October 4th, 2004

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A fairly good, recreational weekend

Yesterday I had a lot of fun, but by the time it was over it was too late for me to write about it. Then today I was feeling so tired and apathetic I didn't even bother trying. And while I'm not suddenly cured of that, I still want to do a bit of logging here.

Whoo hoo, hurray for a day when I did just about nothing except have fun eating, drinking, shopping, and being social!

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After the biking I occupied myself with editing, reading, random email stuff, made up a gift package for somebody, taking another shower, blah blah blah, and then came more fun!

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After I got home I didn't stay up too much later, but even so, I woke up super tired.

I woke up with a dream of getting a lot of work done, but it didn't really happen. I just felt really tired and sore and apathetic all day. In the end I managed to take care of web edits for 4-5 clients, edited probably 100 pages of Dark God, responded to a bunch of emails, and gave my guinea pigs a bath. In the evening Caleb and Daniel came over and watched TV, even though there really wasn't anything on. Daniel did his laundry. I always feel guilty when I have a day like today, even though it's Sunday and most people don't do anything at all but watch TV. I just had wanted to do work stuff and didn't get enough done to meet with my satisfaction. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more "awake" and up to it.
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Monday schmundy

I'm not feeling much more motivated today than I was yesterday. Just sad. I have a feeling this is some kind of depression, not a really bad patch but just one that robs me of any ambition.

Caleb reminded me the other day (i.e. he bitched me out) that I really should be exercising again and the only reason I can go along with that in principle is that I know exercising this spring eliminated my bouts of depression.

Not that I want to exercise, but I hate being a lazy grump.
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Ucky Oct

I like October weather, don't get me wrong, but I hate the fact that if I leave the AC on, I start shivering and shaking, but if I turn it off for even like 5 minutes, it turns into an OVEN inside. No happy medium.
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Forgetting Poland

Less than a week after President Bush admonished Sen. Kerry about "forgetting" our apparently very big important war ally, Poland, it seems Poland wants to forget him:

Poland may reduce its commitment of forces to the war in Iraq by 40 percent by January 2005 and have all its troops out by the end of that year, Polish officials said Monday.

I think Kerry should call President Kwasnieswski and say, "Thanks, buddy!"
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With friends like these...

Well, headline in the NY Times is about how Sen. Chafee (R, Rhode Island), a moderate, has been totally freaked out by Dubya and Co. ever since they took office and this year, cannot and will not support him. He's going to write some other Republican's name on the ticket!

In the Senate, Raising a (Quiet) Republican Voice Against the Administration

Now if he would only vote for Kerry, it would be a perfect switch with Sen. Miller ("D," Georgia) who is assuredly voting for Bush.
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Garbage in Space

I already have a phobia about going into space (i.e. I never want to do it ever) but this story just makes it sound even less appealing, since apparently even in space things can get messy!

Space station looking like cluttered attic

This story also tickled my brain by making me wonder things like, "Where do they get their air?" (Anybody who can explain this or point me to some sort of How Things Work link, please do) and "Does this garbage include human waste and candy wrappers?"


Meanwhile, I am still feeling like poo. It's like I have a cold, only I don't. It's ennuitic flu!
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Riding on an updraft

I feel slightly up! Whoo hoo!

Had a nice chat online with Storm as well as another one with Bruce and it did me good. Both of them have such positive energy and sort of "ignite" my inner fires, which certrainly is something I needed tonight. Felt like my spark was growing pretty darn faint recently!

Anyway, took a good long bath using the wondrous rose bath powder I bought at the National Trust shop at Sheffield Park this past July. Not only did it smell and feel lovely, but there were real rose petals in it! I added a bit of coconut bubble bath to it and it was heavenly. Had a shower, got into a nice nightie and enjoyed a cup of peach tea afterward. Aaaaah.

For sorting out my work muddle, I did what I should have last night, namely update and print out this week's Metro Girl agenda. Doing that helped me sort out what I really, really need to do, versus the "would be nice" projects. I think most "burning" issues are taken care of and the rest are just either smoking, not lit yet (can wait).

Meanwhile I'm all excited about something Storm and I chatted about. I've just about got through my latest writing project, a Wraeththu short story, and now I've got a novella to work on. I'm not sharing exactly what it is at the moment, but I will say a) it's something based on something I wrote earlier and b) it's something meant for publication. Once I finish off this latest story I will plunge in to this next project, which is going to be even more ambitious.
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