October 1st, 2004

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The Debate

As promised, a table showing my notes & conclusions from the debate. For some reason I just had this intense need to catalog what was said.

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Good news!

Re the whole problem I had at work today...

Got an email from Shelley and D'OH! found out what the problem was today. Basically the files I was trying to work with were not the right files. She did all her work at home and what's on the SERVER is right, while what's on the harddrive is an old version that doesn't work -- neither the PHP nor the includes. All I have to do is download the good version and I can start working on it.
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LJ post in style of Zelazny?

Some days it seems that nothing -- no amount of coffee, sugar, sweet breezes or sunlight -- can revive me, and I'm left drifting and headachey all day long.

There was no obscene construction racket this morning to wake me so I actually slept 'til 8:30, although I was groggy enough not to want to get up at all. Had a splitting headache and was sore all over again -- who knows what wrestling and awkward posing I must've done in my sleep.

After about an hour of digestion and newspaper reading and puttering, went up for my allergy shot. Dozed on the bus, my head killing me and my eyelids heavy and squinting. Crossing Peachtree I was afraid my eyes would shut and I'd miss a car and get hit. Fortunately I did make it and got punctured in my right arm.

Intermezzo, the fabulous coffeeshop, was my next stop. Had the Intermezzo coffee special again, along with this thing called a chocolate malt mousse or something like that. It was lovely. Managed to keep my eyes open the entire time and nibble on the Roger Zelazny book I'm trying to finish. I'm on the last short story of the about 20 in the book and I'm still lukewarm on it, but I won't leave the book unfinished (since I paid for it) so I'm making myself go throught the last one. Read the book on the MARTA ride home as well.

Now my headache has eased a bit, although I'm still exhausted, sore and queasy. Feel an underlying anxiety about being overcommitted work-wise and not sure what I can do this afternoon to address the issue. Will do my monthly accounts and pay myself, which will take care of one task and refill my bank account. Will make some phone calls. Will do some hourly maintenance work so that won't be hanging over me.

Probably around 3:30 I will have to give in and sleep for a bit but I'll wake up again later feeling better and then by dark my headache will be gone and I'll have some energy... which I would almost rather had come this morning.

P.S. I think I left my tatty old sweater at Intermezzo. It's like 3 years ago, all worn out, so I'm not too bothered to call for it. Although next Wednesday I will drop by again after my shot and if they have it still, I'll take it back.
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Oh, spare me your "process"...

The director of the feminist collective just called me to talk about the web site project. Not unexpectedly, the conversation dragged on forever (45 minutes, which to me is "forever"). However, the end result is that I *think* I know at last what they want and am "almost there" getting an OK for the design. The other end result? My Egyptian licorice tea, poured just before the phone rang, went completely cold.

Feeling *slightly* better...
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Still Ill

My phone keeps ringing. Actually should say my PHONES keep ringing, since I now have the old black 1930s phone and the two cordless "Sky Captain" phones I got last week. When I get a call, all 3 of them ring, PLUS the base of the cordless... so 4 rings. They are all set to ultra loud because, well, I am pretty deaf sometimes.

Anyway, I think I've had to pause this CD like 20 times this afternoon to field calls from, hmmm, Jane, Lynn, Caleb (5-6 times), security guard downstairs, telemarketer, and a couple of other people. Every time I get a call I pause the CD.

Head is still hurting pretty bad, yet I have committed myself to going to CAP and running my reports. How stupid of me. This afternoon has not been very productive. I paid myself and just printed all my monthly invoices, e.g. invitations for people to pay me.
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Recommended Music Source

A couple of years ago I found this record distro company, Middle Pillar, based out of Queens, and I swear, they are like the Target of dark / goth music -- you just can't stop buying stuff once you start! I found them after getting a Changelings CD, which led to some more Changelings CDs, then this amazing dark ambient meditation music The Unquiet Void, something else, then a whole bunch of stuff I got after I emailed them and said "Do yo have something that sounds like X?" Including Qntal, which I *love* -- gotta get more of that.

Anyway, this week I took their "newly available" catalog and actually went through it like the old Sears catalogs, starring stuff that sounded good. And now I just got their monthly email. SO tempting! All kinds of Medieval or "classical" style dark music or industrial... and then "martial" (what is that?) What I think I will do since, hey, I've got some guaranteed money these next few months at least, is look up as many of the "tempting" albums as I can, finding band sites and album samples, then picking like 5 or so to get.

The only exception to the "must presample" rule is some of the German goth magazines that come with a CD and cost like $11. I'm sorry, but I pretty much think if it's German I'll probably love it, whether it's bad OR good. Plus it comes with a magazine and damn, German magazines are often INSANE, so good deal -- wacko (or maybe even good!) CD plus magazine.
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