October 12th, 2004

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Computers come up with the weirdest names

I recently switched my chatting nick to Rufus Bellisle, after seeing it as the "Sender" on some spam.

I continue to get some wacky, wacky Sender names, mainly from this one spam factory that has a thing for random-text names with middle initials:

Bookkeeper V. Proscribe
Intercession A. Shaded
Obtrudes J. Genghis
Expectorate O. Palmer
Murderous P. Twinge
Abortive E. Hall
Jangled K. Brimmed
Standard C. Utopia

Considering I've got a story with characters named Furious Screech and Midnight Thunder, I guess I should be on the lookout!
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North Georgia / Chattanooga Trip

It's Tuesday and I just realized I never did make a journal entry about the road trip Caleb and I did on Saturday! Despite it being kind of overcast and both of us being kind of tired (me from lack of sleep, him from driving) we had a very nice day, driving up through North Georgia, going to a country fair and for the afternoon, wandering around Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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