but then other times it is SOOOOOOOOOO hard! I really just want one project to get DONE but instead I am frustrated at every turn.

I just realized a good way of summing up my problem: "I'm too busy with being busy with being busy to actually DO anything!"
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My assessment of the debate

I'm part of a big Atlanta Metro area panel called Voice of Atlanta that gives feedback / take polls for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. I just had to fill out a survey they'd sent me in advance and since I have it already typed out, I thought I'd share it.

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P.S. I actually took about 4 pages of notes during the debate (rather messy ones towards the end) and hope to use them to create another point with some of the true highlights and lowlights.
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