October 9th, 2004

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Fantasy debates

thebratqueen has hatched an idea for a fantasy debate format: Kerry versus Cheney (her idea) as well as Edwards versus Bush. I think the former would be a somewhat fair fight, although I think Kerry would pound Cheney by exposing his obvious double-speak and obfuscations, and in the latter match-up, trial lawyer versus dumbass is no contest. Ooh, that'd be fun!
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sideview, obamame_sideview

When is the DVD coming out? ROTFLMAO!

So Caleb and I went on a road trip all day today, up to Dalton, then a big country fair in um... hmm, somewhere near Varnell (?), near the Tennessee border, then up to Chattanooga, where we enjoyed ourselves for a few hours before heading back to Atlanta so Caleb could watch..


Caleb was over my house a few days ago watching SciFi Chanel and saw an as for this "Original SciFi Chanel Movie" and um, HAD to see it.

What to say about this movie? Well, first off, I am still laughin and smiling over it, and it ended 40 minutes ago. Second, this is a movie that makes me think there should be a special Mystery Science Theater series devoted entirely to Original SciFi Chanel Movies. It was soooooooooo bad Caleb and I were MSTing it the whole time.

Examples: "And now, for eating that fish's heart, this man will now be punished by being eaten by the OTHER fish!" and "If he's drunk that whole bottle of Southern Comfort, how has he not fallen into that water already?" and "You know those two will end up together since now they're both black instead of with white partners..."

"Best" parts:
  • Hippy dude's head eaten by the giant evil snakehead fish,
  • Fish coming through the houseboat bathroom after it smells the blood coming out the drain from the girl washing the blood out of her clothes (um, which is snakehead fish blood, not human)
  • All the scenes of the snakehead flopping onto the various houseboats and eating people alive, complete with bad CGI and spouting blood
  • That crazy guy killing the (first) snakehead, then cutting out its heart and throwing it on the grill; then after going out onto the dock to eat the barely even seared meat and *gloat*, being attacked by another one, being thrown across the bayou!
  • The *several* times people/fish get sucked up & destroyed by the airboat's fan.
  • Sinking houseboats!
  • Any and all dialog by that loser white guy boyfriend (who reminded me of Robert Downey Jr.), who whines, acts cowardly and drinks a whole bottle of Southern Comfort in a very short space of time.
  • The fact that the bad guy of the movie looked a hell of a lot like John Malkovich but apparently wasn't b/c he's not in the credit.
  • Many more, I'm just forgetting...

And I just found this hilarious review of this movie on AintItCoolNews. LOL.
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