October 6th, 2004

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The Exploding Watermelon Story

I was poking through old emails from Mom and found this CLASSIC one. If my mom were a comedian, she'd be half way between Roseanne Barr and Stephen Wright.

From: Hannah Darling
To: Wendy Darling
Sent: Tue 9/12/2000 10:53 PM
Subject: New Experience


    Thought you might like this one.

    Have you ever seen a watermellon explode?

    We bought a watermelon for the Labor Day weekend. Since we had so much food, and the weather was dismal some of the time, we never ate the watermelon. Everyone wanted to wait till we could eat it outside.

    It has been sitting on the neat (ha, ha) kitchen table since then.

    I came home from school and Dad asked what I spilled because there was some water on the floor under the table. I looked and said it was coming from the far end of the table. We couldn't find anything, but Dad said he heard something earlier. He thought something fell. I jokeingly said maybe it is the watermelon. Dad touched the watermelon and liquid started shooting out.

    Do you know how much water a watermelon can hold? This red slime kept pouring off the table. Covered the mail and everything else on the table. The entire floor under the table was a big puddle and we had to place the entire Sunday Times on the floor to contain it and soak it up.

    I would think that we could smell it. It hardly smelled at all. It was something to see, but I don't think I want to see it again unless it is out on the lawn.

    We are going on vacation Saturday. I hope the weather is OK in Canada. It is cold here and probably colder there. We will motel it and go camping if it is warmer.

    Love Mom
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Warning: Very Cute Piggy Pics

It's been a while, but today I'm posting more pictures of my sweeties Abbie & YinYang. I took these the other day after I'd given them a bath and put them in their "drying pen" for a while. Wet guinea pigs have the same quality as basset hounds... so dopey and sad looking you think it's cute ;)

Abbie & YinYang enjoying a meal

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Not so refreshing breakfast

Ugh. Feel sick to my stomach this morning. I think it must be this new yogurt I got. This morning I had it for breakfast again, mixing it (it's plain) with my German fruit compote stuff, and I think it didn't agree with me. Normally I rotate between three different kinds of plain organic yogurt but at Sevananda they had a new kind from Pennsylvania I decided to try out. I ate it several times this week and it seems very wet to me and now I have a stomachache. Blech.
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Maybe I'm lazy but...

Why is it that every time I've worked on a web site that uses a more "efficient" way of doing things, like server-side includes, ASP, content management system, frames (ugh!), complex CSS, dynamic menus, that it just winds up being way more of a pain than it would be if things were just done the SIMPLE way?!

It's not that I don't understand the technology or don't have the right tools, but that it winds up taking away my ability to design because it's just technocrap. While I am definitely in favor of includes and CSS, some sites are set up in ways where it just becomes too complicated for me.

*Hangs head in shame*

Right now I'm trying to work on a site that uses content management and it's evvvvvvvvvvilll. I have a whole plan of exactly how I want to change the site but with the system, implementing this is going to be terrible :(
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(no subject)

Coretta Scott King is out talking about the issue of disenfranchisement of convicted felons. I'm glad she's doing it. I cannot comprehend why there would or could be any law that bars people from voting AFTER they have served their terms. Is voting now going to become like giving blood to the Red Cross, where each year fewer and fewer people can do it because they have some "bar" on their record. And not like ex felons would not have something to say about the government... No, they only experienced one of the strongest powers of the government first hand! The fact that a large number of the people being barred from voting are black also doesn't look too good (e.g. "one in four black males in six states are barred from voting because of their convictions").
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Flu Shot up the Flue

Well, I'm glad I wasn't planning on getting a flu shot in the first place. Not that I don't see the benefit, but I wasn't really planning on it. Last winter I got sick about two times and I'm not sure either was the flu. Either way I'm not too worried. One time at UMass they announced this thing where some big group was giving 5,000 free flu shots at all this big universities and then tracking the flu cases at the campus health clinics and I got the shot then. Did not get sick. Just now that I'm not living in a packed dorm using a shared bathrooms, don't think it's that necessary.

Speaking of shots, two bits of vaccination trivia from my personal files:

1) Unlike anybody else my age, I have a smallpox shot scar. They basically stopped doing them the year before I was born, but my mother, who'd had 4 previous kids, INSISTED since all the other kids had it. Our doctor was very old-fashioned anyway so he said OK.

2) Back when I used to be a very regular blood donor, I received a letter from the Red Cross telling me how blood tests revealed that my blood is very high in antibodies for varicella (chicken pox) and as a result, they were actually refining it and using it to make vaccine. I thought that was so cool. I had a wicked bad case of chicken pox when I was like 9, missing 3 weeks of school, got the stupid things in my stomach, have scars still, so at least one good thing came out of it.
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So my mom (the same one who wrote me about the exploding watermelon) just sent me this link:


Of course like the vast majority of online polls it's quite useless as a reflection of reality, but as a reflection of global online society, OK, maybe...


And speaking of polls, I'm sure it's not just my imagination that this election season, the media is MORE POLL CRAZY THAN EVER!

It's like first off the whole thing is covered start to finish like a horse race or some kind of sports game, but then after the primaries when there isn't anything to "count" anymore, they start doing poll poll poll poll poll to get "numbers" on everything and everything, like it's baseball or something.



I think I just contradicted myself. However, I just had some nice German wine and it's midnight so hey...