October 13th, 2004

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Well, duh!

Just got a spam with Subject: "Wigs aren't just for people without hair!"

Like, duh!

Also sitting in my SpamKiller killbox I find:

Subject: "Learn how to design your own web site."


Subject: "Give that someone you love today with drug rehab info."

Now that's a present!

Subject: "We are giving away 50 juice boxes!"

Juice boxes! Did somebody say juice boxes!?

Subject: "Funky cosmic stripper dancer."

Lost scene from The Fifth Element?

Subject: "Eliminate debt the Christian way."

That's right, steal!

Subject: "We're giving away a Wristwatch TV!"

Dude, that is soooo 80's!
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Good news on the financial front

I tend to shy away from math, but examining my personal bank balance for the month, I note that as of this morning, it's 17x what it was at the start of the month. True, it was only a tiny piddling amount to start with, but the big checks I got last month and my first Ga. Tech paycheck have caused a dramatic turnout. I also just deposited a couple thousand dollars to my Metro Girl account. I actually feel financially secure for the first time in some months, since this summer was lousy for me, between not getting paid and going on vacation. And now I will pay off this bill from the allergist and renew my daily newspaper subscription. Maybe get my tickets for Germany too...
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My intuition tells me: NO

Just got an email sent to me via my web site. Weird this is, person writing is saying they can't get to my web site, which was recommended to them by a friend of there at GSU, and they want me to email them back when my site is up to discuss a "business proposition."

Hmmm. First up, I know my site hasn't been down since I use it as my browser homepage and use it as a jumpsite to my client's sites. Second, how has this person filled out a web form on my site if my site is "unavailable"? I mean, you have to be ON the site to use that form! Thirdly, the phrase "business proposition" almost never means business I actually WANT!

Gah. Have not replied. Am I overly suspicious or what?
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Hit by the poison dart

Well, the fact I was all hyper and happy the past few days should have been a tip off, but no, I somehow forgot to realize I was about to get depressed. Bummer! Oh, well, not too bad so far.

I swear, getting depressed is like as regular as a cold for me and pretty predictable. The lead in is normally a few days where I'm happy, hyper, full of energy, doing lots of stuff at once, etc. Normally this cues me to say "Huh, this is quite odd, since when am I happy like this?" and then the next day I wake up under a cloud.

Today I woke up feeling really hot and groggy. I was feeling pretty good after I went and deposited that money, but then I found myself unable to start working. I have a lot of stuff to do, but I had this total aversion to it and instead felt really unhappy and lonely adn bored. Then I started to get that feeling of of sadness and wanting to cry, then my face starting hurting. Not to be "negative," but soon I'll get a headache.

I can easily work through being tired -- I normaly am -- but being depressed means just not giving a f*ck because whether it's stuff I like doing or stuff I hate doing, it's all about the same to me, a.k.a. pointless. I can't really get enjoyment out of anything and a lot of things are bound to make me cry. Like if I went and turned on Animal Planet now, I would end up crying over some "pet miracle" show, I guarantee.

There is no reason for me to be like this. I mean, I just deposited all this money, I've got a half dozen cool writing/editing/art projects to work on, my house is even pretty clean, my friends are so nice to me, I had an almond horn pastry last night... But pooh.

The good news is that this normally only lasts like 2 days. So not a huge loss of productivity. I will also just force myself to do stuff all afternoon, so even if it feels like everything is futile, some stuff will actually get done.
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Strong Women

It's funny, but for me the most memorable quotes of tonight's debate came with the last question, about "strong women."

- George W. saying his wife "speaks better English" than he does


- Kerry saying they all "married up" but he more than others, and he can live with that

I enjoyed both responses!
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I feel sick right now, and I don't think it's because of that less-than-thrilling debate. I think it's because for the 45 minutes before the debate and then an hour during, I was painting bottles and a few times while rinsing the brushes, I sucked the last of the paint out (don't ask) and now I have paint tummy. Not that I'm using like lead paint or anything, but even a little bit of acrylic paint is gross. I think the seitan in my vegan "beef" stew also made my stomach funny. Good stew but definitely put me off kilter. I feel kind of pukey right about now. Going to go lie and and read or something. Blech.
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